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Renal Project | Kidney Dialysis Startup get 1 Crores funding from Sharks | Shark Tank India

Renal Project pitched sharks | Shark Tank India |

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This story of Shark Tank India is going to feature The Renal Project and it is the 7th Startup story on Shark Tank India. This startup aims at opening 1000 dialysis centers in India. You can have a glimpse at the table of contents.

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Introduction to the Pitch | Shark Tank India

Renal Project | Kidney Dialysis Startup get 1 Crores funding from Sharks | Shark Tank India

Shashank started his pitch by telling that If your kidneys are not working then after 2 or 3 days it will become a fluid of 9-10litres. This fluid will contain poisonous substances like Urea. This can also take your life and it is known as chronic kidney disease CKD. Normally we regard it as Kidney failure too.

Dialysis is a therapy in which excess fluids of your body are removed and your health is maintained. Unfortunately, this therapy is not present in many parts of India where it is needed at most. people have to go 100-150Kms far to get this Dialysis done.

The kidney patient and his family have to suffer financially, physically, and mental stress.

What is Renal Project? | Shark Tank India

The Renal Project is a dialysis service provider. Shashank Modhia has presented this pitch. Renal project is planning to open 2-3 Bed dialysis centers in many small towns and districts. They started with 1 center in 2019 and today they are going to open the 21st center.

This startup is operating in 4 Cities Pune, Mumbai, Thane, and Nashik. Renal project is also providing the services at the doorstep. The renal project has treated more than 1000 Patients till now. Its mission is to open 1000+ centers across India.

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How much Funding did Renal Project demand from Sharks?

Shashank has asked for funding from Sharks of Rs 1 Crore in exchange for 3% Equity of his company holding an offer in hand from outside of 20Crores.

Shashank Modhia | Renal Project | Founders | Shark Tank India

QnA | Sharks asks Renal Project |

Who is the founder of Renal Project?

Shashank is a biomedical engineer and he has done his undergrad in the US. For 10 years he has been in the US only.

What is the USP of the Renal Project?

Shashank has said that here USP is not working but executing is doing a perfect job. Setting up this business is very easy but managing the same is not. Hospitals do not want to come into this business. This is an untapped market.

How many people in India are suffering from Kidney Dialysis?

In India, there are 10-15 lakhs dialysis patients and this number is increasing by 2.5Lakhs every coming year.

What is the revenue of the Renal project?

This startup has monthly revenue of 25Lakhs and they have become a 3 Crore ARR Company.

How much funding raise by Renal Project in Shark Tank India?

Renal Project Funding, Shark Tank India Pitches, Renal Project Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India vs Renal Project

Arshneer Grover(Founder Bharat Pe)

He has loved the idea of the Renal Project and he made this offer Rs 25Lakhs for 1% Equity And 75Lakhs as a loan at 12% interest for 5 Years.

Namita Thapar (ED of Emcure Pharmaceuticals)

She countered Ashneer’s offer and said that she is having a network of Doctors, Hospitals, Consumables, and Medicines. She offered Rena Project for Rs 1 Crore for 10% Equity.

Peyush (Founder @ Lenskart)

He exited as He thinks that this business will not be at the top in India.

Anupam Mittal (Founder People Group)

He advised the renal project to first open 100 centers across India then the competition will be eliminated and this company will be at the top. He got himself out from funding.

Aman Gupta (Founder and CMO Of Boat)

He said that execution is the king in business and the Renal project has been executed project very efficiently. Aman wants to join Namita and will help Renal Project in building its brand value.

Twist in the game: Shashank told Sharks that this company is valued at 20.74 Crores because he has this offer already in hand.

After this Namita made one more offer in which Aman and Namita offered Rs 1 Crore for 8% Equity.

Ashneer alone was giving Renal project valuation of 25 Crores whereas Namita and Aman together were given 12.5%.

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Counteroffer from Renal Project

RENAL PROJECT preferred Ashneer’s offer as it was 1 Crore Rs for only 4% Equity.

Namita altered her offer and made 1 Crore for 6% Equity and said that never discount the value of Network.

How much funding did Renal Project raise from Shark Tank India?

Shashank tried to get some more from Namita but he was in vain. He accepted the offer of Namita and Aman as a Pharmacy network was key for him to door to success.

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Who are the judges of Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India is a TV Show which comes from Monday to Friday on Sony Tv. This show is hosted by the following 7 Judges
1. Ashneer Grover ( Founder BharatPe)
2. Anupam Mittal (Founder
3. Aman Gupta (Founder and CMO Boat)
4. Namita Thapar (Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals)
5. Peyush Bansal (Founder Lenskart)
6. Vineeta Singh
7. Ranvijay Singh

How to register for Shark Tank India?

Sorry, it’s a disheartening answer but you cannot participate in Show now.

Shark Tank India Time?

Shark Tank India shows daily telecasts at 9 PM on sony tv.

Shark Tank India Channel?

Shark Tank India shows daily telecasts at 9 PM on sony tv.