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Vineeta Singh – Biography | How did she make a 3000Cr Sugar Cosmetics brand? | Inspiring Story Shark Tank India


Vineeta Singh is the founder of Sugar Cosmetics and also got featured in Shark Tank India. This blog will tell you about vineeta singh net worth, vineeta singh age, vineeta singh husband, vineeta singh net worth in rupees, vineeta singh education, vineeta singh sugar cosmetics, vineeta singh sugar cosmetics net worth, and vineeta singh shark tank.

In this article of Founders Express, you will read how she builds a strong brand? What were the failures faced by her?

Biography of Vineeta Singh

Vineeta is an Indian Entrepreneur born in a small town in Gujrat. She stayed with her grandmother in Bhavnagar in the early years of her life then moved to Delhi. Vineeta’s father is a doctor in AIIMS. She has been an IITian and has done MBA from IIIM Ahemdabad. She is CEO of Sugar Cosmetics having a valuation of over 3000 Crores. Sugar cosmetics has a network of more than 170 outlets across 160+ cities.

You can know more about Vineeta Singh by reading down below.

NameVineeta Singh
AgeBorn in 1984 (Age 37 as of 2022)
CompanySugar Cosmetics
College and UniversityIIT Delhi and IIM Ahemdabad
DegreeBTech and MBA
HusbandMukharjee Kaushik
Child2 Boys ( Vikrant and Kaushikk)
OccupationCEO and Entrepreneur
TV ShowsShark Tank India
Birth PlaceGujrat
Valuation of Sugar Cosmetics3000 Crores
HobbiesBook Reading and
Salary7 Lakh Rs
Net Worth1 Crore INR
LinkedInVineeta’s LinkedIn

Introduction to Article

Today everyone is in hurry like some people think that they have to make 10x in cryptocurrency and will build a unicorn company in 2-3 years. If you want to make a successful business like Vineeta then you need patience as making a successful business is not impossible but it takes some time and years of hard work. You will know all these things from the Story of Vineeta Singh.

Childhood of Vineeta Singh

Vineeta is the single child of her parents and both of them are Ph.D. doctors. Vineeta’s dad always used to tell her that he want to discover the maximum number of proteins in the world through which drugs are manufactured to cure diseases like cancer. He worked all day and night in AIMS.

Vineeta knew from childhood that whatever she will do needs to be the best in the world not in the country. Her parents inspired her a lot to focus on her studies. She was born in Gujrat and lived in Bhavnagar with her grandmother. Parents moved to Gujrat as Father got the opportunity to work in AIMS and Mother in ICR. Vineeta got a totally different experience when she moved to Delhi. She struggled to make new friends because she was an only child.

Selling Magazines for 3 Rupees | Vineet Singh 

When she was 10 years old she made a magazine with her best friend and sold her door to door for 3Rs. She decided at an early age that she will study in India’s best institutes which were IIT Delhi and IIM Ahemdabad.

Education | College life of Vineeta Singh

Cracking IIT-JEE

Cracking exams like IIT-JEE was very easy for Vineeta. and She made her rank and got into IIT Delhi. Vineeta focused on sports too and noticed that she always played only that sport in which she knew that will bring her medal. She was afraid to try something new as she was having fear of getting failed.

Getting a package of 1 Crore in IIM

Vineeta decided all her dreams on basis of which she will succeed. She knew that She will get an offer for Investment banking then only she applied to IIM Ahemdabad for IB and she got that. It was a very huge package of 1 Crore.

Fear from Failures 

She knew that the marathon from failure will end one day and that day comes after 23 Years after she realized that going into IIT and IIMs are aspirations of every person. There is nothing unique in the same.

Jobs and Careers of Vineeta Singh | Businesses


Starting her own company | Quitting Job of 1 Crore 

She loved to read books and had the inspiration to make her own company. The idea of starting a company came when she at 23 decided to quit the high-paying offer of 1 crore.

Once Vaneeta said in an interview that if she knew that starting a company and failing continuously for the next 10-15 years is so hard then she would not have taken that decision. She thought that she will stand a world-class company in a few years.

