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What is “INDmoney”? | Is it Safe to use INDmoney for buying US Stocks | Reviews, Charges, and Cashbacks?

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INDmoney is the app that allows you to manage your wealth and invest in US Stocks. This article will tell you about indmoney review, indmoney us stocks, indmoney withdrawal charges, and, indmoney vs vested.

App NameINDmoney
FoundersAshish Kashyap
InvestorsTiger Global, Steadview Capital, and Dragoneer.
Funding133 Million USD
Located InBanglore
Consumer Base3 Million Users
OwnerTiger Global, Steadview Capital and Dragoneer.

INDmoney Review | INDmoney Explained 

Do you have that friend who buys stocks and makes tons of money with them? Do you know how to get started with stock trading? Do you know how to buy foreign stocks? We will inform you all about it in this article. Covid-19 Pandemic has scaled up the personal finance sector enormously. This growth has boomed the Finance related apps and services.

Everyone understands the need for passive income and stock trading, thus the rise of services like Zerodha, INDMoney, ShareKhan, etc. Stock Market and trading have got substantial increase which is great for the finance sector and the economy of India. But investing in the stock market is risky and requires a deep understanding of the field to do it on your own, otherwise, you end up losing your money.

India’s no.1 app for stock trading is Zerodha as of 2022. But have you ever wondered how you could buy foreign stocks like Google (Alphabet Inc.) , Netflix, Tesla, Microsoft, Twitter, etc. . Don’t worry we will guide you on how to do it efficiently by the end of this article. We at Under20s have reviewed many apps related to finance management. So we are back again with another one but first, we need to understand how the stock market works.

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What is the “Stock Market”? | INDMoney Explained

The stock market or the share market is the market where buyers and sellers exchange the equity of a company. Stocks are the equities or fractional shares of a publicly listed company. This stocks market mainly serves two benefits :

  1. It helps the companies to gain capital.
  2. It helps investors to gain profit during the success of the company.

Stock Trading In India | INDmoney Review

India has primarily two stock exchanges, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange(NSE). If you want to start stock trading here are the four steps : 

  1. Find a stockbroker ( Zerodha is the most popular ) 
  2. Open a DEMAT ( Electronic format used by India to store stock exchanges ) 
  3. Login into the Demat account and add some money from your bank account
  4. Explore stocks and start trading the desired ones. ( Do your own research and at your own risk ) 

Why invest in foreign stocks? (USA)

  1. No money is required to get started
  2. Best exchange rates
  3. No paperwork, everything is online
  4. Diversify your portfolio

What is INDMoney?

indmoney review | indmoney app | indmoney invest in us stocks | indmoney offers | indmoney charges

It is a finance management app that lets you organize your portfolio and invest in stocks at Zero commissions. It is owned by FinZoom Investment Advisors Ltd. It helps you track, earn and save money. It claims to be your SuperMoney App.

Features of INDMoney 

  • Super Saver a/c – Zero account creation fee, Zero balance, and best exchange rates.
  • Robo Advisory –  Personal Balance Sheet, Goal setting [Automatic]
  • AI-based Investments
  • Auto Track your money
  • Tax planning
  • Zero commission mutual funds
  • Super Stocks
  • IPO center
  • Advanced reporting
  • Invest in US Stocks from India

INDMoney Stock Market Analysis and Tracking | INDmoney Sebi

INDMoney can easily connect with your  Zerodha or upstox accounts and extract your data automatically to analyze. INDMoney uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze your stocks.

They help you to look at the following :

  • Growth of the stock over the years
  • Stock momentum
  • Valuation Prediction
  • PE ratio 

It also gives you their consensus recommendation which gives you their advice to buy, hold or sell the stock.

With its incredible features and easy utility, INDMoney is one of the top choices available in today’s market.

Their stock trading and reporting dashboards are fantastic, clear, and quality-wise.

Investing in an IPO using INDMoney

You can invest in an IPO directly from the INDMoney app in very few quick steps.

There are no complicated hoops to place your bid.

  • Select the desired IPO you want to apply for
  • Select your broker that you want to place your IPO application with
  • Enter UPI ID, then you can check in the INDmoney app where all UPI IDs can be used.
  • Your bid will be placed now and you would receive the UPI mandate on your UPI app within 24 hours of the bid being placed.
  • The app will be updated with the updates in that time period

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Investing in US Stocks | INDmoney Review

INDMoney makes it super easy and convenient to invest US stocks from India.

You have to create a Drive wealth account to get started. The following steps provide information to get started in investing in US stocks :

  • Open the INDMoney App
  • Go to the US stocks section
  • Create an account with Drive wealth
  • It will include simple details for the creation of that account
  • Upload your PAN card and your address proof
  • Add drive wealth as a beneficiary 
    1. Online Mode, If your bank account is either HDFC, ICICI , IDFC, or Kotak bank
    2. Offline Mode, If your bank account is not included among HDFC, ICICI, IDFC, or Kotak Bank
  • Transfer your money through your bank account and then it will get reflected in the app within 3-5 business days. Note: It would deduct instantly.
  • Your bank will charge according to its policies for the transfer.
  • After it is reflected choose your desired stock from the US stocks section in the explore tab 
  • Then click BUY and enter the amount you want to invest.
  • Your order will be placed and queued when the market is live.

Withdrawing your stocks | INDmoney

You can sell your stocks whenever you want and it will deposit to the same account that you linked with your drive wealth.

It typically takes 5-10 business days and a 20$ fee.


How safe is my money with INDmoney?

INDmoney’s platform gets you access to US stocks. You always create an account with our US. broker partner DriveWealth.Any transaction that takes place is by your DriveWealth account.

What is Drivewealth?

“DriveWealth, LLC.” is a member of (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) finra and (Securities Investor Protection Corporation)sipc . Drivewealth is a broker from the US with brokerage solutions for everybody.

Who regulates US Stocks?

It is the “Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)”

What are the charges for trading in US stocks?

It is absolutely FREE using INDMoney.

Can I invest in IPOs in the US Market using INDmoney?

Yes, you can invest using INDMoney App. As per the Reserve Bank of India, You can invest $250,000/-  per year in. foreign countries without any other special permission.

What about the INDmoney 2-in-1 US Stocks Account

The 2-in-1 US stocks account is about the combination of the US-based trading account and “zero-fee” Indian savings account powered by (SBM) SBM Bank India which partners with INDmoney. It allows you to transfer funds to the US stock account from the SBM India account.

What is the price for opening a US stocks account?

INDMoney is completely free.

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This sums up the entire detailed analysis of the App named “INDMoney”. It is one of the most popular among the market leaders right now. It is safe and secure also.