BYJUs- The Brand story of 1 Lakh Crore Massive Edtech Startup | Valuation, Courses, & Funding

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Byjus is world’s biggest Edtech company started by Byjus in 2016. This article tells you about byjus | byju’s careers | byju’s career | byju raveendran | byju’s app | byju’s exam prep | byju’s share price| byju’s learning app | byju’s owner | byju’s net worth | byju’s stock | byju’s coding | byju’s funding | byjus fifa world cup | byju’s minecraft coding.

In 6 years, Byjus will be the second Startup after Paytm will be the biggest Startup in India. This edtech startup has a massive story. So readers take a cup of coffee to read this insightful story and have a glimpse towards the Table of Contents to get a better understanding of this Brand Story.

What is Byjus?

Valuation$22 Billion
Net Worth of Founder$2.5 Billion (250 Crores)
FounderByju Raveendran
Started in2011
InvestorsSharks of Byjus
Last Funding Round$800 Million in March 2022
CompetitorsPhysics Wallah, Unacadmey, Vedantu, and Apni Kaksha

Byjus is a learning app. Likewise, we install Zomato to order food or Amazon to buy products. Byjus is a combination of education and technology, and that’s why Byjus is called an edtech app. An edtech is a company that lets you learn skills from your home/workplace, which saves a lot of time.

Byjus is one of the selective apps in which you can get almost every skill course for all age groups. Examples include CBSE-NCERT, CISCE-ISC, JEE-NEET, IAS, KIDS LEARNING, and many scholarships. Byjus claims that their courses are designed in such ways that children fall in love with their teaching style.

Business Side of Byjus

The Moneymaking format of Byjus is a Premium cum Freemium style. Do not worry; I will explain to you how this works. In Byjus, you bet the essential services for free. Still, if you want to avail the advanced services, then you will have to pay for the minimum monthly or yearly subscription. Students can enjoy 15 days of the free trial, but they have to buy the subscription after that.

Meet The founder- Byju Raveendran

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Byju Raveendran earlier used to do a job in the united kingdom and helped students prepare for the cat exams. You will be amazed to know that byjus secured the top percentile in CAT, which is one of the toughest exams in the world. He thought that it might be his luck, but when he gave the exam again, he secured 100% in exams. These were the highest marks ever secured in CAT.

After topping the exam of IIM, he decided to not take the admission to IIM and started giving Coaching to students who were preparing for IIM. In his early days, he taught his children for free. As soon as his popularity started growing, he started charging.

After topping the IIM Examination, I started BYJUs in 2015. In March 2021, he grabbed funding of 3328 Crores, and the valuation touched 95000Rs Crore. After getting financing of 4500 crores, our Startup is going to feel a valuation of 1500 Crore USD (1 Lakh Crore).

Byju Raveendran

From 2006 to 2011, the number of students of byjus increased from 1000 to 40000. One of his students motivated him to open his Venture. Then, Byjus approached his wife and started Think and Learn Company Pvt Ltd.

Unique Marketing Style of Byjus

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In India, there are two famous things, Bollywood and cricket. If you club both of these things in the marketing campaign of your Company, then your business will state these two things 1. you have enough funds. Secondly, your business is going to rock the game.

Indian Cricket Team

From 5 September 2019, We are watching Byjus on the jersey of the Indian cricket team, and this contract was till 31 March 2022. This deal got finalized after Byjus agreed to pay the same price as Oppo, which clocked to Rs 4.618 Crores per bilateral match and Rs 1.5 Crores per match in the International Series. These rights were with Oppo for some time of 2018-22, but for some reason, Oppo sold these rights at some loss to Byjus; likewise, Vivo sold their IPL Rights to Dream11. Oppo bought these rights for 1089 Crores.

Bollywood vs. Byjus

The brand ambassador of Byjus is the King Khan of Industry, no other than Shahrukh Khan. The annual revenue of the Byjus Deal was Rs 2-3 Crores.

Brand Endorsements of Byjus

You will be surprised to know that Byjus spent approx 450 Crores only on endorsements in the previous 2 Years.

Whitehat Jr vs Criticism

Whitehat Jr this app is famous for the criticism it faced over its advertising campaigns. This is a subsidiary of Byjus. In the advertisement campaigns of Whitehat Jr, they used to display how children of 6 Years learned coding from Whitehat and developed their app. In one such advertisement, Wolf Gupta, 12 Years of age, worked as an Artificial Intelligence engineer at Google. Still, when the research was done, we learned that both characters, Chintu and Wolf Gupta, were fake and only designed for their marketing campaign.

All these campaigns of Whitehat Jr were heavily trolled. Still, things got serious when ASICE – Advertising Standards Council of India asked Whitehat Jr to remove these campaigns. People criticized these ads because children should learn skills like coding at such an early age. In contrast, they are meant for elderly teens and Students who complete their bachelor’s.

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Investing and Valuation of Companies

What is the valuation of the Company? [SIMPLY EXPLAINED]

The valuation of a company is always determined by various factors. If you are new to this startup ecosystem, let me make it easy for you. For example: If Devansh owns a company and needs funding for the growth of the Company, then he will approach an angel investor. Now Angel Investor gives him 5 Crores for acquiring 10% of the Company. With this instance Valuation of Devansh’s Company becomes 50 Crores.