The first business idea of her was to start a Women Lingerie brand and sell on E-commerce. They needed funding to start this business as she belonged to a middle-class family.

Meeting Investors

When Vineeta went to Investors for raising funds than investors always asked about her experience in brand building and the textile industry. She received many rejections and decided to never pitch any investor again, She bootstrapped the company.

Bootstrapping her Business

They run a bootstrapped company for continuous 5 years in which they provided background checks to companies. When she was doing this business in Bombay she earned 10K per month and it was very difficult for her to sustain in the same.

Leaving the Business and Starting something new 

Convincing her clients was very tough as clients always preferred Experienced ones. She run the same for 5 years and when looking at revenue it was 3-4 Crores annually and profit was also good but she thought about scalability. From there she realized that this can never become among the top companies in India. After going through such points Vineeta decided to leave the same business.

Sugar Cosmetics | Vineeta Singh |

Vineeta focused on starting a new business. While doing research she found that for the next 20 years young women are going to be great consumers. She and her husband looked for an opportunity to make an e-commerce company for beauty products. She started the company in 2012 and faced many problems.

Sugar Cosmetics in competition with Big Brands like Lakme 

Big brands were not interested to influence young girls they were interested in rich old women so they use to make products for that age group only. Vineeta interacted with consumers and took their feedback from which she came to know that young women need makeup to believe them more powerful in terms of looks.

Unique Cosmetics Brand | Sugar Cosmetics

Vineeta Singh decided to make a brand that can develop confidence among its consumers. Sugar Cosmetics worked hard and made products that were long-lasting and suits their consumers. They neither compromised with quality as they understood that if they will make good products then they will not have to spend a lot of money on marketing and promotions.

Free Marketing of Sugar Cosmetics | Vineeta Singh

The major source of traffic was the mouth of the word itself as Consumers of Sugar Cosmetics put reviews on the e-commerce sites about their products. This developed confidence among consumers for the brand.

Valuation of Sugar Cosmetics

People believe that Sugar has grown in one night but Vineeta believed that there is a very long journey behind Sugar. That’s why the Valuation of Sugar Cosmetics is 3000 Crores.

Today if anyone dedicates 10-15 Years of their life consistently towards a business they can also make a world-class brand.

Vineeta Singh on Shark Tank | Sugar Cosmetics | Shark Tank India

Vineeta faced many rejections from investors and she realized that the biggest fault was in our ecosystem of investment and advice. Shark Tank India is a platform for young investors in which they can come and pitch to Sharks like Vineeta, Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, Ashneer Grover, and Aman Gupta. They will invest in their business and will partner with them to avoid failures. They will also teach them brand building.

She has experienced that road of entrepreneurship is very lonely so you need a cheerleader who has experienced failures and after that build a successful brand out of it. Vineeta advises young entrepreneurs to focus on their problems and think Big. Aim High and Don’t worry about anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vineeta Singh

Who is Vineeta Singh?

She is one of the most successful women in India and running a Beauty products brand known as Sugar Cosmetics. She is also judge, shark and Investor in famous Indian TV reality show Shark Tank India

What is the net worth of Vineeta Singh?

She has a networth of over 10 Million and Her company’s valuation is 3000Crores.

What is the valuation of Sugar Cosmetics?

People believe that Sugar has grown in one night but Vineeta believed that there is a very long journey behind Sugar. That’s why the Valuation of Sugar Cosmetics is 3000 Crores.

Is Vineeta Singh Single or Married?

Yes, Vineeta Singh is married to Indian Entrepreneur to Kaushik Mukherjee.

Does Vineeta Singh have children?

Yes, Vineeta Singh is blessed with two children both are boys. Their name is Vikrant and Kaushik

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This was the whole story about Vineeta Singh’s story of making Sugar Cosmetics a Superhit brand of building a 3000Crores Business. The whole blog was penned by Devansh Kaushal so you can follow him over social media and do check Under20s for more writings. If you liked reading this masterpiece then you can follow us on InstagramTelegram, and Twitter.