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Shark Tank India is an entertainment television show which comes on Sony Liv every day at 9 PM so don’t forget to read the story till the end to know how much funding will Auli Raise?

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Shark Tank India- How Auli Pitched 75Lakhs for 4% Equity in Shark Tank India? | Under20s | Auli Lifestyle | SHARK TANK INDIA | AULI | AULI LIFESTYLE IN SHARK TANK INDIA | UNDER20S

Introduction to Auli | Shark Tank India

This startup pitch of shark tank is going to be about a makeup startup.
Aishwariya- founder introduced herself by describing that ” The most important to her is that she should take good care of her skin and that’s because a good knowledge will keep the skin good. For that reason when she goes out, Her friends come close to her face and they ask where her wrinkles are. They say that your skin is like 20years but you are 40. Then she decided to share the skincare tips, tricks, secrets, and formulation. This is where Auli was born.

How much do their customers share?

In the last 3 years, She set her priorities right and has achieved the
customers’ mark of more than 15000. They are available now almost in every marketplace. Their 57% customers repeat. For them Auli or Nothing.

What is the pitch of Auli?

Auli pitched 75 lakhs for the exchange of 4% equity and the company is valued at 18.75 Crores. If sharks invest then they should also mentor her and network is important for her more than money.

Namita Thapar ( ED Of Emcure Pharmaceuticals) was impressed with her presentation and attitude. She said that her favorite quote is “Be you, the world will adjust”.

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Sharks vs Auli | Shark Tank India | QnA

Aishwariya, What’s your background?

When I was in 12th I didn’t like Kolkata at all so i wanted to move out. From Dubai and Singapore, I completed SP Jain’s course. This is what any bureaucratic’s family single child will pursue. I worked in MCs.

Why Skincare, Not anything else?

There are many brands diving into the same niche. In this niche, Aishwariya is enjoying the most.

What is the mystery behind the name?

She said that when she used to work incorporates, She used to get bored fast. There was a Facebook group of her and from there the name was derived.

What are her plans if your marriage or child comes?

She has heard these compliments every time and she replies to these by laughing.

How many employees do you have in your company?

We are having 15 employees.

What are your revenue and profits?

The revenue in FY19-20 has been 35 lakhs and in 2021 it has been jumped to 1.2 Crores. You might be surprised to know that in 2021-22 ARR stands at 2.5Crores.

Why your brand is not at the level as other brands?

Our brand is customer-centric.

Where are your sales coming from?

Our sales have been driven by our own website and social media handles.

What is your gross margin?

The gross margin clocks at 80%

How will you grow ahead?

From previous funds raised of 1.4Crores on the valuation of 10Crores. With this round, I will spend most of it on marketing.

How many sharks are left and stayed in?


Anupam (Founder and Shark) Exited as He does not seem that Aishwariya is ready for marketing

Peyush (Founder of Lenskart) thinks that he would exit.

Arshneer Grover asked “will you dilute 25% more and add one more co-founder to the company?
Aishwariya- No at present it is not possible.
He exited after getting a negative response.


Aman Gupta( Founder and CMO – Boat) feels little hesitation as the product was not getting sold on a lot of social e-commerce platforms.

Namita Thapar (Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals) suggested that she adores women entrepreneurs and She wanted to bet on her. So offered 75Lakhs for 20% equity.
Aishwariya- please make it a little less to 15%

Where did the deal get finalized?


Namita and Aishwariya made the deal finalized at 75Lakhs for 15% Equity.

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