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PNT ROBOTICS- Asked 50Lakhs for 4% Equity from Sharks | Shark Tank India | Under20s


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Introduction to the pitch | PNT Robotics and Solutions| Shark Tank India

Pratik Tirodkar and Ashish Patil run PNT Robotics and Automation solution. This company is into machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. They are from Mumbai.

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They have got something special Robot made by their brand into the Show.

What is Ado by PNT Robotics and Solutions| Shark Tank India

Ado is a robot made by PNT Robotics and Automation solution. Ado is an artificially intelligent automated, interactive robot.

Ado can speak Marathi and also can interact in Hindi as well. He can do face recognition. He can exercise and is powered by Human emotions like Anger and Sadness. He can understand your emotions by looking at your faces like your relatives and family. Ado can express emotions using certain controls. If you want to order some good food then you can order anything from 21 Inch installed Kiosk in Ado.

These all above-mentioned features are told by Ado itself and at last, it said “I can’t praise myself enough”

There is a display on the torso of Ado which can be used as a Kiosk. This can be used in hospitals as a helper. In the malls to gain interaction, do advertisements and engaged. It can also be used at airports to remove language barriers.

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What is the ask of PNT Robotic and Solutions?

They are asking for Rs50 Lakhs for 4% Equity. Their company’s valuation is Rs 12.5 crores.

QnA | Sharks vs PNT Robotic and Automation Solutions | Shark Tank India


This is one of the most exciting segments of the article as in this only Sharks judge the business and decide will they invest or not. So be ready to read the following questions and their furious answers.

Who are the founders of PNT Robotic and Solutions?

Pratik and Ashish are of 24 Years and They are the founders of PNT Robotic and Automation solution.

What is your Background?

Pratik is an instrumentation engineer and has delivered training in over 200 colleges till now. Those colleges include IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, and NITs. He also made a prototype of an ordinance factory of the Indian navy that has a product called Kavach.

Ashish said Pratik’s core knowledge is IoT and Robotics while his core knowledge is AI. All the algorithms they have used in this robot for mapping and navigation have been made by both of them.

Do PNT want to make such Product Type Robots or do they want to get into Hardcore Robotics?

The ultimate product that PNT is focusing on to present or to market is this one but they want to work for core robotics like it has 16Degrees of freedom.

What is Business in your Project?

The current prototype of PNT Robotics and Solutions is inviting schools and colleges to buy and they are ready to buy this. The current selling model they have taught the students how the actual technology is Built-in.

What is the cost of this Ado Robot?

We want to sell this for 6 Lakhs.

Who are the equity holders in the company | Valuation?

Pratik and Ashish are the only Equity Holders in the company. They have business advisors and CAs in the company to guide them

Sharks invest in PNT Robotics and Solutions| Shark Tank India |


Anupam Mittal ( Founder People Group-

If you want to build a business then you will have to explain your business model. As I can’t understand this I am out.

Aman Gupta ( Founder and CMO -bOAT)

He said that he agrees with Anupam’s point as He doesn’t understand what they do. It seems that PNT Robotics is in the Educational field. For that reason, He is also out.

Namita (Executive Director of EMCURE PHARMACEUTICALS)

She asked them not to be disappointed because their age is only 24 Years. So they will learn, study, and will crack at some point. Namita said that their business model is not so clear and they do not have expertise in the same domain so She is out.

Ashneer Grover ( Founder BharatPe)

He said that you have made your college project your life goal. This is not a robot, It’s just a toy. This has no use, People used to call robots in 1980. He also appreciated that the guys are very intelligent and suggested they do a job in a company if they know coding and hardware stuff. I am out.

Peyush Bansal ( Founder Lenskart)

He made them an offer of Rs 25 Lakhs for 25% of Equity and a loan of Rs 25 Lakhs while the original ask of Peyush and Ashish was Rs 50 Lakhs for 4% Equity.

PNT Robotics and Solutions accepted Peyush Bansal’s offer.

The sponsor of the show Upgrad has awarded them with a course MBA which can be completed in a flexible time period.

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