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How “HUMPY A2” a milk selling startup grab Rs1 Crore from Shark Tank India | Under20s

Humpy A2 | Shark Tank India | A2 Milk Startup

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CompanyHumpy A2
Founder Vishal Chaudhari, Malvika Gaekwad, and Jaywant Patil
Net WorthRs4 Crores
ValuationRs 20 Crores
Funding AskedRs75 Lakhs for 5% Equity
Funding GivenRs1 Crore for 15% Equity
InvestorsPeyush Bansal, Vineeta Singh and Ghazal Alagh
Business CategoryOrganic foods and dairy products
TV ShowShark Tank India
EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 27

Introduction the Pitch | Shark Tank India

The founder of this startup is a Health-conscious working professional and she believes that you are what you eat. When she visited their grandparents there she used to eat organic foods which come from their farms. She described the problem of how today we are not able to get that much purity in our food as Adulteration, Antibiotics, and Pests are very common practices.

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What is Humpy A2? | Shark Tank India

Humpy A2 is the solution to these problems. This is the one-stop solution for Authentic, Native, and Chemical-free where they do organic farming with farmers and then supply these products to customers. You might be wondering what is A2- So this is a scientific term for a type of protein found in milk that comes from Indian Cows.

Vishal Chaudhari, Malvika Gaekwad, and Jaywant Patil are the co-founders of Humpy A2. They belong to PUNE. They are having the aim of becoming family farmers of every family in India.

Normally the cow milk we drink it is having A1 Protein. You will be amazed to know that Mother’s milk is also A2 that’s why Humpy A2 Milk is best for humans.

Humpy Milk is A2 Certified milk as they test their milk on 120 Parameters and all of their organic products are certified. All of their certifications are given to 4000 of their customers so that they can regularly verify their authenticity. 

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Buying Milk from Humpy A2

You can easily buy these products by downloading the Humpy A2 app and then subscribing to the product you need. You will get a supply of all these organic products daily at your doorstep.

Products of Humpy A2

Humpy A2 | Shark Tank India | A2 Milk Startup
  1. Garlic Cheese
  2. Simple Cheese
  3. Classic Dahi
  4. A2 Milk – Flagship Product
  5. A2 Paneer
  6. Standard Creamy Ghee- Rs2000/Kg
  7. Vedic Ghee- Rs3200/Kg

What is their ask for funding from Sharks?

Humpy A2 has asked Rs 75 Lakhs in exchange for 4% Equity and their company’s valuation is Rs 18.75 Crores.

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QnA | Sharks asking Humpy A2 | Shark Tank India

Founders of Humpy A2 | Shark Tank India | Humpy Shark Tank India | HUMPY A2 MILK

How did they come up with the name of Humpy?

If you see the Indian Cows and Foreign Jersey cows then the first difference you will notice will be a hump in Indian cows and This is the reason behind the name of HUMPY A2.

What did the founders use to do before Humpy?

Three of them were working in Pune-based cybersecurity firm and Vishal was their business head.

How do founders meet each other?

Malvika met Jaywant in a company where she was an intern and there she came to know that Jaywant himself was doing organic farming.

Vishal ” When I came to know about the organic farming then we met the community who are landless and their life is surrounded near Gir Cows. We are having many expectations from Shark Tank so that we can export our indigenous foods globally.

In 2016 when Jaywant was doing engineering and organic farming, A lesson in 11 th standard in Maharashtra board was published on his journey and 21 Lakh students have read that chapter. Many of them have decided on farming as a career.

How much sales and Networth of Humpy A2

They have started earning from 2017 and in first financial year, they made Rs65 Lakhs in FY17-18, increased to 1.98 Crores in FY-18-19, in FY19-20 it is 2.02 Crores and in FY20-21 they stretched to 2.20 Crores. This year till now they have made 2.08 Crores and expect by end of the Financial year they will clock 4 Crores.

Their gross margin is 44%. In nonmilk products, it is 64% and in milk products 42%.

What is sales split?

Their 80% sales come from Milk and 20% from Non-Milk

Their hero product is milk and in the next 2-5 years they will clock 40-60%.

How they will increase their sales?

Their farmers are not only in Pune but also in other states so at the right time they will expand them after getting funding.  They have made 2 Crores in 6 months only in Pune.

1:1 | Sharks investing in Humpy A2 | Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India | humpy a2 | organic milk startup

Namita Thapar

As the team of startups wants to build their brand in the non-dairy segment too but their is too much competition in this non-dairy segment. So for this reason she is out from pitch.

Anupam Mittal

There is no pricing power in this dairy business. You should not be needing funding to scale your business. For funding you need to expand your diversification of products. For this reason, he is out.

Vineeta Singh

Offer- Rs50 Lakhs for 10% Equity and Rs25 Lakhs as debt for 12% Interest.

Ghazal Alagh

She wants to invest in the business as her family believes much more in organic products and they feel very happy when they see something happening like this.

Offer- Rs75 Lakhs for 10% Equity

Peyush Bansal

This brand requires the technology at most.He is having view that if you want to scale your business and add impact to that then technology is the key to that success. Profit derives from two things Word of Mouth and Efficieny.

Offer- Rs75 Lakhs for 10% Equity

Ghazal and Peyush 

Both of them are D2C experts and have made purpose-driven brands. They both have clubbed together and made this offer.

Offer- Rs75 Lakhs for 10% Equity in which each of them will get 5%.

They also made an offer in which Ghazal, Peyush, and Vineeta will give Rs1 Crore in exchange for 15% Equity.

Where the deal met?

They have accepted this offer and the deal closed at Rs 1 Crore for 15% Equity. The company’s valuation becomes Rs6.67 Crores after getting funding from them

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