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Thinkerbell Labs- How will they bag 1.5 Crores from Sharks | Shark Tank India | Under20s


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This pitch of Shark Tank India is going to be featuring Thinkerbell labs in which they are demanding 30 Lakhs for 0.5% of their equity. But Let me tell you that till the end of the article this deal will be finalized in Crores. This startup pitch is presented by four members and Co-founders of Thinkerbell Labs who are Aman, Dilip, Sanskriti, and Saif.

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Introduction to the pitch | Shark Tank India

They started their pitch by describing this Narrative. According to W.HO. One out of every thousand children needs what Thinkerbell labs make. In India, there are over 20lakh children which are visually impaired and their literacy rate is very low. The literacy rate in countries like the US is 10% where they have the top-most technology.

What does Thinkerbell Labs do? | Shark Tank India


Thinkerbell labs have given examples of the global problem and they also bring Annie. Annie is the first self-learning remote-enabled braille literacy device. Annie in its friendly voice teaches braille to kids in their mother tongue. Along with Annie Thinkerbell labs also have a learning eco-system called Helios. With its help, you can track the progress of Children and download new content through over-the-air updates.

With help of Helios and Annie even in mainstream schools visually impaired children can learn and study without any problem.

Thinkerbell Team also brings their brand ambassador Pratham Sinha who is visually impaired with them to give a demo of Annie.

Prathamesh greeted all sharks and he also described product how Annie helped him during a pandemic to provide him a better education. Annie is not only a smart braille learning device for him but also a best friend and companion too. Prathamesh also described the features of Annie.

Annie helps to learn typing, writing, reading, and vocabulary. It also has lessons games and stories. He ended his speech by saying “Thanks sharks for giving your valuable time. I hope you all liked my demonstration”.

QnA | Shark Tank India | Thinkerbell Labs


Do you think Annie will help to clear UPSC?

We don’t deny it because the team can work and develop such a device which will help in the same.

Who are the investors of Thinkerbell Labs?

Mr. Anand Mahindra, Mr. Raman Roy I.I.M, and L.V. has backed Thinkerbell Labs by investment. Thinkerbell has also signed a contract with America’s largest lab worth 1.3 Billion Dollars (13 Crores). Annie’s name in the US is Allie.

How work has been divided in Thinkerbell Labs?

We all do everything together. Sanskriti and Aman are the C.E.O. I am C.T.O. Saif manages Innovation and Hardware. We are all engineers from BITS Pilani. Tech for good has our motto.

Which level of students are Thinkerbell Labs targeting with this device?

Annie is a device from Thinkerbell Labs which is for ages four to fifteen years

Where we will need braille?

Braille is a literacy. Literacy is the fundamental skill of Writing and Reading.

What is the price of this Device?

The price of our distributor comes to 1000 Dollars. We sell this product at a margin of 50%.

How much you have already diluted in terms of funding?

Thinkerbell Labs has diluted 35% in funding

What will be the revenue of Thinkerbell Labs this year?

To date, we have clocked 3 Crores and at the end, we will make it to 5 Crores. Next year the target is to make 20 Crores.

Offers vs Sharks | Shark Tank India | Thinkerbell Labs


Anupam has offered thinkerbell labs 30 Lakhs for two percent of their company.

Peyush has offered them 1 Crore for 5% of their Company. Arshneer will join peyush if he allows for 2/3part. Peyush also promised to make their product available at every Lenskart store and will bear all inventory cost himself.

Namita Thapar offered 20 Lakhs at one percent equity. Namita said that they have relations with 100 companies on their own and they are outsourcing from 200 more companies. She has a global presence too so she will help them in bringing a Network of 70 Countries.

There was a tough fight going on between Namita and Peyush. Namita wants to join this cause and Peyush wants to make this Revolutionary.

After listening to this whole battle conversation Anupam jumped for 1% equity at Rs 30 Lakhs. Namita offered Rs 30 Lakhs for 0.75% Equity.

Thinkerbell labs offered sharks one more deal which is of Rs 1 Crore for 2.5% Equity.

Anupam has offered 1 crore for 4% with all sharks whereas Peyush wants to go solo and will fund Thinkerbell for 3% Equity at 1 Crore Rs.

After discussing the whole deal Thinkerbell labs in person they presented the second counteroffer of 1.2Crores for 3% Equity.

Ashneer exited

The final offer from Sharks ( Anupam, Peyush, and Namita ) is 1.05 Crores for 3% Equity. Here the deal got finalized

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