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How Hammer Lifestyle got sold to Boat in Shark Tank India | Hammer Lifestyle | Shark Tank India


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This article tells you about the pitch of Hammer Lifestyle in Shark Tank India. This is one of the most interesting pitches in which there was a lot of debate between sharks. Read the article till the end to know How Boat Purchased the company.  Hammer Lifestyle is a company that makes trendy electronics products like Headphones, Smartwatches, Toothbrushes and Wireless chargers. This is a rival company of Boat India. Aman Gupta who is the founder of Boat is a shark in the reality television show Shark Tank India.

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What is Hammer Lifestyle?

How Hammer Lifestyle got sold to Boat in Shark Tank India | Hammer Lifestyle | Shark Tank India

Hammer- They make Bluetooth headphones, electric toothbrushes, wifi plugs, wireless chargers. Rohit Gandhwani greeted sharks and described his company as Hammer Lifestyle. Chand Bhati and Rohit Singla are the Business Associates of Hammer Lifestyle. This company was started in 2019 and they have served customers of 1.5Lakhs till now.

What is the demand of Hammer from Sharks? | Hammer Shark Tank India

Hammer lifestyle has asked for Rs30 Lakhs in exchange for 3 Percent Equity. The company is valued at Rs 10 Crores.

QnA | When Sharks ask Hammer Lifestyle

How Hammer Lifestyle got sold to Boat in Shark Tank India | Hammer Lifestyle | Shark Tank India

What do you think while entering this Business?

He told answer comparing his company with Boat. The boat is a very big business. It has become titanic now. We are very small. These days the market for gadgets is growing rapidly and small businesses is also taking advantage of that.

What is your vision?

We want to sell our gadgets all over India. To improve the lifestyle of India’s Youth.

How many SKUs do you have?

We have 14 stock-keeping units.

Which are your top3 Products?

The first one is Hammer Bash second is a watch and the third is wireless chargers.

Does your toothbrush make you enough sales?

Hammer wants to develop the consumer level of Indians to as of Developed countries. In Germany 70% of toothbrushes are smart. We are bringing it here.

If we want to buy headphones then will we buy yours and of Boat?

You should definitely go for Hammer.

On what Conditions should I buy your or of Boat?

The cushion in ours is super soft and the sound is comfortable with quality

What was your revenue in previous years?

In FY19-20 it was 2.5 Crores, In 20-21, it was 5 Crores. This year till now it is 6 Crores and will clock to 10Crores.

Sharks 1:1 | Funding to Hammer Lifestyle | Shark Tank India

How Hammer Lifestyle got sold to Boat in Shark Tank India | Hammer Lifestyle | Shark Tank India

Namita Thapar

She thinks that this is a cluttered market and Hammer is having many SKUs so I am out.

Peyush Bansal

He thinks that Hammer should give him 50% equity for 5 Crores which will not be possible so he is out.

Aman Gupta

I was quiet for long. There are rules to play games. You are entering the headphones market. In the next 6 months, there will be a chip shortage. You should go where the other brands are not there. You will go there and sell.

You joined Amazon for some time. We believe that there is only one goon in industry and Boat is that Goon. You can sell me that hammer brand. We will run it together. I will buy for one crore Rs.

Anupam (Founder and Ashneer ( Founder BharatPe)

They together offered him 1 Crores Rs for 25% Equity.

Where did the deal get finalized?

Ashneer and Aman Gupta have a very tough fight in which they were confronting each other’s offer.

Aman offered last to give 1 Crore Rs at 40% Equity.
Here the deal got finalized.

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