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Theka Coffee “How This Amazing startup earns Rs1.8 Crore featured in Shark Tank India” | Under20s

Theka Coffee | Shark Tank India | Theka Coffee shark tank | Startups

This article is going to revolve around Theka Coffee which made its space in Shark Tank India on 25 January. Theka coffee is a coffee startup and aims at theka coffee, theka coffee shark tank, theka coffee desi Abohar menu, theka coffee menu, and theka coffee near me.

Company NameTheka Coffee
FounderBhupinder Madaan
Business CategoryCoffee making startup
ValuationRs 5 Crores
Net worth1.8 Crore
Funding AskedRs50 lakhs for 10% Equity
TV ShowShark Tank India – EPISODE 27

Theka Coffee | Shark Tank India | Coffee Startup

Bhupinder Madaan started their pitch by telling how he used to visit many cafes but at the end of the day, he realized there is no creativity in the coffee. When his friend asked him have you took the “THEKA”(responsibility) of changing the industry. 

At that time he got an idea of  Theka Coffee

They roast their coffees themselves and present them in cool beer bottles to their customers. From 3 Kiosks they have served more than 3 Lakh Coffees. This is not a cafe but also a new generation of Caffe chains.

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What is Theka Coffee’s ask from Sharks?

They have asked for Rs 50 Lakhs in exchange for 10% Equity. The company’s valuation is Rs5 Crores.

Making Coffee in 60 Seconds

They add brew to coffee and serve in a beer bucket in beer bottles. The whole process took 59 Seconds.

Know the founder – Bhupinder Madaan | Theka Coffee

What is Theka Coffee ? | Shark Tank India coffee startup

Bhupinder belongs to Gujrat and He was of 14 Years when he started doing business. He said that he will even sell vada pav but wants to only go in Business Domain.

You might be surprised to know that Coffee Theka is the 8th Business of Bhupinder.

8 Businesses of Bhupinder Madaan

Momos Selling 

There were no momos in Gujrat when he was of 14 Years so he decided to start the Momos Selling Business.

Running a Digital Company

He started a company in which he run social media marketing campaigns for many brands.

Parantha and Other 4 Food Businesses

Thirdly he started Prauntha business and after doing 4 More such food businesses he came up with the idea of  Theka Coffee.

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QnA | Sharks asking Theka Coffee | Shark Tank India

Theka Coffee | Shark Tank India | Theka Coffee shark tank | Startups

What are the sales and Net worth of Theka Coffee?

The first-year sales of Bhupinder’s business were unbelievable to him also as he clocked Rs 1.2 Crore in FY18-19. In the second year, the sales increased to  Rs1.80 Crore in FY19-20 

In the current year, the covid affected very much so after covid Bhupinder relaunched Theka and made sales of Rs 30 Lakhs and in last month they clocked 4 Lakhs.

Bhupinder is the sole person running the company, he has no co-founder.

How much money founder invested in this business?

Bhupinder himself invested Rs 5 Lakhs and the rest he invested from the profit made through Theka.

How many SKUs are there and what is their shelf life?

They are having only 12 Products on their menu with 6 Inventories. After converting the bottle has a shelf life of 3 days and cakes has a shelf life of 1 Month.

How Coffee Theka will scale?

Bhupinder has an ideology of focusing more on the quality of products. He will try to reduce the fixed expenses and by investing 1.5 Lakhs 1 kiosk is ready moreover they are providing handmade. As there is no equipment involved in the process each unit is set up for Rs2.5 Lakhs.

What is unique in Coffee Theka?

They are trying to provide 100% Aravuca beans which are the most premium coffee beans at Rs100. This becomes more affordable for consumers.

Once they get investment, they will try to add Automation in their outlets.

Expansion Plans

If they can get technology in which they can organically make their products adds and maintain organic flavor they are ready to do that.

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1:1 | Sharks investing in Coffee Theka | Shark Tank India

Sharks investing in Theka Coffee | Shark Tank India | Startups

Namita Thapar

She was having very much confidence but the thing bothering her is the shelf life of products. For this reason, Namita is out as scalability is an issue, and kiosk business s not so fascinating.

Vineeta Singh

She does not feel it is a scalable business that can be stretched to PAN India and for the same reason, she is out.

Ghazal Alakh

She said that the brand is very fascinating and grabs the attention of people but she can not invest in this business. She is out.

Anupam Mittal

The point is that the beverage category has a dead end because distribution is very high required. People have to close their business even after touching to 100 Crores. Anupam does not feel any differentiated product for this reason he is out.

Peyush Bansal

Logistics and Central costs are a challenge for Peyush. He has a great knowledge of the Franchise business and suggested he bring automation into the business and focus on central logistics. For today he is out.

Does Coffee Theka get investment?

Today Coffee Theka was unable to get funding in Shark Tank India but will hope best for the future. Sharks suggested the loopholes and wished him good luck for his bright future.

We as a team Under20s wishes Bhupinder all the best for his future and one-day brother you will be cracking the game. 

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