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From flopped by Bollywood Industry to India’s Famous Fitness Icon of India – Sahil Khan Biography, Youtube Journey, Girlfriend, Businesses, Early Life | Under20s

Sahil Khan is famous for his Bodybuilding. He is a Film Actor, Youtuber, Businessman, Fitness Trainer, and founder of some of the famous brands. Sahil Khan is also associated with the water Brand Hunk water. Furthermore, in most of his videos, he is traveling to some of famous places. The mission of Sahil Khan is to revolutionize Indian Health Fitness. Additionally, he is very passionate to maintain his aesthetic body with dedication, discipline, and hard work.

The way he maintains his body is an inspiration for millions of people. Sahil Khan is one of the most expensive and the best online coaches in India. The total net worth of Sahil Khan as of now is 55 Crores. We had covered the full details of From flopped by Bollywood Industry to India’s Famous Fitness Icon of India – Sahil Khan Biography, Youtube Journey, Girlfriend, Businesses, Early Life | Under20s

His all movies flopped but he worked hard and started providing training Online in 2014. Sahil Khan opened a first Beach GYM in Goa. As of now in his Instagram account, he had around 10 Million followers and he has verified creator of Instagram. Moreover, he is also the team owner of the Masters Champion League.

A few years ago he has also launched his internationally certified ISO Company that provides complete web and internet security to Corporates, Banks, and small businesses. Previously he was also the Project Director of a health and Fitness Supplement Venture by Yash Birla Group. Sahil Khan is also a crazy travel lover. Through his videos, he is promoting fitness and bodybuilding amongst the Indian Youth.

Biography of Sahil Khan:

Real NameSahil Khan
Date of Birth5th November 1976
ProfessionYoutuber, Businessman, Fitness Trainer, and Founder of more than 7 brands
Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Wife NameNegar Khan (2004-2005 Divorced)

Film Journey of Sahil Khan | Bollywood vs Sahil

Sahil khan had started his film career journey in 2001. In 2001 his first film was launched by the name Style. Furthermore, in 2003 his movies were released by the name Xcuse Me. Moreover, Sahil khan had done only a few movies in Bollywood Industry. In 10 years, he has only done 6 movies that are not very popular and all of his movies got flopped.

Movies did by Sahil

Some other films he had done when started his Acting journey are Yeh Hai Zindagi, Double Cross, Aladin, and Ramaa: The Saviour. You will be surprised to know that N.Chandra who is one of the most respected Bollywood directors, For Tezaab signed Sahil Khan as a lead role in Style film. Sahil was chosen for his best physique and unconventional looks for the role of Chintu.

His last film was Ramaa the Saviour. Sahil Khan was a lead role in this film and the other cast included WWE Superstar The Great Khali. Till now he has done only 6 movies but the fame and popularity earned are massive for Sahil Khan. Many Bollywood stars can’t achieve fame with more hit movies.

The Journey of Sahil Khan

sahil khan net worth | sahil khan youtube growth | sahil khan biography

He was born on 5th November 1976. Sahil Khan was born to a Chinese mother & a Muslim father in Kolkata. He is a Bollywood Actor and Fitness Entrepreneur.

He married Negar Khan on 21st September 2004 and they get divorced in July 2005. Miss Negar Khan is known for her item songs in Bollywood films.

In Bollywood, he has one of the best physiques as compared to other actors. Around 20 years ago when he arrived in Mumbai with a dream of representing India as a Professional Bodybuilder and then started training to earn some money as a side source. He had done work hard to be at this level.

Sahil Khan Life-Changing Decisions:

On 16th February 2016, he launched India’s first only open-air beach gym called Muscle n Beach Gym at Baga Becah Goa. It is a unique idea in India and till now not any bodybuilder started this gym. A beach is a great place for tourists and residents. Furthermore, on 10th October 2016, he partner with India’s No1. Supplement Selling Company which is Big Muscles Nutrition. He joins as a Brand Ambassador and executive director.

The main aim of Sahil Khan and his team is to create a Fitness Hub in India. Sahil Khan brand become the first brand of India which is approved in the USA country. In his video, he has given the credit to all his followers and business partners who are constantly supporting him in their journey.

Sahil Khan some of the Unknown Achievements

  • Sahil Khan is also the Brand Ambassador of Mumbai Bodybuilding Association, Maharashtra.
  • He was also awarded by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB).
  • In 2017 he was chosen as the Judge for Fit Factor Regional at Body Power India which was held in Mumbai.
  • He has been honored as the Fitness Icon for Asia’s Biggest fitness show at Sheru Classic.

