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How “Kabaddi Adda” Sports pitched Rs1 Crore in Shark Tank India! | Under20s

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Kabaddi Adda is a Sports streaming startup featured in Shark Tank India, In this article, you are going to read about kabaddi adda, kabaddi adda founder, kabaddi adda shark tank India, kabaddi adda k7, kabaddi adda shark tank, and Shark Tank India. 

Introduction to the Pitch | Kabaddi Adda

Company NameKabaddi Adda
FoundersArvind Sivdas and Suhail Chandhok
Business CategoryKabaddi Streaming and Hosting Platform
ValuationRs80 Crores
Net WorthRs4 Crores
Funding AskedRs80 Lakhs for 1% Equity
Funding GivenRs80 lakhs for 6% Equity
InvestorsSugar Cosmetics and Emcure Pharmaceuticals
TV ShowShark Tank India
EpisodeEpisode 30 Season 1

This pitch got started when two Kabaddi Teams named Vineeta Ke Warriors and Anupam Ke Ajoobe were playing on the set of Shark Tank India. They have shown a glimpse of the Kabaddi match and explained how this game is taking over the nation for the past few years. This is a game in which you need only the ground and teams, You will be surprised to know that this is a 4000-year-old game.

Indian game is presented in a new way and 50 crores+ people watch this game as it is the second most-watched game in the country.

Kabaddi Adda Shark Tank India | Kabaddi Startup in shark tank india

Arvind Sivdas and Suhail Chandhok are the CO-founders of a startup called Kabaddi Adda. 

Three pillars of Kabaddi Adda | Shark Tank India

Kabaddi Adda is a platform where they aim to bring this sport on the screens in every Indian household every day of the year. They do this by 3 pillars of their game.

1ST Pillar is of their content and Distribution platform.

This is the base of the platform their website and social media handle. They are having views of more than 1 Crore and have a subscriber base of 5 Lakh people.

2nd Pillar is Tournament in a Box

Here they provide relevance to the local kabaddi tournaments, bring viewers to them, and most importantly they bring a revenue stream

3rd and Most crucial Pillar – K7 Tournament

K7 Tournament is an asset that is completely owned by Kabaddi Adda. It is a platform where youth showcase their ability and talents. 20 Players have already received contracts in Pro Kabaddi India which is 10% of the talents they have picked.

What is the ask of Kabaddi Adda from Sharks? | Shark Tank India

They have asked Rs80 Lakhs for 1% Equity of their company. Their company’s valuation is Rs80 Crores.

Mahila Mondays

They have built a brand of Mahila Mondays for empowering women in the sport of Kabaddi and it is going to be telecast every Monday.

QnA | Sharks asking Kabaddi Adda | Shark Tank India

Founders of Kabaddi adda | Kabaddi Adda | Shark tank india | kabbadi startup | startups india

How do they make their interest in Kabaddi in cricket lover’s country?

Earlier this was a cricket country but now it has transformed to the country of Cricket and Kabaddi both.

Suhail has been involved in the Pro Kabaddi League since 2014 as on that day Sachin, Amitabh, and Aamir Khan were viewers on that day. 

How many sales Kabaddi Adda has made?

Their sales and year revenue is mentioned in the table

FY19-20 – Rs24 Lakhs

FY20-21- Rs57 Lakhs

FY21-22– To date, they have clocked Rs1.2 Crores and project the same to clock at Rs 2.5 Crores

FY22-23- They have signed the media contracts and sponsorships which value between 10-15 Crores.

Their gross margins are about 80% and 40% of the revenue they earn they reinvest the same amount in the ecosystem. They are profit-making startups.

How do they earn money?

 They earn Rs3-5 Lakhs revenue from each match from the OTT Platforms. Data is owned by them.

They have closed recently funding and raised Rs20 Crores at a valuation of Rs80 Crores.

Why are they in shark tank india?

They are here to get sharks on board as they have only built a business, not a brand. For that, they will require the help of Sharks.

1:1 | Sharks investing in Kabaddi Adda | Shark Tank India

Kabaddi adda | shark tank india | networth of kabaddi adda | funding raised by kabaddi adda | shark tank

Namita Thapar

Namita and her husband are running a Basketball league in Pune under the banner of YIA and her sons are very passionate, They are running the same for 2 years. She is impressed by the investor. She has made an offer to them

Namita’s Offer- Rs80 Lakhs for 5% Equity

Orignal Ask- Rs80 Lakhs for 1% Equity

Anupam Mittal

Kabaddi is different and their prospectus is different from coming to the shark tank. The reason behind their coming to shark tank is that they have received funding of Rs20 Crores already and they are in the shark tank to only promote their league. They are getting advisory already and because of their valuation, he is out.

Ashneer Grover

He has already invested in many sports of the show and he gets spark from the value of sports. He is not watching business in their startup so he is out.

Aman Gupta

You have already got a good valuation and for him, this is very early to get into the sports. He is out for now.

Vineeta Siingh

She is ready to join Namita in her offer and they both will bring different strengths to their business. Namita will help in financial terms and Vineeta will he;p in brand building

Vineeta and Namita’s Offer

They both have offered Rs80 Lakhs for 6% Equity 

Counter offer

Rs1 Crore for 6% Equity.

Where the deal got closed of Kabaddi Adda?

Kabaddi Adda | Shark tank india | kabbadi startup | startups india

Namita will not be reducing the offer and Anupam started counting down. Arvind and Sohail accepted Vineeta and Namita’s offer the deal got closed at Rs80 Lakhs for 6% Equity.

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