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Bhuvan Bam | BB Ki Vines | Dhindora| Biography, Networth and Income

Bhuvan bam is one of the most loved Indian YouTube creators. and founder of BB Ki Vines. This article will tell you about The Business Side of Bhuvan which is unknown to many people. Bhuvan bam dhindora, bhuvan bam net worth, bhuvan bam monthly income, bhuvan bam gf, bhuvan bam girlfriend, bhuvan bam age, bhuvan bam net worth, bhuvan bam projects, 

Introduction to Bhuvan Bam | BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam was born on 22nd January 1994. The youtube journey was started in 2015 and now he has more than 25 million subscribers. Bhuvan was the first Indian to hit 2 million subscribers on Youtube. You will be amazed to know that he was also the first Indian Youtuber to cross 10 million subscribers on Youtube.

42 Million Followers on Social Media | BB Ki Vines

As of now including all his social media accounts he had more than 42 million people follow on various social media channels. We had covered the full details of From Restaurant Singer to India’s most Famous Youtube Creator – Bhuvan Bam Biography, Youtube Journey, Girlfriend, Businesses, Jobs, Early Life | Under20s.

Bhuvan Bam had a great interest in Music. At the age of 25, he was a self-made millionaire. Bhuvan Bam has collaborated with many big celebrities such as Sharukh Khan and Karan Johar.

Dhindora (Synopsis)

Last year in 2021 he launched his web series Dhindora which had broken all his record of previous videos. Besides, in the Dhindora song video, he has collaborated with many big Youtube creators such as Gaurav Taneja, Ashish Chanchalani, Carry Minati, Harsh Beniwal, Triggered Insaan, etc.

You will be surprised to know that trailer of this show was featured on Times Square in New York.

Biography of Bhuvan Bam

Biography of Bhuvan Bam | Bb ki vines
Real NameBhuvan Bam
Date of Birth22nd January 1994
CollegeShaheed Bhagat Singh College
DegreeBachelor Degree in History
ProfessionYoutuber, Businessman, Comedian, Singer, Screenwriter, etc.
Father NameAvnindra Bam
Mother NamePadma Bam
Girlfriend NameArpita Bhattacharya

The Journey of Bhuvan Bam | BB Ki Vines

Journey of BB Ki vines |

You have seen Bhuvan on Youtube and in many interviews but do you know the struggle and hard work done by him in his beginning. 

Collaborating with Bollywood Legends

The creator was born on 22nd January 1994 in Baroda, Gujarat. He was born in a Middle-Class Family and later his family moved to Delhi. Bhuvan Bam was very much interested in watching Hindi Cinema actors such as Kader Khan, Govinda, and Johnny Lever. In his Class, he is doing mimicry their schools teachers. Moreover, he is more interested in Sketching.

Interest in Music from Childhood

While others students studying in Class he was drawing sketches in their Classroom. From his childhood, he is very much interested in Singing and Musician. When he was in Class 4th his mother enrolled him in a Classical Music Class. Initially, he was not interested in classical music. But after some days passed he understood all types of music and learn seriously. Bhuvan also plays Guitar, Harmonium, and many instrumentals.

College Life of Bhuvan Bam | Bb ki Vines

College life of Bhuvan Bam | Delhi University | bb ki vines

Bhuvan is not an IITian not done an MBA From IIM but still ruling the hearts of millions of Indians. This proves that you only need Talent and Hardwork to rule the hearts of people.

The creator wants to become a musician and sing. Moreover, his mothers want him to pursue a course from Delhi University. In his Junior College, Bhuvan only scored 74% marks and he didn’t get into Delhi University College. Furthermore, he ended up choosing to Study History at Shaheed Bhagat Singh School, DU. Moreover, in his college days, he joined a Delhi-based band called Astitva as lead singer. The band performed at restaurants and private parties.

Bhuvan Bam Turning Point of Life

Early 2015 he saw the news in that video covering the floods in Kashmir. Besides, he had the new smartphone he made a 15-second video and uploaded it on Facebook. The video only gets 15 views and a few likes. One of his friends told him to upload videos related to mimicry and comedy. From childhood he makes people laugh through his jokes. And now he decided to make a video for a large no of audiences.

