How did PHYSICS WALLAH become a 1.1 Billion Dollar Edtech Brand?

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Physics Wallah is started by Alakh Pandey. This article tells you about physics wallah, physics wallah notes, physics wallah net worth, physics wallah contact number, physics wallah alakh Pandey, physics wallah live, physics wallah app, and physics wallah career. We have earlier done a Story on Alakh Pandey that article was the creator end of Mister Physics Wllah but now you will experience the Business side of Brand #PhysicsWallah.

Company Physics Wallah
CategoryEdtech Company
Valuation1 Billion USD
Funding100 Million USD – (700 Crores INR)
InvestorsWestbridge and GSV Ventures
FounderAlakh Pandey
Founded 1 May 2020
Net Worth300 Crores
YouTube6.4 Million Subscribers

I am Devansh, You are reading this Brand Story cum Business Profile on Under20s and I’m going to make sure that by the end of this article you grab the whole information related to Physics Wallah. You can have a glimpse at the Table of Contents to have a better understanding of the story.

Edtech before Physics Wallah

Edtech in India which earlier used to stand for “BYJUS” through which millions of Indian Students were performing their studies either free or paid, then unacadmey and Vedantu made their steps in this edtech industry. However, Their entry made this niche highly competitive as we know the hiring techniques of BIG STARTUPs as they provide huge offers to teachers. This has made the entire coaching industry highly competitive and overpaid for Teachers.

The above paragraph was the story of the edtech scene before the launch of “Physics Wallah” as a Startup Company which totally disrupted India’s edtech Space. You will be wondering what was Physics wallah before an Edtech Startup. So here you read

Alakh Pandey- Founder of Physics Wallah

Physics wallah is an Indian Youtube channel started by Alakh Pandey in Uttar Pradesh. The story begins with Alakh’s personal life when Alakh was in School his dream was to study at the Indian Institute of Technology.

He was also a bright student in his studies but like everyone had some problems in his life. Alakh’s Family’s Financial condition was not so good so he had to drop his dream and took admitted to Engineering College. You will be surprised to know that Alakh’s family had to sell their home to get him into college.

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Alakh Pandey’s Life before Physics Wallah

Money being a problem in Alakh’s life turned out to be a blessing. Alakh disclosed that to overcome the expenses and make some extra cash he started teaching and He enjoyed teaching. Alakh started teaching students from 9th to 12 Standard who were preparing for exams like IIT-JEE and NEET.

After completing his graduation, Alakh decided to start coaching full-time. Although this was a good decision made by him at a certain point, he felt that Offline coaching has a limited impact on students so there Alakh decided to move online.

Alakh Pandey in College

Alakh Scored 660 Rank in Uttar Pradesh State Exam and He went to HBDI and chooses Mechanical. Being a topper in School he maintained his academics in the 1st Semester by securing 80%.

Dropping out from College

Alakh was disappointed in college since no practical knowledge was being provided to them and The knowledge which was being provided to them was totally unimplemented in Jobs. On the other side, Alakh’s coaching interest was growing simultaneously. So he decided to drop out of college.

Struggle faced in shifting from Offline Coaching to Online Coaching

Alakh Says that “After leaving college things became easier for me and the Risk-Taking Ability became more”. The main factor of Alakh shifting from offline coaching to online was when Mr. Faruqi (College and Senior Teacher) said to Alakh that in the next 10 years they are going to teach over 7000 Students.

After hearing this statement Alakh had a thought in mind that there is a limit to offline teaching, and it’s the right time to shift online. In the initial days, he made a page on Facebook and even offered Rs 50 to students to join his group but such tactics never worked.

YouTube Channel- Physics Wallah

Beginning in 2014

This was the time in 2014 when Alakh Pandey started a YouTube Channel with the name “Physics Wallah”. When He uploaded videos on YouTube for the first time, the response was not good from Students and worked continuously till 2016.

Started teaching ICSE Students

In 2016 Alakh Decided to start teaching ICSE Students in Class 10th. Since No one was teaching ICSE students and here he gained 10,000 subscribers in one year. Students use to say “Sir you have fire and you will do something huge in the game”

First Income from YouTube

Students provided great feedback to Physics Wallah and there were only 4-5 Educators who were teaching on YouTube in 2016-17. You will be surprised to know that Alakh Pandey got Rs 8000 from YouTube as his first income.

Physics Wallah Getting 300 Crore offer from EdTech Startup

When Alakh Pandey received a 300 Crore offer from an edtech Company and the curious thing to know in this incident is that at that time Alakh Pandey was not earning a lot of money. So He made two columns on a paper in which he penned on one side “Why He should Join” and “Why he should not join”

When he was justifying the points, The list got filled with the reasons why he should join but when he was writing on Why he should not join, At that moment he realized that Students have a deep connection and faith with him.

