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Sneaker Head | Find Your Kick – Sneakers startup Raised 50 Lakhs from Sharks in Shark Tank India |


This story will tell you about Find Your Kick, Sneakerhead, Shark Tank India, Find your kick shark tank, sneakers startup, buy sneakers from sneakerhead, and many more. Sneakerhead is a startup which is featured on Shark Tank India recently. Read this article till the end to get a better view of understanding.

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Introduction to the startup | Find your Kick | Sneakerhood

This story of Shark Tank India is going to feature SneakerHead.
At the starting of the pitch, founders expressed their views on how the sneaker culture was trending across the world. People use to regard sneakers as jewellery in foreign countries like the US and They do betting on sneakers.

Sneakerhead started their pitch by describing the problems they face while buying sneakers. If Nike launches new sneakers so they are not lucky to get straight from that and then they have to go to Offline Retailers where they face the problem of limited choices. The sneakers we want are not available at retail stores and if they are available then the issue will lie in sizes. If we get all of the above then there can be a chance of getting fake sneakers.

Problems faced by people while buying Sneakers from normal online/retail outlets

  1. Online Supply
  2. Limited Choices
  3. Size issue
  4. Fake Sneakers.

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What is Find Your Kick ?| Sneakerhood | Shark Tank India 


This is where Find your Kicks India come into the game. Find Your Kicks is a reseller platform where you will get every limited sneaker in every possible size and it will be gone through 20 Quality and Original product assurity checkpoints. So you will receive the sneaker of your choice, your size and your original product.

If you want to sell your sneakers at a profit then you can list them on Find Your Kick. At present they are operating on Instagram. Their app and website are ready to launch. If we want to say the whole above-mentioned description in easy words then Find Your Kick is the Flipkart of Sneakers where all the needs of buyer and seller are fulfilled.

What is the demand for Find your kick from Sharks?

Their ask is Rs50 lakhs in exchange for 10% Equity. Find Your Kick is valued at 5 Crores.

QnA | When Sharks Ask Pitcher | Shark Tank India

What is the background of the founders of Find Your Kick India?

All three of them belongs to Ludhiana in Punjab. Their age is 24 Years and is Childhood friends.

What are their educational qualifications?

The founder has done schooling from Ludhiana and done graduation from GGS Univerisity Delhi. The second Founder has done his graduation from IIT Delhi. The third founder has also done his graduation from GGS Univerisity Delhi.

What is the primary market IN India?

The overall sneaker market in India is 9000 Crores and the sneaker reselling market is only 180-200 Crores.

Why your tagline is of Buy Sell Trade?

They have created a comprehensive marketplace. Veg, Non-Veg and Nike are the three places where sneakers are released in India. For instance, if the sneakers get sold at 20,000Rs then they come into the resale market.

They sell all the new sneakers in the secondary resale market.

What are the sales of Find your kick India?

Their sales have clocked to 26 Lakhs in the last 8 months. Their last month sale was 3.5 Lakhs.

Q6. Do they have prior Investors?

No, They have not taken funding from any of the Investors.

What is their Net Profit?

The Net profit has been clocked to 17 Lakhs.

How many followers do they have on Instagram?

Their Instagram Followers are 40,000.

How much competition is there?

There are 1-2 Competitors in our niche. If you check out Find Your Kick’s profile they have listed more than 4000 sneakers.

How do you operate on Instagram?

They work on Subscription Model and created an aggregated marketplace on Instagram and connected 1500 Resellers with them. Find Your Kick interact Sellers and Buyers directly with each other. They charge subscription fees from resellers.

When they will shift to the app so they will charge a commission from Resellers.

What is the average selling price of Sneakers?


How many employees do you have?

There is a total of 14 employees in our company.

Sharks investing in Find Your Kick | Shark Tank India

Sneaker Head | Find Your Kick - Sneakers startup Raised 50 Lakhs from Sharks in Shark Tank India |

Namita Thapar and Ashneer Grover

We have an offer for you. Ashneer and Namita together offered them. There are many weaknesses in your business and the 5 Crore valuation you are demanding is very high. We would like to offer you 50 Lakhs for 30% Of your company.

Aman Gupta

The sneakers market is very huge in India. The main key is execution and you will need a lot of dedication to rock in the game. He suggested making an offer with all of the 5 sharks as all of them are interested to invest and everyone has their expertise.

ALL Sharks Offer

This moment is very rare in Shark Tank India when all sharks came together to fund one startup. All Sharks make an offer of 50 Lakhs for 30% Equity each of them will get 6%.

Counteroffer from Find Your Kick | Sneakerhood

Team together contacted their father and presented a counteroffer in which Find Your Counter demanded to reduce the equity to 20%

The last offer from Sharks to Find Your Kick | Sneakerhood

Sharks made the last offer in which they offered 50 Lakhs for 25% Equity. Here the deal got closed.

The company got a valuation of 2 Crores based on this funding, Ranvijay Singh presented them Finance Course from Upgrad.

You can check the official account of Sneakerhead and Their Website by clicking here.