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Company NameJulaa Automations
Founders Rameshkumar Patel, Chandrakantbhai Patel, and Jay Umertiya
ValuationRs 5 Crores
Business CategorySwinging Manufacturing
Funding AskedRs 50 lakhs in for 10% equity
TV ShowShark Tank India
EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 26
Funding Given—–

Introduction to the Pitch | Julaa Automation

In most pitches, entrepreneurs come to pitch their startup but this time a product is going to be launched in Shark Tank India. Rameshkumar Patel, Chandrakantbhai Patel, and Jay Umertiya are the founding members of Julaa Automation.

Whenever a child is born in our home, the same house gets filled with happiness and along with it, parents are blessed with more responsibilities like Taking care of the child, bathing, sleeping, and entertaining him. Doing this job requires 100% attention from parents.

The same incident happened with Ramesh he got blessed with a girl child then all the jobs his wife managed he had only the responsibility of making her swing. One day when Ramesh came to Chandrakant and asked him to make such a swing that can work automatically. After 8 Years Julaa came into existence.

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What is Julaa by Julaa Automation?


Julaa by Julaa automation is launching for the first time on Shark Tank India.

This Julaa is having an option of Bluetooth and can be controlled directly via Bluetooth. We can set swing control and it will start swinging in 15 seconds at its most speed. This Julaa is having an automatic light and fan. They have also installed a weighing scale in this form so that parents can check the weight of their children.

If a child starts crying then you can also play the APP ACTIVATED LULLABIES( Poems and Lorries) from your phone and if the child pees then parents will get notification on their phones with the WET DETECTION option. 

Tires system is installed in Swing we can easily move this and this swing is suitable for children of age from infants up to 6 Years.

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What is the ask and Valuation of Julaa Automation?

Their Ask is Rs50 Lakhs in exchange for 10% Equity. The valuation of the company is Rs5 Crores.

QnA | Sharks asking Julaa Automation | Shark Tank India

Team of julaa automations | founder julaa automations

What are their sales?

They are not selling this product in the market as they have to get some certificates from compliances. This product is a prototype.

What is the Job Background of Founders?

Chandrakant was in the OEM Industry of Lights and Regulators and Jay is an engineer by profession doing a job in the Telecom industry. If they will be able to get funding and can take this venture ahead they will leave their j0bs.

Have they tested products?

Chandrakant tested this product with his niece and observed the activities of the kid. Parents feedback 

Money invested by founders in making the product?

You will be surprised like Anupam Mittal after knowing that Julaa automation has invested Rs 25 Lakhs in making this product. This is their 7th model and got a patent for the same. 

They have invested their whole life savings in this startup. 

What will be the cost and selling price of this Swing?

The founders get this product ready for RS45000-50000 (Cost Price) in multiple of 10s and when they will make in 100s the same will be reduced to Rs40,000.

They will sell the same product for Rs1,00,000.

1:1 | Sharks investing in Julaa Automation | Shark Tank India

Julaa Automations | julaa | shark tank india | startups

Vineeta Singh

The facilities founders have included in this swing are extra as the price of same is 1 lakh. People who can afford this one lakh swing will be having ACs in their home so why will they go for fans and poems. She regarded it as a White Elephant.

Namita Thapar

A person who is having a dream of entrepreneurship so should not invest all of his savings before doing a customer survey. The product is overpriced and scalability is not much as people cannot afford a 1 Lakh Rs swing in India.

Peyush Bansal

He advised him to approach companies that can sell it globally and do a royalty agreement. The company can offer them Rs1-2 Crores for their patent. So for this reason he is out from pitch.

Ghazal Alakh

She thinks that she will not buy this product even for her child for Rs 1 Lakh. So she is out from the pitch

Anupam Mittal

He does not agree with the thing of Lifetime Savings investing in Business. Anupam said that this startup has solved all the issues which he was facing for his baby and the founders have worked in very depth. The problem is lying in the Cost and Selling price as it is very high. They can go forward with Licensing and have to reduce the cost dramatically. Today he will not be able to fund them and wishes them to get success in life

Founders reply to Sharks Feedback

Jay asked sharks to connect their startup with companies and Peyush said that after this episode goes on air many companies will contact them and if they require help even after that Peyush Bansal will help them off the show.

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