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This article aims at the story Shark Tank India, Shark Tank, Shark Tank India, Shark tank India website, Shark Tank India judge, Shark Tank India start date, Shark Tank India time, Shark Tank India streaming, Shark Tank India audition 2021, sony liv Shark Tank India and Shark Tank India Host is an entertainment show which is telecasted on Sony India. In this show, startups can come and pitch to the investors present in the show. You can have a glimpse of the table of contents to have a better understanding of the article.

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Introduction to the startup.

This story of Shark Tank India is going to represent a vegan ice cream brand that is dairy-free. It has prebiotic and probiotic features. The team has infused dietary fibers in it which helps in reducing cholesterol and weight.

The specialty of Gopals 56 | Shark Tank India

This is the first time in the world that is serving you ice cream with fiber.
In addition to this, They have a wide range of Ayurvedic ice creams too. For instance, they have products like Love Potion in which they used Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha), Elixir of Life in which they used the extracts of Cinamon, and then there is also a product named Third Eye Opener in which they have used water hyssop.

They have been in the food and beverage industry for the last 40 Years. In 1983 his father started this company with a virtuous thought and a small manually operated wooden machine. Today they have over 90 flavors of ice cream and they have a huge variety of shakes. This brand is none other than Delhi’s most famous Gopal’s 56.


Who is the owner of this startup?

Gaurav Goyal is of 38 Years. He has a dream in which He wants people not only in Delhi but also abroad to enjoy the flavourful products of Gopal 56. This is the reason in return for 25 percent of his legacy and his company’s equity he is demanding funding of 300Crores ( Company’s Valuation- 1200Crores).

Now he is looking at which one of the sharks will help him in making Gopal 56 the world’s no.1 brand. This demand is going to be the biggest demand for funding in the history of Shark Tank India.

He also served Chirnamint Flavour to all of the sharks as a sample.

Sharks vs Gaurav | QnA | Shark Tank India

Where did Gaurav Study?

Gaurav I did BBA and received an honorary doctorate in business management and along with that, I am studying law also.

Delhi has a unique quality where they just care about the taste and they want to enjoy the food. So your main market is Delhi.

What was the primary focus on taste or to make it dairy-free?

My focus was on both things anyone who eats ice cream or any dessert is the purpose to enjoy the sweetness, but apart from the sweetness, we tried to add the components which go inside our body that will help it.

Where is your outlet in Delhi?

We are situated in Kalkaji?

Do you have more than one shop? (Aman Gupta: Cofounder and CMO-Boat)

We have a few outlets one of them is in CBI Headquarters which is only accessible to their staff. We supply in schools and to the Indian Air Force too. We also deal with embassies and we have opened our grassroots company in California.

How much do you make sales and profits from your Kalkaji outlet?

We make four crores of Sales annually and profit clocks to 20-21% which is 80Lakhs annually.

Why do you need funding of 300Crores?

Our primary focus of ours is to set up a full-fledged production unit and marketing. Then major amount would go into inventory.

Do you prepare ice creams in your factory?


So how much do you need as initial funding in the first phase?

5 crores

After the whole conversation of sharks vs Gaurav so 6 Sharks immediately quit as they were unconvinced with the following main factors.

  1. The valuation was misrepresented.
  2. The company did not have a scientific and medical team to back them.
  3. The funding demanded did not have a bright prospect.

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