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Uni Credit Card Review | Uni Card 1/3 Split, Apply, Benefits, Cashbacks, and Eligibility | Honest Review


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Uni Card Review | Uni Credit Card India Review

At the point when you have a credit card, you try to use it in the most advantageous way. But, the credit card bills involve concern since you should clear them consistently. Thus, sit back and relax, you can apply for UNI Cards that have no yearly or joining charges.

Uniorbit Technologies has released a Pay Later Card named UNI Pay 1/3rd card that permits you to separate your month-to-month bill into three equivalent parts and pay them in the following three months with no additional expense. It isn’t similar to regular credit cards because no interest will be charged regardless of whether you clear your bill in 90 days or not. There are additionally a few different advantages of this card that you will know in this article.

What is Uni Pay 1/3rd Credit Card?

Uni Pay 1/3rd card is NOT a proper credit card despite the fact that it works generally like a normal credit card. It’s fundamentally a PayLater card (or) Pay 1/3rd card, meaning, you can spend up to Rs.30,000 this month and pay 10,000 INR a month for the next 90 days with practically no interest/charge.

The tech layer is very fascinating as it makes use of

RBL/SBM bank’s Prepaid card framework on an outer level that gives admittance to Visa

NBFC partner (LiquiLoans) that gives admittance to the credit line.

So preferably talking it’s a local prepaid card thus you can’t involve it for worldwide exchanges or money withdrawals and may likewise have issues in loading wallets, as RBI  regulations stop that to occur, which anyway is relied upon to be cleared in a couple of months.

Key Highlights

  • Get a welcome reward of up to Rs.300.
  • Get 16 compensations on fuel spends (exchange worth of Rs.500 or more).
  • For each Rs.100 that you spend on a non-fuel exchange, acquire Rs.0.50.
  • Whenever your yearly spending arrives at Rs.1.25 lakh in one year, you get extra points.
  • Get a 1% fuel overcharge waiver on your exchange worth Rs.200 and more at HPCL outlets.

Uni 1/3rd credit card Eligibilty | Uni Card eligibility

Let’s see if you are eligible for a 1/3rd Uni card or not.

  • You should be an Indian occupant.
  • Age – Your age ought to be more prominent than 18 years.

That’s it in a nutshell. Assuming that you satisfy these two conditions you can undoubtedly apply for your UNI Cards.

So, assuming you as of now have a credit card and a decent credit score, you can improve your credit limit for UNI 1/3rd Card. UNI card will do a soft inquiry on your credit profile to decide your eligibility, and it won’t affect your credit score.

Documents required to apply for Uni 1/3rd credit card | Uni Card Documents

You don’t need a lot of documents to apply. Only two documents are enough.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card

Fees and Charges of the UNI Carbon Credit Card | Uni credit card charges

Charge TypeFees
Joining fee0
Yearly charges0
Least Amount Due7.5% of the exceptional Amount
Convey Forward FeeUp to 5.5%
Charge Payment Time10 Days
Card FreezeNot used for 6 months

How to apply for UNI Carbon Credit Card | Uni Card

You can undoubtedly apply for the UNI Card through the UNI card application. You can download the app from the IOS store and play store and apply for a credit card through the app. To confirm the application and you will simply require your photo and an Aadhar card. You should actually look for eligibility and complete the KYC. After the confirmation, you can see the virtual card and in 5-7 working days, you can accept your UNI Card at your location

Uni Card Apply | Steps to apply for Uni 1/3rd credit card | Uni credit card apply online

  1. Most importantly Download The Uni 1/3 Card application or visit the site.
  2. Presently click on Get Started button and enter the expected details.
  3. Presently Enter your versatile number which is as of now connected to your Aadhar number.
  4. After effective versatile confirmation, you will see a screen. Presently click on the check eligibility button to continue.
  5. Presently enter PAN card subtleties, for example, PAN number, Full Name, DOB, and snap on the Arrow button.
  6. On the following screen select your Gender and click on the proceed button.
  7. Presently select your business type and click on the Check Eligibility Now button.
  8. Here you will see your credit score alongside your credit limit.
  9. Presently complete your KYC by tapping the Start KYC Button. Your KYC will be finished in the 3 stages.
  10. Prior to finishing your KYC try to take out your Aadhar card and the versatile number enlisted with your Aadhar card.
  11. Presently set up a 4 digit pin to get your Aadhaar information. Click on the bolt button in the wake of making 4 digit OTP.
  12. Presently finish your KYC by clicking a selfie.
  13. In the Last advance enter the location where you need to accept your card. (Try to enter metro urban communities addresses since they are not tolerating applications for more modest urban communities).
  14. Presently fill in your card conveyance address and snap on the submit KYC button.
  15. Hurrah! You have effectively finished your KYC on Uni 1/3 Card.
  16. Subsequent to presenting your KYC details it will show your qualification and card limit.

