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Aman Gupta | Founder of boAt | Biography, Jobs, Networth, and Careers | Shark Tank India | Under20s

Aman Gupta | Founder of boAt | Biography, Jobs, Networth and Careers | Know Your Shark | Under20s

This story is going to revolve around Aman Gupta Boat. Shark Tank India Aman Gupta Boat Networth, Aman Gupta Shark Tank, Aman Gupta Boat Age, Aman Gupta Biography, Judges of Shark Tank India, and Aman Gupta Boat Shark Tank India He is the founder of Boat electronics. This Blog will tell you Who is Aman Gupta?, What is Aman Gupta’s net worth? , Aman Gupta in Shark Tank India?


Aman Gupta is the co-founder and CMO of boAt. This brand is one of India’s most iconic electronics selling brands. They focus on Headphones, speakers, and smart wearables. The boat is having a share of 27% of India’s wearable brands and undoubtedly Aman is one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs. 

Let’s start with the story of Aman Gupta and I would suggest you take a mug of coffee as this story is very interesting and This will stretch to a 7-minute read. (Rest Depends on your reading skill). This story is part of The Founder’s Express series that got published on Under20s.

Schooling Of Aman Gupta

Aman Belongs to Delhi and He has done his schooling also in Delhi. When Children grow in India their parents always ask them to do science (as we have seen in 3 Idiots).

Aman Gupta Boat as a CA

Aman pursued CA and He is one of India’s Youngest CAs. Aman personally was feeling bored while pursuing CA as he was irritated with numbers, finance, and accounts. He completed his CA then gave the degree to his father and asked permission to do what he wants.

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Careers | Jobs done by Aman Gupta

Entry in Corporate

Aman served in Job in the corporate world for 2 years and felt that nothing was exciting so he left that job too.

Starting with Business

Aman and his father decided to start a business. He had aggression and his father had experienced so they decided to start a business from scratch. This was the first business. 

After doing Business for 4-5 Years with his father in which they sold products for a Big brand. When the brand realized that there is so much business in India and they jumped themselves here.

Marriage and MBA after Business | Aman Gupta

Aman got married and his wife asked him to pursue the MBA as he was still young at the age of 29. He took a loan and then pursued it. He felt bored after 6 months of an MBA.

Serving as Sales Manager

Aman decided to again serve in the corporate world in the sales section. The same story happened again as he worked there for 2 years and then left again.

Mid Life Crisis of Aman Gupta 

This was the time when he turned 35 years old and at this moment mid-life crises were happening. He was not enjoying his job. Aman’s wife asked him to do anything for the next two years he wish but after two years if he did not get success there then he will have to follow her.

Boat | Aman Gupta | Shark Tank India | Founder of Boat

Aman Gupta | Founder of boAt | Biography, Jobs, Networth and Careers | Know Your Shark | Under20s

He started boat with Sameer. You might be amazed to know that this company was started in a Pub called Social. Sameer was in Bombay and Aman was in Delhi so investors always asked them about their remote startup as at that time there was no startup culture.

India was changing at this time. Aman started working in a category that already existed with no innovation. They executed their work in a very delegated way. When they entered the earphones Industry there were more than 200 Japanese, Chinese, German and Indian brands.

Problems while starting Boat | Aman Gupta

Aman also told that he has faced many rejections while starting with the Boat. Even employees rejected his job because they were not having faith in his company as companies got shut down in a few nights. Boat did not have any assets so banks also rejected them.

Aman decided to give it a try as he believes that trying is better than crying.

Unique Selling Point – USP of Boat | Headphones and Wearables

Boat has done great hard work in its initial days. They have done great research on Products and done unique marketing. Boat’s unique selling point came at Bass as India loves Bass in Music so they filled their products with Bass

They brought products at a very logical price which India wants to pay. They had done pricing in a medium point not very cheap ( Nano was also not sold at a low price) and not a very high price (India has low affordability).

Boat as Youth Oriented Brand

Boat focused on Youth consumers. Aman was not young at that point so he was unable to understand what is trending in Youth nowadays. He appointed youth as marketing interns. He understood their life and implemented the slang language with his brand. The young guys played a very immense role in the Brand Building of the Boat.

They understood their consumer’s Way of Thinking, Pricing, and Designs. This is their key to success.

Boat took Inspiration from Amazon | Customer is King 

Jeff Bezos has been a great inspiration to Aman Gupta. The reason behind this is disclosed by himself. There were a lot of E-Commerce businesses present in India before Amazon and Jeff came. Jeff has focused on Customers and he regarded his customers as a King. Give your customer what he needs and he will take care of your needs.

Amazon did not leave obsession for their customers and they taught them how to shop. Today only Amazon and Flipkart are the ones who are standing in the Indian E-Commerce game rest are not doing so well.

The principle before starting Boat was to focus on Consumers’ needs and this is the reason of Boat’s success. With evolving technology, they also evolved.

Starting Boat from Zero and Making it to Number one Wearable and Headphones Brand In India 

Boat started their journey when there were 200 Players and from Last 3 Quarters Boat is the number one brand for selling Headphones. They are the top 5 wearable brands in the country.

There is advice from Aman for every youngster that you should not be afraid to fail. Failure teaches you something that success can not.

Aman Gupta in Shark Tank | Founder of Boat | Shark Tank India

Aman disclosed a story behind Shark Tank. When he was starting a business at the age of 35 then someone advised him to watch Shark Tank. At that time there was no such show like Shark Tank India, Shark Tank US existed. So he started all episodes of Shark Tank US, which inspired him a lot. He learned from Shark tank what questions you should ask, how to pitch and What is the investor’s point of view.

Aman Gupta’s Emotional connect with Shark Tank US

When PR of Shark Tank India contacted Aman he got emotional and felt amazed to know that this is going to happen in India. Shark Tank India will help a great number of entrepreneurs in terms of Understanding and Knowledge. People who will be featured in Shark Tank will get either funding or positioning as the Indian Audience will watch their product.

Learnings you will get from Shark Tank India

The entrepreneurs who are Sharks in Shark Tank India are the ones who have cracked in their own domains. If any of the participants neither get funding then he will get advice from these sharks which worth of million dollars.

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