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AI Cars in Shark Tank India 2024 | Cars, Valuation, Founder & Success Story

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AI Cars is a startup that was featured in Shark Tank India 2024. This article tells you about ai cars, ai cars shark tank, ai cars founder, ai cars hydrogen, ai cars harshal and alot more about ai cars

CompanyAI. Cars
FounderHarshal Mahadev Nakshane
CategoryArtificial Intelligence and Hydrogen Fuel Powered Cars
CompetitorsTesla and Apple
ValuationRs 50 Crores
Charging Time5 Minutes
TV ShowShark Tank India – Season 3 Episode 9
AI Cars Details

Normally EV Car takes 5-7 Hours to charge time on the home network and at DC Super Station it takes about 1-2 Hours, After giving such time we only get a 300-350Kms Range in EV cars.

About the founder – Harshal Mahdev Nakshane

Harshal Mahadev Nakshane is the founder of AI Cars Pvt Ltd. AI Cars is India’s first artificially intelligent hydrogen-based vehicle manufacturing startup.

Harshal has designed this car in the development time of only 18 months and this car is powered by Hydrogen Fuel. The refilling time is only 3-5 minutes which enables the range of 1000+ Kms. With its AI-powered algorithm, consumers can use their cars for autonomous driving on the Indian roads.

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Harshal’s childhood dream was to get India’s Original Sports car but with not a normal fuel engine like Petrol or Diesel so he started his research on getting an alternative, and he finally ended his research with his 15kw fuel cell. He started his journey in 2015 when he was 19 years old.

AI Cars Hydrogen Fuel cell does not need to be replaced even after driving 15 Lakh+ Kilometers. 

This is the 1st Prototype of AI Cars and took Rs 60 Lakhs as an Initial Investment. 

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Artificial Intelligence in AI Cars

ai cars, ai cars shark tank, ai cars founder, ai cars hydrogen, ai cars harshal

AI will enable emergency braking which can be useful in preventing road accidents occurring due to overspeeding and rash driving so indirectly people will start trusting it.

Tesla uses LIDAR whereas AI Cars use Autonomous driving using 3D Cameras and Ultrasonic Sensors which enables it to detect rocks and plastic making it possible to drive on Indian Roads.

Anupam Mittal felt that Harshal has been lost in his world for the last 8 years, as he claimed that his technology is superior to Tesla and Google. 

Competition of AI Cars

Toyota has one model offering a Hydrogen fuel-powered engine and on the other Hyundai is also has one model offering the same, only these 2 cars run on Hydrogen.

Toyota Mirai has 24000 Sales across the world.

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What AI Cars will do with the funding?

AI Cars will be building a Road- road-ready vehicle and then they will be applying for Homologation from the Government, and then they will be able to sell their cars in the Indian Market.

Challenging Infrastructure

Reliance, Adani, and Indian Oil are investing billions in this space, and the infrastructure will be ready in the coming 4-5 Years. 

AI Cars ask for funding in Shark Tank India Season 3 | Shark Tank 2024

ai cars, ai cars shark tank, ai cars founder, ai cars hydrogen, ai cars harshal

Harshal has asked Rs 2 Crores for 4% Equity at the valuation fo Rs 50 Crores.

Sharks Investing in AI Cars

Namita Thapar

She agreed with Anupam as other players have gone ahead so for this reason she is out.

Anupam Mittal

Many manufacturers have invested 100-200 Crores but are unable to disrupt the market in this space, and AI Cars will also need such huge investment to set up their Assembly line.

Aman Gupta

Aman said that Harshal is unable to identify the difference between making a product vs making a brand which will need massive marketing so he should join some companies and then build his product for the company.

Vineeta Singh

Vineeta said that AI Vehicles are 20-30 years ahead, so she is out and suggested that Harshal choose one direction either AI or HYDROGEN.

Deepinder Goyal

Deepinder said that when some founders do something unique people say do not do this or that and from the other end people advise that prove them wrong, so EGO always accepts the PROVE Them Wrong but Harshal should look towards his EGO where should he decide, for this reason, he is out.

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