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Best Debit Cards for Students in India 2022 | Cards for College Students and Teenagers | Benefits, Cashbacks, and Eligibility.

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There are many debit cards available in India, but not all of them are good for a teen’s pocket. Find out which ones will be best for you. This article aims at debit cards for students, debit cards for students, best debit cards for students in india, debit card for students under 18, best debit card for college students in india, best debit card for teenager in india, axis bank youth debit card, student debit card apply online, fam pay card, and student atm card sbi. Best Banks for students, Debit cards for students.

Top Debit Cards for Students in India | Best debit cards for Students in India

The present age is technically knowledgeable, quick, nerdy, and instant moment delight from anything that they put their time and money into. Banks have likewise advanced their cycles and items to stay aware of the requests and assumptions for the young, which comprises students.

For them, it is so ‘weak’ to search for a few odd bucks in the wallet or to get family things done to bring in some additional pocket money from guardians. The main banks in India offer debit cards for students, stacked with a wide collection of attractive highlights and advantages to keep adolescents happy while dealing with their financial necessities.

Here are some of the best debit cards available for students in India.

ICICI Bank@Campus | Debit cards for Students in India

Bank@Campus is a student Savings Account that is planned particularly for students to deal with their investment funds themselves in this manner, empowering financial freedom. Students can open the record effortlessly, from their own mobile or PC and oversee it while never venturing into a Bank office. Bank@Campus office presented by ICICI Bank is innovation-driven assistance, with plenty of advantages.

Eligibility of ICICI Bank Campus Card

  • The applicant must be a student.
  • The applicant has to be above 18 years of age.

Compulsory data to be given in account opening form incorporates:

  • Fundamental details like name, current location, permanent address, telephone numbers, date of birth, nationality, residential status ought to be caught in the Account Opening Form
  • School and course points of interest including an end date for the course
  • details of guardians/parents – name, address, telephone numbers, nationality, residential status
  • Photo and signature
  • Expected international exchange of assets on account of foreign students

Benefits of Icici Bank Campus Card | Debit cards for Students in India

Advantages to the student

  •  Free Internet Banking
  •  Free Phone Banking (in select cities*)
  •  Free ICICI Bank Ncash Debit Card

Advantages to the Parent

  • You can move assets from your ICICI Bank record to your kid’s record for free, with the goal that his/her school charges, educational cost, everyday costs, and so on are dealt with.
  • Assuming that you have an ICICI Bank Credit Card, you can give your child/little girl an advantageous card and even indicate a pre-decided spending limit.

Free Internet Banking

  • Enquire regarding balance
  • Download point by point explanation of records
  • View details of all records kept up with ICICI Bank
  • Move assets between your record and some other ICICI Bank account
  • Take care of your service bills-portable, power, and phone bills
  • Demand a checkbook and request drafts
  • Solicitation to stop installment of check
  • Report your lost Debit cards
  • Open Fixed and Recurring stores on the web
  • Access data on individual accounting, processing, and the Internet, web-based business, way of life, and so on
  • Put resources into common assets

Free Phone Banking

  • Enquire regarding balance
  • Demand a tele-draft
  • Acquire small explanations
  • Request a checkbook
  • Solicitation to stop installment of check
  • Close lost Debit card
  • Move assets between ICICI Bank accounts
  • Different Benefits
  • Own a checkbook customized with your name.
  • Get a yearly assertion of account

Axis Bank Youth Debit Card |  Debit Cards for Students

The Youth Debit Card is planned only to remember the requirements of the age section of 18 to 25 years old. Elements, for example, Zero Lost Card Liability and Purchase Protection make it ideal for the adolescent. High cutoff points for day-by-day withdrawal and purchase give the adolescent the adaptability to satisfy their monetary necessities. No new issuance is accessible. For existing cardholders, new card variation will be given on expiry.

Eligibility of Axis Bank Youth Debit Card 

Axis Bank presents the Youth Debit Card – solely made for recent college grads. The qualification for Youth Debit Card is set at 18-25-year-old young people. Appreciate invigorating advantages, benefit assurance against misfortune, and experience monetary freedom more than ever with the Youth Debit Card. 

Documentation for Youth Debit Card

Reports for Axis Bank Youth Debit Card that demonstrate your age, identity, and address should go with your record opening application structure. Opening a Youth Savings Account is this basic. 