Note: For my situation, I haven’t gotten an email from Uni for beta information exchange. I will refresh this post with the full technique once I get any update from Uni cards.

Uni Cards Benefits and Other Features | Uni credit card benefits

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You can investigate every one of the characteristics, offers, and advantages of this card beneath:-

  • Appreciate 1% cashback on your UNI Credit Card bill assuming that you pay the bill in Full.
  • Split the UNI Card Bill into three equivalent installments for a long time with no additional charge or interest.
  • There is no joining and yearly charge relevant to this credit card.
  • It is a lifetime free credit card.
  • You can scan and pay from the UNI Card application at different stores.
  • Make 1/3rd installment for food, basics, design deals, crisis bills.
  • Get a cashback of 1% on all the retail spending.
  • The base credit limit for UNI Cards is INR 20000 and the most extreme credit limit is up to INR 6 Lacs.
  • Another component will be added soon in which you can divide the bills into EMIs for 6 months, 9 months, a year, and 18+ months.
  • Another new element could come that gives you a Zomato Pro participation for quite a long time.
  • You can utilize this credit at all the vendor outlets around 99.9% of the shippers that acknowledge credit and charge cards.
  • UNI Cards give you the assurance to return cash assuming that any additional expense is charged without your insight.
  • These cards likewise give you information security and encryption so nobody can abuse the card.

Uni Pay 1/3rd Card Credit Limit | Uni Card 

The base credit limit of the UNI Pay Card is INR 20000 and it goes to a limit of INR 6 Lacs. But, the specific credit limit will be settled based on your credit score and your pay. On the off chance that you have a top-level salary and a decent CIBIL score of 750 or more than, at that point. You will get simple consent for the UNI card and a high credit limit. You can likewise demand a credit limit upgrade in the wake of utilizing the UNI Card for a considerable length of time or more.

How Uni Cards 1/3rd is not quite the same as other Credit Cards? | Uni Card vs Slice Card

Assume you have a customary credit card and you need to cover the bill of that card INR 60000. You pay the base sum due of INR 10000 and the rest is conveyed forward to the following month which is INR 50000. Thus, you should pay interest on INR 50000 and it will be chargeable from the following date of the charging cycle date.

Presently you have a UNI Card and you have a similar remarkable bill of INR 60000 however You have the choice to cover the bill of INR 60000 every three months and in three equivalent portions of INR 20000. You won’t need to pay any interest or additional charges on the remarkable sum for a long time.

Ordinarily, you will get interest-free time off as long as 50 days on customary credit cards. However, you will get the interest-free time of 90 days on the UNI Cards. This is the significant contrast between UNI Credit Card and other credit cards.

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Uni Credit card India review | Honest Review

Generally, the Uni Pay 1/3rd card accompanies a decent onboarding experience, premium invite unit, great credit limit, good rewards, and an incredibly emotionally supportive network. Be that as it may, in the event that you’re into premium cards and simply searching for “rewards” this may not look appealing to you.

Uni Pay 1/3rd Card is unquestionably UNIque and in general, gives an excellent encounter for somebody who’s new to the universe of credit cards.

All things considered, I would be exceptionally keen on seeing a top-notch credit card from Uni Cards.


What number of extra credit cards would I be able to apply for?

You can apply for a limit of 3 extra credit cards.

What is the credit-free time of the card?

The credit-free time of the card is 21 to 50 days in view of the date of purchase.

During reward points reclamation what is the worth of each award point?

Each prize is 0.25 paise.

What amount of time it’ll require to get the actual card?

For my situation, I accepted my card 3 days subsequent to getting approval.

Would we be able to utilize Uni 1/3 Credit Card to include cash advanced wallets like Paytm Wallet, Amazon Pay, and so on?

No, you can’t. Presently, the Uni card doesn’t permit you to add cash to Paytm wallet or amazon pay wallet. I chatted with the Uni client care for something similar and they said that this office might get empowered in the future however at the present time you can’t

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