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How did 80 Wash Waterless Washing Machine ask for Rs 1 Crore in Shark Tank India? | Funding, Valuation, Founders, and Investors

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Company80 Wash
FoundersThe washing Machine runs without water
ProductWashing Machine runs without water
HQChitkara University
ValuationRs 40 Crores
AskRs 1 Crore for 2.5% Equity
Sales40 units in last 2.5 Months
TV ShowEpisode 4 – Shark Tank India Season 3

About 80 Wash Washing Machine

80 wash, 80 wash shark tank, 80 wash washing machine, 80 wash washing machine price in india, 80 wash waterless washing machine, 80 wash shark tank episode, 80 wash share price, 80 wash photos
80 Wash Waterless Washing Machine

80 Wash – As the name suggests it is a washing machine which can wash your clothes in just 80 Seconds without Water and Detergent. It is a new generation washing machine, as the normal front-loaded washing machines take about 15 liters of water in just one cycle, 80 Wash takes only 80 Seconds to complete one cycle. It removes stains, odor, and bacteria from Clothes in just 80 Seconds. 

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This machine is suitable where the volume of clothes is very high, for example in a Hospital where thousands of patients come daily and when we change the bedsheets and pillow covers for every patient a lot of water, resources, electricity and time are consumed. 

In the last 2 Months, 80 Wash sold 40 Machines, and their vision is to make the laundry economical and environmentally friendly.

80 Wash machines are being sold for Rs 25000+Taxes and cost price is 19000INR. The main customers of 80 Wash right now are Salons, Hospitals, and Hotels.

80 Wash comes in two variants 3KG and 7KG.

This machine uses ISP Technology which is Immediate Supersaturated Phase Steam Technology. ISP is a patented technology, and they have filed a Patent for the same.  They have done the R&D for the 5 Years. 

About the Founders of 80 Wash

Nitin Saluja, Varinder Singh, and Rouble Gupta are the founders of 80 WASH, They belong to the City Beautiful – Chandigarh. 

Nitin Saluja runs a lab, and the other co-founders came there for research at Chitkara University. 

80 Wash asks for funding in Shark Tank 2024

80 Wash has asked for a funding of Rs 1 Crore in exchange for 2.5% Equity at the valuation of Rs 40 Crores. 

Demo of 80 Wash in Shark Tank India

Bhavya Verma from the team of 80 Wash presented a Demo in front of Sharks in which he displayed how this machine works, this particular model is for industrial purposes and it can be used after giving the proper training to the staff.  Vineeta Singh spilled her coffee to a towel and then they put the same towel inside the washing machine.

80 Wash machine failed to clean the towel in 2 tries.

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Vineeta Singh

Vineeta after checking the towel 2 times, still it was not clean so it acted like a red flag for her, and for this reason, she was out of the deal.

Azhar Iqbal

Azhar said that if the founders have invented the technology then it is going to be revolutionary but he cannot take a bet after watching the demo, so he was out.

Anupam Mittal

Anupam suggested that the direction in which founders are targeting like salons, hospitals, and hotels is completely wrong. Cleaning and Sterilization are one part, on the other hand, bleaching is completely different.

Anupam was also out.

Peyush Bansal

Peyush said that the pitch was not accurate as the product was not ready completely. For the time he is out from the pitch

Aman Gupta

He is out from the pitch.

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