If he accepts that offer then the faith and trust will be broken. This was the reason why Physics Wallah does not emerge with other edtech brands and today This company stands among those brands with a chest of 56Inch.

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Physics Wallah App Launch 2020

With an investment of 15  Lakhs and 6 Years of Continuous struggle by teaching students, Alakh Pandey decided to launch Physics Wallah App in India in 2020. The app got on the top charts of PlayStore on Day 1.

Prateek is the Co-Founder of the Physics Wallah App and he helped Alakh Pandey to launch the app in 2020. Physics wallah is having a staff of 1500+ Members who are working hard to provide the most premium content at the lowest cost.

Prateek said “PW is a student-friendly app and over 550K students daily consume 90 Minutes of Educational content every day. PW bagged a rating of 4.8 on Play Store and is the largest online coaching class”

First Course of Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah launched Lakshya Batch in 2020 for Physics at an affordable cost of 999INR, got loved by thousands of students. 70K Students joined this 6 Month course and helped Physics Wallah to gain great revenue.

Jee Neet Rankers from Physics Wallah

Some organizations believed that Physics wallah is only a good teacher for Neet and CBSE, but not adequate for Jee. PW has given a slap to those organizations by making their selections from the first series of their batches.

Students who were studying at Physics Wallah and who got selected to IIT. Physics wallah is even sponsoring their IIT fees.

Future Plans of Physics Wallah

Alakh Pandey aims to bring more languages to Physics Wallah. Recently they have launched Bangla and are focusing on south India too. You will be amazed to know that Students from Bangladesh and Nepal study from PW. Board Topper of Bangladesh took the name of PW in one of its interviews.

Physics Wallah Offline Pathshalas

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Physics Wallah decided to set up Offline Coaching centers in October 2021 with the investment of 2 Crore Rs. There are 20 Offline Pathshala Centre of Physics Wallah situated in Delhi, Bhagalpur, Noida, Patna, Pune, Ranchi, Kapoorthala, Lucknow, Jaipur, Kanpur, Pryagraj, Gomti Nagar, and Indore.

PW Pathshala charges Rs 30,000-35000 for 12 Months of IIT-JEE or NEET courses. Alakh Pandey says that App generates 95% of business and our main focus is also on APP but we have started these offline centers to make education more affordable. Online is the way to cover up the operational cost of PW PATHSHALA CENTRES.

Physics wallah conducts PW Pathshala SAT for students who are willing to join Pathshala.

“PW Pathshala SAT is live and available on Pathshala App. You can give the test anytime, anywhere, and get the result in 3 days! Avail this chance to get up to 100% scholarship.”

Physics Wallah in Kota

This information is collected from our reliable and trusted sources over Google and its services.

I hope that you guys have enjoyed the story of Physics wallah till now and This is going to be one of the best things about Physics wallah.

Edtech Giants like Byjus and Unacademey are making their presence offline, here our Alakh Pandey is on the way to setting the most iconic example of an offline coaching center in the KOTA -#BetterKnownAsKotaFactory. 

Alakh Pandey has announced to launch of Offline Physics Wallah Centre in Kota with a capacity of 10,000 Students teaching at one time and the same number stretches to 20,000 if students are taught in double shifts. More than 1000 Students have been 

In one of his recent videos, he disclosed that many troubles are being created to stop Physics Wallah from entering the offline Kota Education game.

Faculty in Kota offline Center | Physics Wallah Faculty


Pankaj sir is having 11 plus years of experience and is one of the OP Teachers Faculty of PW.  You will be glad to know that He is the head of Kota Centre. 

Vijay Sharma 

Vijay Sir has mentored All India rank 1 and is having a great experience of 15+ Years in teaching.

Amitabh Sharma 

Amitabh sir has produced All India ranks 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and many more. He is having 17+ Years of Teaching Experience.


Kundan sir has produced various Top Ranks in IIT-JEE and NEET. He is having 17+ Years of Experience in the Teaching Segment.

Mohit Dhadhich 

Mohit sir has mentored AIR 9, 13, 14, 33, 42, and many more. He is having 10+ Years of Teaching Experience.

Manish Dubey 

Manish has published over 22 Research Papers and has a vast teaching experience of 14+ Years.


Yugh Sir has done Btech from IIT ROORKEE and it has 14 Years of experience.


You will be surprised to know that Shivendu Sir has produced over 1000 IITians and has 10+ Years of Experience.

Ritik Srivastava 

Ritik Sir has mentored 5 Students under All India Rank 5 and has 12 Years Plus of Teaching experience.

Rishabh Chuabey

Rishabh Chaubey sir is also known as King of Botany in the Students.

