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Ashneer Grover- Know This Inspiring Shark | Biography, NetWorth, Education, Family, Jobs, and Career | Founder BharatPe | Shark Tank India

Ashneer Grover | Sharks | BharatPe Founder | Shark Tank India |

This story aims at Ashneer Grover, Ashneer Grover Shark Tank India, Bharat Pe, BharatPe, BharatPe founder, Sharks of Shark Tank India, Ashneer Grover Net Worth, ashneer grover net worth in rupees, ashneer grover wife, and Ashneer Grover salary. This is going to be the first article of Founders Express on Under20s. Read till the end to understand this great personality.

ProfessionFounder of BharatPe.
DegreesBachelors in Technology and MBA
CollegeBTech from IIT Delhi and MBA from IIM Ahemdabad
Net Worth95 Million Dollars
Present CompanyBharatPe
Former Companies ServedKotak Mahindra Bank, American Express, and Grofers.
HometownDelhi, India.
Date of Birth14 June 1982
Age50 Years as of 10-01-2022
HobbiesBook Reading
TV Shows Shark Tank India
Ashneer Grover | Sharks | BharatPe Founder | Shark Tank India |
Ashneer Grover | Founder of BharatPe | Shark Tank India |

Introduction to Ashneer Grover | Shark Tank India | BharatPe Founder

Ashneer Grover is the shark in Season 1 of Shark Tank India. He is the founder and MD of Bharat Pe. He is a Delhite as He was born in Delhi, completed his schooling and education in Delhi, and now working himself in Delhi.

So Dil Walo Ke Shehar has given us an expensive piece of gem.

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Family of Ashneer Grover 

Ashneer belongs to a middle-class family. His mother was a school teacher and his father is a Chartered accountant. No one was doing business in his family and all of them were working professionals.

Schooling of Ashneer Grover 

Ashneer has done his primary education of nursery to twelfth from APG School. After schooling, he got clarity that he will not pursue CA as a career. He decided to do some different and went to engineering.

College of Ashneer Grover 

When it comes to college, He got admission to one of the top colleges in India IIT Delhi in 2000. In 2004 he graduated from IIT Delhi. During 2003-4 he went to France in which he got selected in a program in which the French embassy gave him a scholarship.

After coming back to India He got selected in IIM Ahemdabad. Ashneer completed his MBA Degree in 2006.

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Jobs and Career of Ashneer Grover 

Kotak Mahindra

Now He was having two degrees in hand one of engineering from IIT Delhi and the second was MBA from IIM Ahemdabad. In 2006 He took his first job in Kotak Investment banking where he spent 7 years and closed 20 deals during this period. The worth of these 10 deals was 3 Billion Dollars / 20,000 Crores. After spending this time in Kotak like other engineers he decided to move to another company.

American Express India

Then he joined American express India. Here Ashneer used to invest in other payment companies like Paytm, Mobikwik, and MobiLabs. He has talked to founders of more than 100 companies which gave him a great vision and got a great understanding of how fintech works in India.


In 2015 he received his first entrepreneurship opportunity when his IITian friend was going to start Grofers. He joined groofers as CFO in 2015 and he worked till 2017. There he worked hard and the company which was started in 2015 made it to bring 20,000 Orders per day in 2017. This was not lucked it was Ashneer’s hard work. Ashneer was working day and night for Grofers and thought that this company is his life for the next years but when he had to leave Grofers in 2017 he was disappointed. Today he says that he is only an entrepreneur because of Grofers as it gave him many life lessons.

Joining Retail Outlets

After leaving Grofers Ashneer struggled for 6 months to 1 Year then He thought that he has never worked by sitting in Retail shops. He has served in a very organized and formal sector of Banking for 9 Years and 2 Years in founding a startup but the real interaction of consumers vs businessmen is only by sitting on the cash counter of a shop.

