Failing 3 Years to Becoming India’s Most Charming Tech Creator – Tech Burner (Shlok Srivastava) Biography, Youtube Journey, Girlfriend, Education, Jobs

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Hii Guys today we will talk about the man who is famous on Youtube for his Tech related Videos. He makes videos in such a way with creativity, comedy, and entertainment that he had around more than 7.5 million subscribers. In the Tech creation field, Shlok Srivastava aka Tech Burner has been grown rapidly after Covid-19.

He makes his video with creative, relatable, and amazing facts about gadgets. We had covered the full details of Failing 3 Years to Becoming India’s Most Loved Tech Creator – Tech Burner Biography, Youtube Journey, Girlfriend, Education, Jobs, Early Life | Under20s

Shlok Srivastava was born on 3 December 1995 in Delhi and he is from Middle-Class Family. His father is working as a Government Employee and his Mother is working as a Housewife. Shlok also had 1 sister. At an early age, he is very introverted and shy. He doesn’t talk with many people because of his shy nature.

Biography of Tech Burner:

Real NameShlok Srivastava
Nick NameTech Burner
Date of Birth3rd December 1995
CollegeSRM University
DegreeB.Tech in Information Technology
ProfessionYoutuber, Businessman, Vlogger, and Founder of Tech Burner
Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Girlfriend NameSiddhi Bhardwaj

Schooling of Tech Burner:

education of tech burner | education of shlok srivastava | tech burner

He completed his schooling in Delhi. After he completed his Class 10th he joined Coaching for his higher studies. He also takes coaching for JEE Exam so he can get into top IITs colleges. He had done very hard work in Class 11th & Class 12th to get into top colleges.

But he failed to score well in the Entrance exam and he didn’t get into top IITs college. But their parents want him to become an Engineer. Then he enrolled in SRM University in Information Technology Branch and completed his graduation in the year 2018.

Shlok is very much interested in Gadgets. He loves to use any gadgets. But his parents didn’t support in this they didn’t buy any gadgets for Shlok. Because his parents think that if he studied well he can achieve great things in his life.

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Tech Burner Youtube Journey:

Shlok was created his first channel when he was in Class 10th. He makes videos related to Tech and makes tech facts videos. He makes videos on his father’s laptop. When he shares his video with his friends and family. They told him these things are not made for you.

Either you must focus on your career to have a bright future. He makes videos for around 1 year for his first channel so he can buy the best mics for his Youtube videos. He had generated around $90. But, due to 3 copyright strikes. His channel gets terminated.

And after that, he created a channel on 23 June 2014 by his name Shlok Srivastava for vlogs or tech videos. Furthermore, he created the Tech Burner channel on 26 September 2014 for his tech-related videos. Early Tech Burner is making videos in English. His friends are from Chennai and they used to talk in the English language so he decided to make videos in the English language.

Initial after earning some money through freelancing he borrowed some money from his father. Then he bought his first DSLR Camera but on the other hand, he didn’t have a good setup. Whereas he makes his videos in the Parking lot and park because he didn’t have more space in his room to record the best video.

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Tech Burner Youtube Channels:

As of now, Tech Burner had around 6 Youtube channels including his vlog, shorts, merchandise, and main channel. Currently, in the main channel, he had around more than 7.6 million subscribers. And, his second-most subscribed channel is Shlok Srivastava in that he had around 4.48 lakh subscribers. He had also made a channel for Tech Burner Shorts, Burner Clips, Burner Bits, and Overlays Clothing.

The Downfall of Tech Burner:

Net worth of tech burner | shlok srivastava net worth | tech burner

Since 2014 Tech Burner is making videos for his youtube channel. Then also views didn’t increase. Initially, he is making videos in the English Language. Besides, the audience was not enjoying his video in English. So he decides to make his video in Hindi. And in April 2018 he makes his video in the Hindi Language in a more entertaining form. But his views get decreased and he didn’t lose hope. And stick to Hindi Language and makes a video with comedy, facts, humor, and entertainment. Whereas after that his videos get watched by many people and he tries to engage with his audience so they can relate all the movements of Tech Burner.

College Life of Tech Burner:

Tech Burner had taken admitted to SRM University in Information Technology Branch. Moreover, he is a very active student in his college life. In college Tech Burner is very much interested in participating in other curricular activities.

He had also given many auditions in college societies such as Acting, Dramatics, and sports societies. Also got selected in Acting along he also participated in a stage in front of his college seniors and teachers.

But while performing in front of many students he didn’t perform well and got demotivated. Besides, Tech Burner is very interested in Designing and started freelancing a few months. As well as that his friends also said from these other activities and Youtube channels you can’t achieve better things. In addition to this, his parents were told him to just focus on College placement and secure a good job.

Tech Burner Job:

In the final year of his college, he got placed On Campus with an 8 lakh per annum job. But he didn’t say to his family. He first asked his friends regarding this and all his friends told him to take a job and continue Youtube as a part-time.

But when he said to his parents his family was were very happy for he got the job of 8LPA. But Tech Burner chose Youtube as a full-time career. Additionally, he had around only 2000k subscribers but he had faith in himself that he can do better on Youtube as a full-time rather than his Job.

Tech Burner Business:

Currently, Tech Burner had more than 20 people working for his Youtube channel and making a brand of their own. Tech Burner earns through Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Brand Sponsorship, Merchandise of Overlays Clothing, and many more.

Tech Burner had worked with many top tech companies as of now. Whereas he had also visited a manufacturing factory how the smartphone was made, how the smartphone was manufactured very fast, and many more.

On the other hand, the main source of income of Tech Burner is through Brand Promotion. Tech Burner had also launched its Merchandise Overlays Clothing. This business started a few months back and from this also he is generating money.

Future Goal of Tech Burner:

In his one podcast with AKS Dusra channel, he had mentioned all his life journey in the video. Tech Burner’s future goal is to have enough money so if he can’t work the whole life then also he can enjoy his rest life with full facilities.

Tech Burner Team:

Shlok Srivastava had more than 20+ members in his teams. And he works with those people who are more skilled in his specific fields. His team is making valuable content so the audience can relate to it. Tech burner says if we build a great team we can achieve great things in a short span of time also.

How did Tech Burner achieve Success after failing 3 years on Youtube?

Tech Burner has started his Youtube career when there are only limited channels. But he also had low subscribers initially. And he had worked for 3 years without having more fame and subscribers. But he didn’t lose hope and found how he can improve better to make the best videos for his audience.

His main motive for making videos is how the audience can be happy while watching his videos. He believes rather than focusing on weak points try to focus on your strength to make the best out of it. Besides, he has faith in himself then only he had achieved great things as of now. He failed many times but every time he had given his best shots then only in today’s tech industry he is famous in Youth.

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Facts about Tech Burner:

  • In his struggle days, he had participated in Tech Hunt of Geeky Ranjit and the C4ETech channel. Where these Youtubers give shoutouts to creators who win the Tech Hunt. But Tech Burner didn’t win and now he had gained more subscribers from both channels.
  • He had also attended creator camp and was very much impressed by CarryMinati’s words. Moreover, after one year he had perform in Youtube Fan Fest.
  • Tech Burner in his Tedx Talk told that he earned around 8 lakh per day.

This was the whole story about Shlok Srivastava and we wish him all the best for his great future. 

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