The transition of BB Ki vines from Facebook to YouTube

Then he created a new Facebook page and uploaded the first video and the title is I am Feeling Horny. The first double-meaning video he had uploaded in his channel. His videos get around 15k views and on his Facebook Page, he had over 30k fans on Facebook. Then regularly he is posting videos on his Facebook page. Therefore, after 8 months of hard work he had over 8 lakh followers. One of his friends suggested he shift Youtube so he can earn a good amount from his Channel. Then in late 2015, he started his Youtube channel

Bhuvan Bam Youtube Journey | BB KI VINES

Youtube growth of Bhuvan Bam | BB KI VINES PRODUCTIONS | BHUVAN

Initially, when he started uploading videos on Youtube he already had a fan base of 30k followers in his Facebook account. Incredibly he had 1 million subscribers on his Youtube channel in 7 months. On Youtube, he got famous in 2016, and he also made a collaboration video with The Viral Fever (TVF) channel. Undoubtedly in his videos comedy is a great part to showcase and engage with your audience. Bhuvan Bam shoots with his phone camera at a zero production cost. He shoots his videos in a small room and makes short and crisp content for the audience. 

 Networth of Bhuvan Bam in Last 5 Years:

Net worth of Bhuvan Bam | Business of Bhuvan Bam | BB Ki vines net worth | dhindora earning
Net worth in  2022INR 30 Crore
Net worth in  2021INR 20.2 Crore
Net worth in  2020INR 15.9 Crore
Net worth in  2019INR 4.5 Crore
Net worth in 2018INR 3 Crore

Struggle Time of Bhuvan Bam

When Bhuvan was 18 years old, he sings at Delhi’s Moti Mahal Deluxe Restaurant for a monthly earning of INR 3000 per month. In his struggle days, he had worked hard to achieve and he is on the list of the top Youtube Creators.

After completing his Class 12th he decided to earn some money as apart time work. Furthermore, he applied for the delivery boy job at Domino’s outlet in the Malviya Nagar area of Delhi. There, also Bhuvan was rejected. Bhuvan want to become a playback singer he had also applied in many auditions but he get rejected. after that also, he didn’t lose hope.

Dhindora- The Rich Content of BBKV Productions | Bhuvan Bam Web Series

Dhindora | Web series bhuvan bam | bb ki vines dhindora | revenue from dhindora |

Bhuvan Bam becomes the first creator to release the Web Series on his Youtube channel. On 5th October Bhuvan released the trailer of dhindora web series on Youtube. Dhindora had the biggest show premiere with over 5 lakh live watching in one of his episodes. Dhindora set a record with India’s most-watched show with over more than 400 million views.

Reasons behind Dhindora’s Success

To achieve massive success for Dhindora, Bhuvan had promoted on Youtube Ads and Mumbai Local bus for posters of Dhindora. Last but not least Big Boss was a big part of promoting Dhindora. Additionally, promoting on television he is the first creator to promote the series so the whole Indian audience gets to know about it.

Collaborating with YouTube India

He had previously planned all the strategies for how he can make a grand success of his series. With Youtube creators, Bhuvan has collaborated with many Big Youtubers such as Zakir Khan, Tanmay Bhatt, Flying Beast, Carry Minati, and many more fr promoting the Dhindora web series. Rohit Raj is the Manger of Bhuvan Bam and he is also the Producer of the Dhindora Web Series.

Dhindora Got Featured on Times Square

Dhindora featured in Times Square | Dhindora | Web series bhuvan bam | bb ki vines dhindora | revenue from dhindora |

The song of Dhindora got immense love from the Indian audience. When the final episode of Dhindora got released the promo song of Dhindora gained 44 million + views and also got featured on Times Square of New York. It was being played and captured on the screens of many mobiles.

The man behind Bhuvan Bam’s Brand – Rohit Raj

Rohit Raj | Bhuvan Bam manager | artist aadmi

Rohit Raj was born in a typical business family. He was very interested in Event Management Work. In his School Time, he had organized many inter and district sport-level competitions. Apart from this, he had organized many shows with a people capacity of 500 to 20000. He had successfully organized all the shows through his hard work and dedication. He wished to become an Event Organizer.

Engineering vs Event Management

His father want him to become an Engineering but in the first year, he had failed in exams. At the age of 19, he started an event company which was Rohit Raj. He finally got the first project of a college festival for a prominent university in Meerut. The event gets succeeded.

