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Know the Shark- Anupam Mittal, Biography, NetWorth, Jobs, Startups and Early Life | Under20s | Shark Tank India

Anupam Mittal, Biography, NetWorth, Jobs, Startups and Early Life | Under20s | Shark Tank India

Anupam Mittal, Founder of People Group and, Anupam Mittal Shark Tank India, Shark Anupam Mittal, NetWorth of Anupam Mittal, Anupam Mittal Family, Anupam Mittal Biography, and Anupam Mittal Featured on Under20s.

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Introduction to Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal is of 50 Years and He is known to us as he is the founder of and People Group but do you know that how many failures he has suffered in his life. Read this article till the end you will know a great about this Personality.

Entrepreneurship By Anupam Mittal

Do you know the spellings of Entrepreneurship but what if I say that there are only four words in Entrepreneurship? S E X Y.

Entrepreneurship is now a sexy thing in our country and globally. Anupam started a website called A long time ago when parents used to find proposals for their child they never looked for an entrepreneur or founders. Founders were regarded as daydreamers and unemployed. People demanded Engineers and Doctors.

Read the article till the end to know the personal experiences of Anupam from being unemployed, debtor to a millionaire startup founder.

Childhood of Anupam

He was born in Mumbai and belongs to a Business family. He has two elder sisters. From childhood, he was able to see the closer side of Business and He used to ask questions a lot.

Anupam was stubborn and tried with two-three businesses. He faced failures then started serving in his father’s factory and was not feeling complete in that work then he suddenly got a Cotton Export contract from Europe. He worked on that and suffered the loss.

Biography of Anupam Mittal

Founder and OwnerSatya Net Solutions,, and People Group
Date of Birth 23 December 1971 (50 years as of 01/22)
Birth PlaceBombay (now Mumbai), Maharashtra, India.
Net WorthINR 252 Crores
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Potential Investor, and Founder.
TV ShowsShark Tank India
Father’s nameGopal Krishan Mittal
WifeAanchal Kumari
Wife’s ProfessionModel

Education Of Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal, Biography, NetWorth, Jobs, Startups and Early Life | Under20s | Shark Tank India

Moving to Europe and USA

Anupam went to Europe and after spending 6 months there got failed. He thought that India and Europe both are bad for him so he moved to the USA.
After facing 3-4 Failures He graduated from the USA.

Careers and Jobs of Anupam Mittal

Job in the USA helped him to make crores

Graduation helped him to get a good job there and he made it to get handsome money with stocks worth crores.

The Global Crisis made his return to India

In 2000 There was an Impulsion in which he lost his money as well as got into debt. He was confident and returned to India. At that time in India Engineers used to get 5000Rs and Designers 7000Rs as salary for a month.

Starting Satya Solutions

Anupam was impressed with Consumer Internet and hired a team of 5-6 people along with his Cousins. He started his Internet company when there was not even Internet in India. The company was called Satya Net Solutions and it worked on web development services. They generated revenue by making websites of people.

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Beginning of | Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal Starting with

There is an interesting incident behind the rise of the idea of
When Pandit Ji came to Anupam’s office with a proposal a girl, He asked him to put this idea on the internet. Pandit Saw him with an eye of anger and never met him again but this meeting resulted in a great idea in Anupam’s mind.

Anupam Purchased Domain of for Rs 25 Lakhs 

Then Anupam asked his team to make a matrimonial site which was named not even Shaadi dot com. Slowly people started coming on it. Anupam’s company was having 25-30Lakhs fund in their bank by making websites of other people. When Sagai dot com was expanding then they decided to get a memorable domain name. Shaadi dot com domain was available for 25 Lakhs and They purchased the same. Their Bank was empty after buying a domain name.

Problems in Hiring Employees for Internet Business (1999-2001) 

When a Female Journalist came to interview Anupam about his website then he offered her a job and She Joined as a PR. Anupam’s team was facing a problem in hiring as people were not much aware of the Internet at that time.

Businesses developed (2000-2005)

They were making 3-4 Crore annually at that time. Moj Mobiles was the first Indian Gaming Company and Makaan was India’s first online Broking company that was also started by Anupam and his team. They expanded their Business.

200+ Million Investment | | 2008 Recission Crisis was going to receive a financial investment of 25 Million Dollars in 2006-7 but In 2008 Financial crisis happened and that Investment was never received. They had to fire people and shut their other companies. They gave a 6-month salary to people in advance to whom they were firing.

Groth of their company |

In 2010 their Business got stable and Anupam became himself an Angel Investor. Till now (2022) He has invested in 200+ Companies and 15-20 are the well-established ones. This tells you that Life never goes straight it always follows various curves.

Starting People Group 

They made people group from which we aim at togetherness. To bring people together. Anupam predicted in 2010 that 2020-30 will be the entrepreneurial wave of India. Today India’s youngsters have believed that they can make the biggest companies in the world and can become true entrepreneurs.

Shark Tank India | Entreprenuial wave

This Entrepreneurial revolution will require Confidence, Mentorship, and Experience. These all three things are available in the Television show – Shark Tank India in which Anupam Mittal himself is a Judge as well as Shark.

“You need to learn the rule before breaking the same rule”