Rohit Aggarwal 

Rohit sir has mentored AIR 10,12,18,19,27, and 87. He is having 11+ Years of Teaching Experience.

Neeraj Dubey 

Neeraj sir has produced 3 Ranks under All India Rank 100 and has 15 years of teaching experience.

Hitesh Sharma

Hitesh sir is also known as Kohinoor of Physics and has 13+ Years of Teaching Experience.

Aditya Anand 

Aditya has mentored 2 and 3 Digit Ranks, Moreover, he has 7 Years Plus of  Teaching experience.


Harish sir is known as Bahubali of Chemistry and is one of the best teachers in the Physics Wallah Faculty.

PW Offline Kota Center Details

There will be two wings IIT JEE and NEET in which engineering and Medical will be taught to students separately in the same building. PW will not only charge minimal fees but also ensure the selection of students to their deserving colleges and institutes. 

Students from all across India will be able to attend the classes in PW Offline coaching, 10,000 Students in one shift and 20,000 in double shifts. 

Physics Wallah Ideology

Alakh believes that from the crowd of students, each student has the capability to crack the exam if he gets the proper guidance. He also said that if people say that only 0.1% can get selected in IIT then this is correct but if you say that only 0.1% has the status to achieve IIT then this statement will be inappropriate. 

Alakh thinks that every student who dreams to get into IIT, He can do that if he gets the guidance from India’s best teachers who can pick the student from the basics to pro, can built an emotional connect with the student

Why did Physics Wallah have to open its offline coaching in KOTA?

  1. There were many students who wanted to study in Kota but PW was not in Kota and their parents force them to go for offline coaching
  2. Some students say that they get distracted while using the Physics wallah app. They are not enough disciplined to use the app appropriately.
  3. Few students are not having the proper environment to study in their home, and they need an efficient environment to solve questions and they wanted to get into some branded institute in Kota.

Students which I have mentioned in Point 3 are those who come to Kota under the pressure of their parents, by taking loans from friends and relatives. They pay 1.5-2.0 Lakhs to coach and the same coaching says that if you’re late for IIT now you should go for some other college and have some space in the last batches we’ll see what we can do for you.  This is how they manipulate the Bankers Vs Rankers.

Top Batch Students are our Rankers and other Students of lower batches are our Bankers. With the fees of lower batch students we are able to get best faculty and provide top class facilities to our Top Rankers. 

(A1 Wale to Rankers hai, baki sab hamare bankers hai. Inhi Bankers ki wajah se mere jaise ko salary and Rankers ko top class facilities milti hai)

Jitendra Kumar – TVF Kota Factory S1

From the above-mentioned dialogue, I hope you got an idea of how Big Shots in Kota Coaching Space manipulate the parents whereas Physics wallah claims to provide the best facilities to every student whether he is topper, mediocre, or average he will get every facility which will ensure his selection.

Drop us a comment if you want more details NOTE: This post is not sponsored by any means by the Company or Institute.

Physics Wallah Funding

PW from last week has been in talks with GSV Ventures and Westbridge. The conversation between the two investors and PW has been going on for long months but now two investors with few others are set to dilute 100 Million USD in Physics Wallah.

As we all know PW is a bootstrapped venture til now. Physics wallah will be evaluated at nearly 1 Billion Dollars if nothing goes wrong with the deal. Some rumors are there that PW has successfully taken Funding of 700 Crores from the investors. However, if we get an official confirmation from the team then we will update here in the story itself.

Physics Wallah – Funding Alert 1.1 Billion Dollar

Series A Funding | Enters Unicorn Club

PW is bootstrapped edtech company by Alakh Sir that enters the Unicorn Club with massive funding of 100 Million Dollars. GSV Ventures & Westbridge Capital have to lead the funding round in which they have valued PW Edtech Startup at 1.1 Billion USD.

PW is going to utilise these funds for expansion of their startup, Branding, opening more Offline Oathshalas and launching more courses at affordable pricing. They will also launch their content in other vernacular languages followed by Gujrati, Telegu, Marathi, Bengali, Odia, Malayalam, and Kannada. The aim of the company is to touch the hearts of 250 Million Students by the year 2025

Updates – Physics Wallah by Alakh Pandey

Physics Wallah vs Apni Kaksha Controversy

Aman recently posted a video on his main Channel in which he explained how Physics Wallah poached his top faculty in which Apni Kaksha Fame “OM Pandey Sir” Was also there. He made a 28 Minutes long video explaining with proofs and also said that now He is gonna get a lot of hate from PW Students but he wanted to clear his side. However, now there is also a reply from Alakh Pandey over the same in which He says that “Aman you had to show the proof to make your point but mine words will be enough”.

You can watch the video of Aman Dhattarwal by clicking below.

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