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Aashish Bhardwaj is the founder of SocioPool. Sociopool is a company that manages Creators, and Brands, and teaches them how to grow over this highly competitive platform. This article aims at aashish bhardwaj youtube, aashish bhardwaj sociopool, aashish bhardwaj company, ashish bhardwaj biography, ashish bhardwaj sociopool, sociopool photos, sociopool contact number, sociopool kya hai, sociopool india careers, sociopool quotes, sociopool owner name

NameAashish Bhardwaj
ProfessionCreators Management Agency
Net Worth5 Crores
Companies FoundedScruffy, Online Kabadiwala
Sociopool Valuation40 Crores
FatherHari Prakash Bhardwaj

Family and Early Life

Aashish Bhardwajis was born and brought up in Delhi in a lower-middle-class family. Aashish’s father is a retired Delhi Police officer. His family wanted to take him to Delhi Police and pursue a job but Aashish wanted to do something unique in life because he was not interested in living a life marked by boundaries.


When His 12th was completed he started CA and soon he find the subject interesting. Aashish’s main aim in pursuing a CA was to earn a lot of money but later he realized that there is not a lot of money in this domain.

Ashish after hearing the interview of Vijay Shekhar Sharma had thought that Vijay is also a son of a GOVT Employee, So he decided to start a business with his friends.

Aashish Bhardwaj Career

Online KabadiWala- Scruffy

In 2015 the Internet craze was arising among Indians and at the same time, He decided to open an online store named “OnlineKabadiwala” as a Multi Crore Business idea but when they took this idea to people no one showed their interest in this.

1st Brand Placement

One of his friends told him that no one will fund him until they have orders in bulk, To get orders in bulk they need to promote their idea over YouTube. Aashish promoted their scruffy in a Prank Video on his friend’s channel by applying a slide at the beginning of the video “This video is sponsored by Scuffy, If you want to sell your Kabad (Garbage) online then contact us”.

Aashish Bhardwaj claims that this was the first-ever brand integration in a video on YouTube India at that time. With this small placement in a video, they received more than 10,000 Orders.

Ar this point,  the struggle was to get the manpower to complete those orders, when they asked their family members to help them out they replied that you’re doing business with their own wish, and we are not going to support them. If you are interested to do a government job we are here to support you.

Now Aashish was thinking that there is always a solution to a problem. Here comes the birth of Digital Marketing, He started thinking that if he can get 10,000 orders from a single brand placement in a video then how many other startups might be struggling to get such an amount of orders?

Sociopool Success Story

ashish bhardwaj sociopool, sociopool photos, sociopool contact number, sociopool kya hai, sociopool india careers, sociopool quotes, sociopool owner name

Sociopool is one of India’s elegant and leading Influencer Marketing and Digital Media Management agencies. Aashish Bhardwaj founded this company in 2015, it connects the brands with their targetted audiences as well as helped Rachit Rojha and over 100 Such Creators in building their personal brands over the Internet. You will be shocked to know that Sociopool is having a reach of 500 Million over Social Media Platforms.

Sociopool is the name derived from a combination of two words “Social and Pool- which means Pool of Social Media Creators”

Beginning of Sociopool

Aashish decided to shut scruffy and build up a new company from scratch. The reason behind starting this brand was that now he does not need to invest his own money in this business, He will directly take money from the brand and pay other creators.

When he was looking for partners to start the company, His girlfriend joined him (Now she is his wife) and Rahul also joined. They do not have money to open an office and decided to work from cafes.

The struggle is not only a word but it’s the hard work that is never seen when a company becomes successful. If we talk about Aashish’s struggles so he and his team used to search for startups on Facebook, messaged them, and even visited their offices at times the offices use to ask them to leave but they never stopped. This was the beginning and for one year they were unable to strike even a single brand deal.

After 1 Year, They got their first small brand. CA wanted to gain people to file income tax from him and He was ready to pay 2000Rs (25USD). Aashish agreed to start with this much money. When Aashish made the brand placement, CA received 100 Queries and he was quite impressed so he approached him repeatedly.

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You might be thinking Why Ashish was working on such low wages?

So here is the reason, He built a portfolio after providing services to CA and presented the same portfolio to other 4 Brands. With this portfolio, he gained more clients and more of his videos started getting viral. Clients started approaching them on their own because of their logo placement in videos. This was the time when they have grown doing campaigns from 2000Rs to 20 Lakhs (2 Million).

Sociopool Net Worth 2023

Sociopool being one of the most reliable social media marketing agency is having a Net Worth of 58 Crores in 2022 and the number is expected to rise in the coming years. We wish Aashish Bhardwaj and Team all the best for their growth.

At present, the company’s annual turnover is 40 Crores which turns out to be 5.5 Million USD.

Sociopool turning to be Sponsor to a Talent Management Company

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When Sociopool was doing sponsors they were observing how companies are signing creators in contracts with them and they realized that this is the perfect time to sign creators.

When they started looking for creators they saw that Big Creators are already signed so they decided to build their own creators in the market with the thought that the creators that Sociopool will build will respect them.

This is how Baklol Video was signed by SocioPool at 80,000 Subscribers and they helped him by guiding him on how to grow, bringing brands, and even arranging locations for their shoots. This is how Sociopool handpicked 50n Creators and some of them made it to the top of the charts like Rachit Rojha – 10 Million Subs and Baklol Video 11 million Subs.

Sociopool in June 2022 is managing 100 Exclusive Creators and 2000 Creators are the ones with whom they are doing sponsorship campaigns. In today’s date, Sociopool itself has emerged as a Big Agency. There is not even a single brand or Creator with whom Sociopool has not worked.

Sociopool collaborating with Bhuvan Bam, Carryminati, & Ashish Chanchlani

Let’s Talk about the Kings of Youtube Comedy – Bhuvan Bam, Carryminati, and Ashish Chanchlani have also done campaigns with Sociopool. This is how the brand has touched the mark of 40 Crore and Aashish Bhardwaj strongly believes that their brand will soon touch 80 Crore and then 100-150 Crore.

If you have read the above story then you might have got an idea of how big is creator economy wait for the next 3 years you will see a huge increase in this market. Aashish also told in an interview that there are a lot of YouTubers making Crores a month.

This is why they dare to do something different in their life, Taking those decisions which could have even damaged their career and working hard continuously for years.

If you can also follow these rules of Success then success can be yours. Today YouTubers are having respect equal to Bollywood Stars. We can see How Bollywood Stars are coming to The Ranveer Show for their movie promotions. In the coming article of Brand Stories, we will also talk about TRS – India’s No.1 Podcast!

Aashish Bhardwaj on YouTube in 2023

People think that Top Creators have made their place and they are going to rule but this is not true. Every time a new person comes replaces the old one.

Starting a youtube channel does not mean that You sign up on youtube, place your DP, and upload videos for one month. This is not how a channel is made.

You need to build a team before starting a channel. People love to see creative content in which money does not matter. So you do not need money to be a YouTuber.

If you look at Top Channels then you will see that Individuals are playing in numbers whereas Production Houses like TVF also do not get enough views in comparison to Ashish Chanchlani, BB, Harsh, etc. People like individual creators.

Insights from Aashish Bhardwaj

If you want to get successful on YouTube in 2023 then you can follow these tips by Aashish Bhardwaj.

  1. Find 2-3 People who have the same thought process
  2. Look for your content Niche.
  3. Consistency is king and You need to make regular content for 1-2 Years.
  4. People love to watch regular content on a daily basis.
  5. Always understand your audience, Make content that attracts an audience.
  6. Never mix content, Keep Vlogs and Main content on different channels.

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