Expenses and Charges

  • Issuance Fees – Primary/Joint: Rs. 400 + Taxes
  • Yearly Fees: Rs. 400 + Taxes
  • Substitution/Re-Issuance Fees: Rs 400 + applicable Goods and Services Tax
  • A cross-money increase of 3.5% will be imposed if there should be an occurrence of all international money withdrawal and purchase transactions


  • Custom-made solely for youth between the ages of 18 to 25 years
  • High Transaction Limits: Rs. 40,000 – daily withdrawal limit and Rs. 1 lakh – day purchase limit
  • Unfree exchanges on international ATMs
  • Single call card misfortune detailing the administration
  • Effectively produce your Debit Card PIN
  • Partake in the accommodation of Contactless Payments with Power-Packed Benefits
  • In the event of an emergency, block your Debit Card immediately

Benefits of Axis Bank Youth Debit Card

  • You will be guaranteed against misfortune because of false utilization of a lost, taken, or missing card
  • Consolidated lost card responsibility and buy assurance – up to Rs.50,000
  • Get elite limits from driving cafés, shopping foundations, inns, resorts when you utilize your Youth Debit Card to make installments
  • Access banking administrations from any place in India

HDFC Bank DigiSave Youth Account | Debit Cards for Students

HDFC Debit Card offers youth benefits like advanced banking, advances, offers on food, travel, portable recharge, films, and so forth DigiSave Youth account gives students Millenia Debit card.

Eligibility for HDFC Bank Digisave Youth Account

  • Occupant Individuals (sole or joint account)
  • Individuals ought to be old enough 18 years to 25 years

Features of HDFC Bank Digisave Youth Account

  • Exploit selective limits and offers through our web-based shopping portal
  • Astounding offers consistently on Recharge, Travel, Movies, Shopping by means of PayZapp 
  • Extraordinary actuation offer on the first exchange of Rs.250 or more on PayZapp
  • Rs.250 off on Movies by keeping up with the required balance and being dynamic carefully consistently on the HDFC Bank platform
  • 5% Cashback up to Rs.100 consistently by setting Standing Instructions on your Debit card for Bill Payment

IDBI Bank Being Me Debit Card | Debit cards for students

The IDBI Bank Being Me Debit Card is a card solely intended for students chasing after proficient courses and first-time working people.

Eligibility for IDBI Bank Being me debit card

All account holders who are youthful and first-time working experts and students seeking after proficient courses are qualified. It is designated to adolescents in the age gathering of 18-25 years. Existing qualified clients can likewise update the records to apply for this card.

Features and benefits of IDBI Bank Being me debit card

  • The Being Me Debit Card will be legitimate for a considerable length of time
  • Online Shopping-IDBI Bank Being Me Debit Card can likewise be utilized for shopping, booking rail and air tickets, making service charge installments ONLINE with extra validation
  • ATM and Usage at shipper outlets more than 1 lakh Shared Network ATMs and over 5.50 lakh Merchant Locations
  • Clients can pull out cash up to Rs. 25,000 at ATMs and make buy worth Rs. 25,000 at trader foundations in a day
  • Zero Lost Card Liability Insurance Cover-Customers will be covered under the current zero lost card obligation protection cover
  • Dedication Program – Customers will acquire 2 loyalty points for each Rs. 100 spent 
  • Discounts at shipper foundations

FamPay | Best Debit Cards for students in India

fam pay debit card | fampay card | best debit cards for students | debit card for students under 18 | best debit card for college students in india

FamPay is India’s first payments application for young people and their families.

FamPay is helpful as it permits guardians to send money to their children underneath the age of 18, which they can spend through,900,28,475,86/, safely whenever, anyplace, under parent’s watch. FamPay targets making installments smooth and a good time for kids.

Eligibility of FamPay Card 

  • You are an Indian occupant with Indian citizenship as characterized under the Citizenship Act, 1955; or
  • You hold or are qualified to hold an Indian visa under The Passport Act, 1976; 
  • You are not a resident of a country other than India and don’t hold double citizenship.
  • You don’t hold or are not qualified to hold a visa of a country other than India.

Benefits of FamPay Card

  • Planned explicitly for youth with the customized exclusively named cards.
  • The card has countless prints, which forestalls abuse of data in the event that the card is lost/taken.
  • With the FamPay card, make contactless installments through the FLASH pin.
  • Can be benefited from IDFC First Bank with no pre-prerequisite of opening a ledger.
  • The card can be requested on the web, stopped, or impeded through the FamPay application.
  • Experience gadget lock safeguarded exchanges
  • If there should be an occurrence of a minor cardholder, guardians can screen the record.

FAQs | Best Debit Cards for Students in India

Does the Youth Debit Card have any restrict with shipper outlets, eateries, and such?

Indeed, regularly the card has tie-ups with famous eateries, shopping outlets, resorts, lodgings, and some more.

Do I get any advantages and limits on the above places?

Indeed, you can appreciate limits and offers at every one of the dealers with which the young debit card has been restricted. To benefit from these, you need to charge every one of your buys to your Youth Debit Card.

Is there any application or innovation with which I can deal with my assets in the record?

You get a versatile application with the assistance of which you can deal with the money in your record. This helps you in making your month-to-month financial plan and keeps you from being poor.

I need to create the PIN for my Youth Debit Card. Would I be able to?

Indeed, you can produce your own PIN. For this, you need to visit an Axis Bank office or reach out to the bank authorities. This is done to guarantee security.

What is the ‘OMG’ component of this record?

This component assists you with getting money from your parent’s record at whatever point you really want it. Likewise, anyone can move money into your record simply by knowing your portable number. You can likewise utilize the YOUth application to recharge your prepaid cell phone.

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