Working with Celebs like Raftaar and Badshah

At the age of 20, he was working with Indian rap artists like  Raftaar and Badshah. By the age of 25, he had successfully done more than 100+ shows and he runs five ventures. Including BB Ki Vines. Rohit had produced the popular songs of Bhuvan Bam which are Sang Hoon Tere, Safar, Bas Mein, Rahguzar, Ajnabee, and Heer Ranjha.

Producing a Filmfare Winner Short Film – Plus Minus

In 2018 Rohit had produced Bhuvan Bam short film Plus-Minus, which won the 2019 Filmfare Award for the best short film. Rohit Raj also takes care of Bhuvan’s brand and collaboration part. Bhuvan and Rohit both launched BB ki Vines Merchandise in the Youthiapa store. BB has also supported Rohit in opening his ventures in terms of networks and money required. Moreover, Bhuvan in one of his interviews says We are now more than brothers.

The Financial Side of Bhuvan Bam | YouTuber | BB ki Vines

Revenue sources of Bhuvan Bam | Bhuvan Bam Biography | Bhuvan bam net worth | dhindora web series | bb ki vines production | youthiyapa income

As of now from online sources, Bhuvan earns from this category which we have mentioned below. You can read the below article for more insight.

Youtube Channel & Instagram

Bhuvan Bam has started his channel on 20th June 2015. Recently Bhuvan Bam had more than 25 million subscribers. Bhuvan Bam is on the top list of Indian Youtube creators every year. Additionally, from Youtube Adsense, he earns around 30-32 lakh per month from his AdSense.In his Instagram account, he had more than 14 million followers. Till now on Instagram Bhuvan bam had done only a few sponsored posts. Moreover, he is at the top of his field with a large no of the audience he can easily charge 50 lakh to 60 lakh per post.

Brand Sponsorship

As of now in all his video he is promoting some brands that pay a large amount to the top creators. As he is the top creator of India he charges around 1 Crore for advertising their product in Youtube video.

Amazon Prime & Netflix Show

Bhuvan Bam also partnership with 2 big giants of the World. In Amazon Prime, he had done Standup Comedian. Moreover, on Netflix Channel, he had got a chance to meet up with Money Heist Actors. Furthermore, he also talked with Money Heist Professor that is shown in the Netflix video. Bhuvan Bam earns around 2 to 3 crore for advertisement from the big giants of the world.


He is also doing advertisements for big companies. For, one advertisement he charged 2 to 3 crore for 30 seconds to 1-minute video. Moreover, Bhuvan Bam has done advertisements for Myntra, Lenskart, and Pizza Hut.


Youthiapa was founded in 2017. It is India’s first platform to have store access on Youtube Channel. Moreover, subscribers can shop their favorite merchandise. In his store products are Mask, Water Bottle, Hoodies, Calendar, Cap, Shoes, T-Shirt, and many more. As of now, he had around 25 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and Bhuvan fans are very loyal to him. Bhuvan Bam fans support all the new shows or businesses he opens. Additionally, he earns around 5 to 6 lakh per month from his Youthiapa Business.

BB Ki Vines Production House

In India on average Production House earns around 5 to 10 Cr per year. The first web series which is Dhindora was produced by BB ki Vines Production.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How many characters does Bhuvan Bam have?

Bhuvan Bam Plays multiple roles in his videos. He plays all the characters. As of now, he had around 16 characters. Some of the famous characters are  Titu Mama, Banchodass, Sameer Fuddi, Janki, Bablu, etc.

Does Bhuvan Bam have a brother?

Bhuvan Bam’s elder brother’s name is Aman who wants to become a pilot. In one of his interviews, Bhuvan had said that his brother had an accident and his knee get bent. Aman’s recovery was going to take a lot of time.

What is the total net worth of Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam’s total net worth is around $3.2 million.

How much Bhuvan Bam earns monthly? from YouTube

Bhuvan Bam earns monthly around 25-30 lakh from his Youtube Channel.

Is Bhuvan Bam a Millionaire?

Yes, Bhuvan Bam becomes a millionaire at the age of 25. Through his hard work and dedication, he has achieved many followers at an early age

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