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How “Sippline” becomes the most iconic pitch of Shark Tank India! | Under20s

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Sippline is the most iconic pitch of Shark Tank India. It got featured in Episode 30. This article is going to tell you about Sippline, sippline  shark tank india, sippline shark tank india episode, sippline shark tank, shark tank india, and sony liv shark tank india

Introduction to the Pitch | Sippline

Company nameSippline
FounderRohit Warrier
Business CategorySterilized Glass Masks
ValuationRs 5 Crores
Funding AskedRs75 Lakhs for 15% Equity
Funding Given
TV ShowShark Tank India – EPISODE 30

Rohit Warrier is the founder of Sippline Drinking Shields. He started the pitch by telling us how sometimes glasses get dirty and lipstick is present on the curved edges. He explained how when we go to office parties or kitty parties and order the drink so we get sometimes rims of glass are not cleaned. Rohit found the solution to this problem by making a product under his startup.

What is Sippline? | Shark Tank India

Sippline Drinking Shield is a sterilized, reusable, and portable attachment. This will fit on your glasses and when you will be drinking so your lips will not be touching the glass (we have also demonstrated the same in the picture). The vision of Sippline is to make people wear glass masks.

What is ask of Sippline from Sharks? | Shark Tank India

They have asked Rs75 Lakhs for 15% Equity. The company’s valuation is Rs5 Crores

Sharks review after hearing Pitch | Sippline Shark Tank India

Founder of Sippline | Rohit Warrier | Shark Tank India | Water Ring Startup

Ashneer Grover

He said that he is out from the pitch and asked what Rohit is doing. Ashneer even asked that was he in a drunken state when he made this startup, This is the first and last ever made in world. Ashneer has not seen such a useless product in his life and he is not willing to see it in the future. 

Aman Gupta

He immodestly gets himself out after Ashneer and said that no one will be interested to use such a product.

Vineeta Singh

She identified the problem in the brand name itself “Sippline” as it is having double p which makes it difficult to find it on Google and other search engines.

QnA | Sharks asking Sippline | Shark Tank India

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Is it a Covid Product?

Rohit said that this product was thinking from 2016 and launched it in 2020 during covid. It protects against cross-contamination of any kind.

What are the sales?

They have sold a total of 1200 pieces till now. They are having fewer sales due to 3 reasons that are mentioned down.

  1. Less Awareness
  2. Screwed up in marketing
  3. Sales Man was always on Medical leave

Ashneer “When your sales guy used to go for sales then people used to beat him that’s why he was always on medical leave”

1:1 | Sharks investing in Sippline | Shark Tank India

Sippline in shark tank india | sippline episode shark tank india | startups

Namita Thapar

If your idea has been good your marketing has been taken off.  The reason behind the low sales of his product is that the demand for the product is very low and for this reason, she is out.

Vineeta Singh

You should think according to your consumer’s perspective as you were unable to get the Domain or Trademark so you kept a difficult name. People will order straw to get this and for this reason, she is out.

Anupam Mittal

He said that except Aman Gupta he is unable to find any consumer in the market for this product and this is a solution looking for a problem. If you want to change this habit you will need millions of dollars. For this reason, he is out.

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