PC Jewelers

Ashneer joined PC Jewelers, There also he started to innovate in new things like of Gold Loan Business. he was not involved in the Jeweler business. His office was situated in Karol Bagh.

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The Beginning of Bharat Pe

Bharat Pe’s Co-founders

In June 2018 Ashneer met with Shashwak and Bhavik who were from IIT Delhi. There he came to know that these guys have discovered a new technology in which they can paste QR Codes of UPI. From only one QR Shopkeeper can accept payments from multiple companies.

He thought to join them as He can use their technology and his own experience to stand a multi-million business.

Starting BharatPe

BharatPe came into existence in June 2018 and Ashneer never looked back from them till now. 

Growth of BharatPe

Bharat Pe’s growth has been insane month to month and the reason behind their growth is ahead. They made a proposition in which Shopkeepers can accept payments for free after using their QR Code. There were many big giants already in the market like Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay. They have competed with them and crossed their growth also.

Transactions of BharatPe

BharatPe does Transactions of 50 Lakhs Per day and Annually this number goes to 1 Lakh Crores from their system only.

Loan Business of BharatPe

They have not stopped on payments. From QRs they have analyzed that how much business a Shopkeeper is doing they started lending loans. They have given loans of over 3000 Crores to small shopkeepers till now.

Success in Loan Business of BharatPe

Payments are a business of trust as you are touching the money of people. This is only possible if Shopkeeper trusts you. In the previous 3 years, Ashneer has made a technology in which Shopkeepers receive their money at the proper time. When Shopkeepers are receiving money from BharatPe 365 Days/ Year on time then trust is built automatically and This is their reason behind immense growth. This is why BharatPe is regarded as one of the best payment businesses.

What is the mission of BharatPe?

BharatPe aims at giving more loans to small shopkeepers so that they can make their business large and compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart. In India, 90% of Retail business is in hands of small shopkeepers but they are not having enough capital to collide with big giants. BharatPe will provide them with capital so that they can compete with big giants.

Ashneer Grover on Entrepreneurship

Meaning of Entrepreneurship in India.

People believe that Entrepreneurship is only about making technology, raising funds, and building a brand. There is a lot of misconception in Indian minds about entrepreneurs. You need conviction to make a big business as when you will develop a business at large scale in the market so only you will be unique. This will be a Disguise in Blessing, as you will only have to think about what to do because you will not have any sort of examples present.

Is Entrepreneurship cool or swag?

Entrepreneurs need to have a clear vision because Adding a tag of an entrepreneur is not like getting a degree from MBBS. Everyone thinks that by becoming the founder of XYZ he/she will become cool but this is ridiculous.

You can only become a founder only if you are doing business for a good reason. If you are a founder then you will have to understand that the Market will never pay for your inefficiency.

Entrepreneurship wave in India | BharatPe

In India, at present, there is a wave of Entrepreneurship. Companies that got started a decade back they are getting Public now. People are becoming shareholders of these companies now as they understand that these are real businesses. This is the reason why India has confidence in Entrepreneurship.

Shark Tank India – Platforms for Entrepreneurs | 

Many people do not have the guidance on how they have to pitch to entrepreneurs to invest in their companies/ ideas. Shark Tank is a platform where many businesses are coming and pitching Sharks. This will be a source of a great education and will remove miseducation.

You have to understand what you have to do and what not. Many people in India believe that after doing a bachelor’s from IIT teaming up with a tech guy they will launch a multi-million startup but this is not reality. From Shark Tank, India will know What is an entrepreneur and how you can become.

Things you will learn from Shark Tank India.

  • What is an Entrepreneur?
  • What are the realistic expectations of an Entrepreneur?
  • How your company/ startup is evaluated.
  • Education and Entertainment.

You can watch Shark Tank India from Monday to Friday at 9 PM on SonyLiv and SonyTv. This is the official website of Wikipedia to get to know about Shark Tank India in Brief. The idea of this article is inspired by Shark Tank India. Credits for information provided in this article go to this Video.