Gyms of Sahil

As you all know that Sahil Khan is a professional Bodybuilder and he has a total net worth of $6.5 Million. Moreover, Sahil Khan owns the most expensive Gyms in India. He first started with an open-air workout space in Goa and he is the one to start the open-air space gym in India. However, he also owns the 20,000 square feet gym which is located in Ahmedabad.  

Controversies of Sahil Khan

  • In the year 2014 Sahil Khan was involved in the GYM fight of Sana Khan’s boyfriend Ismail Khan.
  • Sahil Khan had an affair with Ayesha Shroff in 2009. Ayesha & Sahil both started production companies together. Then Ayesha filed a case against Sahil Khan regarding Business problems.
  • However, in March 2015 Ayesha & Sahil had ended the investigation by withdrawing the complaints against each other.
  • In 2021 also Sahil Khan was in the Controversy of Fake steroids case against many top bodybuilders of India.

Sahil Khan Networth in Last 5 Years

sahil khan net worth | sahil khan youtube growth | sahil khan biography

Mr. Sahil is the most expensive fitness trainer in India. Previously, Sahil Khan was the brand ambassador of many fitness companies. When Sahil Khan started his own brands he had left the brand ambassador and partnership with previous companies. As of now, Sahil Khan is only doing branding for his brand.

Net worth in  2022$6.5 Million
Net worth in  2021$5.5 Million
Net worth in  2020$4.5 Million
Net worth in  2019$3.9 Million
Net worth in 2018$3.5 Million

Sahil Khan Car Collections:

As of now, he had a car collection of top MNCs Companies. Moreover, he had Mercedez Benz GLS 350D which had a price of 2 crores. Furthermore, he had many car collections which are Ford Mustang, BMW 730Li, Mercedez Benz E220, etc.

Business Sources of Sahil Khan

Businesses of sahil khan | sahil khan biography | sahil khan net worth

Youtube Channel

Sahil Khan has launched his Youtube channel on 28th April 2017. He is the 1stBollywood Actor to have his fitness channel. As of now, Sahil Khan has more than 3 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel. Moreover, in his channel, he makes videos related to his rich lifestyle, beaches video, famous destination vlogs videos, etc.

Gym & Online Coaching

For, 14 weeks the charge is around $1000. He is mainly targeting foreign clients and top-earning persons they can only afford at this price. However, he earns a great source of income through his Online Coaching.

Brand Sponsorship

According to the reports, Sahil Khan charges 50-60 lakh for promotion in his Instagram account.


Besides he also appeared as a Guest Appearance with many top body-building competitions. He also becomes a Judge in Sheru Classic and Body Power.

Guest Appearances

If any person opens their GYM, Mall, Restaurant, or any big store they can contact Sahil khan as a Guest Appearances. Sahil Khan charges around 10-12 lakh for guest appearances which take a few hours for him and he earns a very good amount. Moreover, in the year 2021, he had inaugurated more than 120+ GYMs all over India.

Brand Partnering

In just 3-4 years of dedication, Sahil Khan made 7 brands which are Hunk Waters, Devine Nutrition, My Fitness Peanut Butter, Buyceps, and many more. In addition to this many companies approached Sahil Khan to work as a partner with him. Because Sahil Khan is a Body Builder, he can’t do much research work. As well as that Sahil Khan tie-up with Company around 35% profit of Sahil Khan if any product sells.

Big Muscle Nutrition Brand

Sahil Khan owns the Supplement Company. Here Sahil Khan is working to raise awareness of Whey Protein in India and all over the world. Big Muscles Nutrition products are made with full research and they undergo multiple checks before being shipped. However, the nutrition products are made with all the necessary guidelines. On the Big Muscle nutrition website, you can order fitness gainers or whey protein. The following categories are listed on the website are Whey Protein, Gainers, Pre Workout, Amino Acids, Biotin, Natural Vitamin C, and many more. The whey protein minimum price is around 1499 and the maximum price for whey protein is around 6500.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does Sahil Khan do for a living?

Ans.  Sahil Khan’s total net worth is 55 Crores. Moreover, he is a Fitness trainer, Youtuber, owns 7 brands, an Actor, and many more.

What is the age of Sahil Khan?

Ans. Sahil Khan was born on 5th November 1976 and as of now, he is 45 years old.

Is Sahil Khan Billionare?

Ans. As per the sources Sahil Khan’s net worth is 55 Crore. As of now, he is only a millionaire. But the fame he had is achieved in a span of 4 to 5 years.

Where does Sahil Khan Live?

Ans. Most of the time Sahil Khan lives in Goa & Dubai. The favorite place of Sahil Khan is to live on Beaches of the most famous places.

How much money did Sahil Khan spend on his body?

Ans. In one of his Youtube videos, he had told that he spend 2 lakh per month on his body.

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