Angel Investor | Anupam Mittal in Ola 

The person who invests at the early age of a startup gains the maximum profit in further funding rounds because of his Risk-Taking ability and perfect functioning of the Startup. We can see the live example of OLA’s Bhavish Aggarwal and Anupam Mittal as He owns a 2% stake in OLA which now amounts to 2 Crore Rs.

Valuation of Byjus

byjus | valuation of byjus | net worth of byjus | | byju's owner | byju's net worth | byju's stock | byju's coding | byju's funding |

Byjus Valuation strikes 22 Billion Dollars after raising 800 Million Dollars in a mega funding round led by founder Mr. Byju Raveendran. These funds are infused into the Company at the valuation of 22 Million Dollars. The Business model and sector of Byjus are unique, attracting investors to infuse heavy funds into the Company. There are 70,000+ downloads of the Byjus app every day, and people are using this across the globe. On looking towards the paid subscriber base of Byjus, it strikes 9 Lakh users while 1.9 Crore users daily use this app.

Funding Rounds of Byjus

SeriesVenture Amount
ARN Capitals in 2013N.A
BSequoia Capital in 2014N.A
CSequoia Capital in 2015$75 Million
DMark Zuckerberg [Chan Zuckerberg] in 2016$50 Million
EIFC Venture in 2016$15 Million
FVerlinVest in 2017$30 Million
CorpTencent in 2017$40 Million
VentureProsus and Naspers$540 Million

Series A Funding

The first funding, also known as SERIES-A Funding, was from RN Capitals in 2013.

Series B Funding

Series-B Funding was from SEQUOIA Capital in 2014.

Series-C Funding

Series-C Funding took place in 2015.

Series D Funding | The most famous one

Series D Funding took place in 2016 by Mark Zuckerberg under the initiative of Chan Zuckerberg. BYJUs was the first Company to grab funding from Mark Zuckerberg in ASIA. After this funding, the valuation of the Company became 3380 Crores.

Series F Funding

In 2018 After taking Series F Funding from Belgium’s Company of 200 Crores, the valuation of Byjus clocked to 4389 Crores.

There are reports from our sources that BYJUs might get 1 Billion Dollar Funding Soon. World’s largest edtech giant Byjus is in talks with VC to get a 1 Billion USD Funds infused in the startup. This edtech startup wants to raise funds from JP Morgan Chase and Co. and Morgan Stanley to acquire another edtech company

Investments and Funds Infusion into Byjus

Byjus was India’s 11th Startup and 1st Edtech company to join World’s Unicorn Club.

  • 2017: Corporate Funding round and in 2018’s Venture round, the valuation of Byjus’s raised to 100 Crore Dollars (7315 Crore INR)
  • In 2019 The Company took funding from QATAR Investment authority and OWL Ventures the valuation of BYJUS strikes to 41600 Crores.
  • 2020: Byjus took money from General Atlantic and Tiger Global 2926 Crores, and the valuation rose to 60900 Crores.
  • Before Year-end, Black Rock Stepped in and made the valuation clocked to 1200 Crores USD. Now Byjus was one of the Decacorn companies globally whose valuation was more than 1000 Crores USD (73150 Crore INR).
  • In 2021 March, MC Global Edtech Holding has invested 3328 Crores in BYJUS, making the valuation 95102 Crore.

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Aakash Byjus Deal | BYJUS entry into offline Coaching

Aakash Institute

JC Chaudhary started Aakash Institute in Janakpuri Delhi with 12 Students in 1 center. Today, it has more than 190 Educational Centres. Aakash has annual revenue of 1200 Crores and is valued at 1 Arab Dollar.

This company is divided into 3 Sub Companies which are:-

  • Aakash Institute
  • Aakash IIT Jee
  • Aakash Foundation

Know about Byjus Aakash Deal | Offline entry of Edtech Giant

Byjus has owned Akash Institute. This deal was in the limelight in 2020 since the deal was over networth of Ecommerce Company like Nykaa, and It was a Cash and Stock Deal. This deal is one of the most expensive deals in the Indian Edtech Industry.

Now you will be wondering how much this deal values, so let us tell you that this deal clocks worth 1 Arab Dollar or 73 Arab Rs. Byjus will also be investing in Akash in the future and also expand the offline network of Akash Institute. The thing which changed after this deal was the change of ecosystem in both companies – Akash and Byjus. Byjus will make its presence wider in Offline Coaching Industry, whereas Akash will get online access.

Reason behind this Deal

There was a time when Big Bazaar was one of the Offline Giants, and Amazon was interested in making its dominance in the Offline and Online sectors. Same Byjus did make its offline presence wider by acquiring Akash Institute.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Does BYJUs got 1 Billion Dollar funding?

World’s largest edtech giant Byjus is in talks with VC to get a 1 Billion USD Funds infused in the startup. This edtech startup wants to raise funds from JP Morgan Chase and Co. and Morgan Stanley to acquire another edtech company

Who is founder of BYJUs?

Byju Raveendran is the founder of edtech giant BYJUs.

Is Whitehat Jr owned by BYJUs?

Yes the Whitehat Jr which is famous for its advertisings is owned by BYJUs. This company is presently not making huge revenue to parent company.

What is the networth of BYJU RAVEENDRAN?

You will be surprised to know that Byju raveendran has an amazing networth of 250 Crores / 2.5 Billion USD.

What is valuation of BYJUs?

Edtech Startup BYJUs has valuation of 1 Lakh Crores.

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