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Hebi Naturals - Startup run by teenagers got funded by Paytm and Urban Company

Hebi Naturals is a startup that is run by 16-Year-old students and they recently raised funding of 60,000INR From Paytm Board Member and Urban Company. Hebi Naturals is a startup idea powered by the Delhi Govt under the leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal to develop an entrepreneurship mindset curriculum. Harsh, Mamta, and Nasreen are co-founders of this startup.

Hebi Naturals is a startup idea that was initially seed-funded by the Delhi Government with 2000INR and after watching the success of this startup Deputy CM of Delhi (Sh. Manish Sisodia) invited angel investors to look into this startup Idea. This is going to be the first startup story to be featured on the Under20s Platform.  You can have a glimpse of the Table of Contents to get a better understanding of the Story.

What do Hebi Naturals do and what is the aim of Hebi Naturals?

Hebi Naturals is a startup that aims to improve the bad effect on our environment and to spread more green.  They began with homemade compost and then turned the same into a business idea.  The team was inspired by the Dig Pit method which they learned from their economics subject. To reduce the time and to provide a better product they used specialized bucket methods and earthen pots to make their pots. The main aim of Hebi Naturals is to protect the environment and make it greener.

Compost made by the Team is a multipurpose compost as they have used reverse sand instead of normal sand. They have added many other useful compounds to stand out their product in the highly competitive market. The team claims that if we add their compost to any of the plants then that plant will get all the required nutrients for its proper and efficient growth.

I personally have talked to Harsh who is the leader and physical distributor of Hebi Naturals and He has told me great insiders and many other behind-the-camera things that they have gone through in previous days. To read those you can directly go to the last paragraph of this article.

Meet the Team of Hebi Naturals.

You might have been thinking that team of Hebi Naturals must be consisting of some old uncles and aunties but wait a minute, have You read the title correctly? If yes then you are right the team of Hebi Naturals consists of young teenagers who are studying in School and running their startup simultaneously. You can read about them in brief here.

Team Hebi Naturals -Harsh, Nasreen and Mamta
This startup known as HEBI NATURALS raised funding of 60,000 From PayTm and Urban Company.


Harsh is the Co-founder, team leader, and physical distributor of Hebi Naturals.  On having a 1:1 conversation with Harsh He revealed his future plans in accordance with his aims in the Study.

I want to get admission to IIM Ahmedabad as a BBA major and then I will like to complete my education with MBA. My main interest is to go in the Business and Management line only.


Mamta is a co-founder and core team member of Hebi Naturals. She is responsible for maintaining the income charts, managing expenses, and handling social media. You can see the photo above to know Mamta. She wants to become a job provider, not a job seeker which gives us great clarity of how India is going to revolve with these startup girls.


Nasreen is the third Co-founder and core member of the Team of Hebi Naturals. She is having the roles of responsibility in which she covers market research, Trends in the market, and Providing raw materials. 

This is a great team and I would like to thank Harsh as he helped me a lot to know about the insiders and problems they have faced during the initial days.

Seed Funding to Hebi Naturals by Delhi Govt.

Delhi Government came up with the idea of the “Seed Money Project” in which Dy CM Manish Sisodia gave seed money of 2000INR to 350000 students in nearly 1000 schools. Hebi Naturals was one of those teams who received this seed money and Harsh told that ” We have received the seed money directly in our bank accounts”. This initiative by UTs Govt was started with an aim to build business skills in students. Under20s believes that Govt is successful in building these skills.


From seed money of 3000INR, they have clocked revenue of 20,000INR and they earned a profit of 12,000INR. Investors were impressed after hearing this.

How do Hebi Naturals Sell their product?

When I talked to Harsh about how do they sell their product he disclosed that when they were new to this startup selling products was the biggest challenge for them as there were already so many companies selling Compost. Then they used their tricky mind and tried to put uniqueness in their product on a concept of Multi-Purpose compost. You can read this whole in Harsh’s own words.

We just try to be different from them and came on a concept of Multi purpose Compost which can be used in all types of plants and is rich in all nutrients, we wanted to make our company structure to be sustained so we used juice and flower and vegetable sellers waste which use to be thrown on roads usually but we collected that and decomposed it and added all our organic nutritive components and form our star product, HEBI MULTI PURPOSE COMPOST.

So, wanted to let people know that you don’t always have to have an out of the box idea to be an Entrepreneur but simple modification which is good for everyone can also make you unique.

Your Question is still unanswered?

Yes, They approached vegetable and fruit sellers, neighbors, and social media to sell their Hebi Multi-Purpose Compost.

How much Funding do Hebi Naturals demand from Investors?

Delhi Government’s Business Blasters program introduced Hebi Naturals Team with Angel investors. 

Sairee Chahal: She is the founder of Mahila Money and Sheroes which is a women’s community forum. She is also Paytm Board Member as she was appointed on Board in April 2019.

Abhiraj Singh Bhal: He is the co-founder and CEO of a well-known brand – Urban Company. Abhiraj also got featured in Fortune 40 under 40 and Fortune 30 under 30

How much money did Hebi Naturals demand from Investors?

Team Hebi Naturals demanded 60,000INR from Investors in which they revealed that they will be in need of this money for selling their 1st 1000Kgs Compost. They also gave a brief breakdown of funding.


  1. Equipment and Storage Facilities- 20,000
  2. Production- 15,000
  3. Emergency Fund- 10,000
  4. Packaging- 10,000
  5. Online Promotion- 5000

How much Funding did Hebi Naturals Raise?

Hebi Naturals raised funding of 30,000INR from Sairee Chahal.
Abhiraj  Singh Bhal gave them 30,000INR and advance orders for 100 Gift Packs worth 10,000INR.

In total, Hebi Naturals raised a total funding of 60,000INR From Paytm And Urban Company.

Business Plan of Hebi Naturals?

When Hebi Naturals demanded to fund of 60,000INR. Investors asked the team about the profit and revenue which Hebi Naturals aims to clock in the coming months. Hebi Naturals told them that they will be booking an estimated profit of 120,000INR and clocking revenue of 200,000INR.

Both investors were impressed with the business plan of Hebi Naturals.

How you can order from Hebi Naturals?

To buy the products from Hebi Naturals you can visit their Website by clicking on this link.  You can also buy from their Official Instagram Handle by clicking on this link @HebiNaturals
If you want to order from their website and avail discount then you can apply this coupon code- HEBI20 (NOTE THIS IS NOT AFFILIATED OR SPONSORED WITH UNDER20S). You can give reference to Under20s if you are ordering through Instagram. Use coupon HEBI20 to get a discount of 20% on orders above 499INR.

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