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How Lenskart Bought Isak Perfumes for Rs50 Lakhs in Shark Tank India | Under20s | Isak Perfumes

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Isak Perfumes a heritage perfume startup started by Vidushi recently got featured in Shark Tank India. This article focuses on isak perfume, isak perfume kit, isak perfume shark tank, isak perfume co-founder, isak perfume funding, attar perfume, shark tank India, episode 26 shark tank India and Under20s

ISAK Perfumes | Shark Tank India

Company nameIsak Perfumes
Business TypeIttar/Attar and Perfumes
ValuationRs6.25 Crore
Net Worth3.6 Million
Funding AskedRs50 Lakhs for 8% Equity
Funding GivenRs 50 Lakhs for 50% Equity
InvestorsLenskart / Peyush Bansal
TV ShowShark Tank India
EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 26

Vidhushi Vijayvergiya is the founder of Isak Fragrances and She belongs to a family which is making perfumes for the last 150 Years in India. She is brought up by watching the composition of perfumes in front of her eyes. Vinay Vijayvergiya is her father said that wherever is fragrance health is also there. 

In the last 4 Years, Isak Perfumes have made Customizable, Artisanal, and Unisex Perfumes and Ittars. They sell the same through their Online marketplace and some selective retail outlets in India.

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Introduction to the Pitch

founder of isak perfumes | vidushi isak perfumes | shark tank india

Vidushi connects more than Perfume lab instead of Iconic Kitchen’s smell. After Marriage when she relocated to Switzerland with her husband there she researched on French Perfumes market and was impressed with their business model. 150 Years back we also used to do the same thing as they made ITTAR for Nawabs and Maharajas. 

Looking over this gap and from her family experience, she decided to start her perfume business which is now known as ISAK PERFUMES.

What is their ask for funding from Sharks?

Now they are interesting to scale. They are demanding Rs50 Lakhs in exchange for 8% Equity. Valuation of Company is Rs6.25 Crores.

QnA | Sharks asking Isak Perfumes | Shark Tank India

Lenskart invested in isak perfumes | lenskart shark tank india | peyush bansal isak perfumes

Trivia: After the whole pitch when the QnA session was going to begin Peyush Bansal greeted her and said ” Hi Vidhushi, Welcome to Lenskart”. All the way it was a joke and taken in comedy by all the other sharks.

Why not join in Family Business and start their own?

She started business separately as she belongs to a Marwari family where being a part of a family business is out of the league as Boys take family ahead. Today her father supports her business.

Niti Vijayvergiya who is Chachi of Vidhushi helped her lot in terms of financially and her chachu in the smelling of perfumes.

How the pricing is done?

The perfume which was in hands of Ghazal lakh is sold for Rs3200 and it costs Rs350-600. The profit margin lies between 85-90%

What is the USP of their Perfumes?

Their perfumes are very long-lasting and made for Indian Climatic Conditions.

What is NetWorth and Revenue of Isak Perfumes?

In the last 6 months they have clocked Rs18 Lakhs (FY-21-22) and last month their revenue was Rs3.5 Lakhs. 

What is the background of Vidhushi?

She had done MBA from HRD Pune. Anupam said that she is a more creative and lesser Business Person.

1:1 | Sharks investing in ISAK Perfumes | Shark Tank India

Lenskart invested in isak perfumes | lenskart shark tank india | peyush bansal isak perfumes

Vineeta Singh

If she were in place of Vidushi she had kept a universal brand name and introduced Isak as a Perfume range for Lucknow Heritage and Artisanal fragrances. Vineeta looks at ISAK as a range not a brand for competitive reasons. If she says that the lipstick stays for 12 hours then it will be easily scaled on Insta rather than saying it gives you the heritage experience. After saying this whole statement she said that She is out from this.

Anupam Mittal

Anupam looks at this as a bigger opportunity and right now He does not look at it as a great business so for now. He made himself out of this pitch and also said that many people criticized him when Anupam left his dad’s business but now is only existing because of his stubbornness. 

Ghazal Alakh

Ghazal said that there is a lot of work that needed to be done on the Business Development side. She is out.

Namita Thapar

Namita said that there will be issues in the Scalability of business so for this reason she is out.

Peyush Bansal

He said that She is a great entrepreneur but she is not having aims and vision. He said that he wants to be an equal partner in the company. After knowing that her Chachi (Niti) is an equal shareholder in the company he said that if Chachi will be staying in the company he will not invest.

Offer- Rs 50 lakhs for 50% Equity.

Where did the deal get closed?

Lenskart invested in isak perfumes | lenskart shark tank india | peyush bansal isak perfumes

Vidhushi accepted the conditional offer of Peyush Bansal in which he will be the equal partner of ISAK Perfumes by investing Rs 50 Lakhs for 50% Equity in the company. Valuation after investment becomes Rs 1 Crore.

In simple terms, we can say lenskart purchased 50% of  ISAK Perfumes 

Buy Perfumes from ISAK 

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