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The Cinnamon Kitchen in Shark Tank 2024! | Success Story, Funding, Investors, and Alot more

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The cinnamon Kitchen is a healthy snacks and Grocery startup based out of Noida appeared in Shark Tank India. This article tells you about the the cinnamon kitchen founder, the cinnamon kitchen instagram, the cinnamon kitchen shark tank, the cinnamon kitchen reviews, the cinnamon kitchen funding, the cinnamon kitchen valuation, the cinnamon kitchen cookies and alot more.

CompanyThe Cinnamon Kitchen
OwnerPriyasha Saluja
ValuationRs 12 Crores
Revenue – Net WorthRs 6 Crores (FY23-24)
InvestorsAman Gupta
CategoryHealthy Snacking
Funding AskedRs 60 Lakhs for 2% Equity
Funding GivenRs 60 Lakhs for 5% Equity
TV ShowShark Tank India – Episode 1

Founder of The Cinnamon Kitchen

Priyasha Saluja is the founder of Cinnamon Kitchen. She introduced her pitch by describing her hobby of Cooking and Eating the food. When she was 13 years old, she was diagnosed with PCOS, and her favorite hobby was taken away. Now when Food was healthy but not tasty so at that time, she started experimenting with healthy cooking by removing maida from snacks, and adding millets, replacing white sugar with natural sweeteners.

After describing her entire journey of 0 to 1 – From making healthy foods to starting the company named “The Cinnamon Kitchen”, Priyasha asked Sharks to give her products a try.

About the Startup – Cinnamon Kitchen

cinnamon kitchen founder, the cinnamon kitchen instagram, the cinnamon kitchen shark tank, the cinnamon kitchen reviews, the cinnamon kitchen funding, the cinnamon kitchen valuation, the cinnamon kitchen cookies and alot more.

The Cinnamon Kitchen is Refined Sugar-free, 100% Gluten-free, and is a Plant-based Bakery that sells preservative-free, Healthy, and Tasty Snacks. So if a person is facing Dairy and Gluten Allergy, they have Dairy and Gluten free, Keto and Diabetic Friendly, Gifts, vegan Cakes product range.

The USP of Cinnamon Kitchen is their unique recipes and their vision is to make healthy food a norm instead of an exception, and with this she made her ask.

Manufacturing of The Cinnamon Kitchen

Now you must be thinking that this is a small-scale startup based out of some kitchen but no! The Cinnamon Kitchen owns a factory in Noida which is 2500SQFt.

Where do they sell the products?

The Cinnamon Kitchen sells its products on its website, retail stores, Blinkit, and Amazon.

Journey of Cinnamon Kitchen

Priyasha Saluja started The Cinnamon Kitchen in 2019 before it She was doing a job in Advertising Industry. You will be surprised to know that Priyasha invested Rs 50,000 at the start of the Company in which she bought a Blender, Oven, and other Baking trays. One of her friends designed a logo for her company.

Market Cap

The entire Indian Snacking Market is about 70,000 Crores, of which 15% is the healthy food market which is growing at the rate of 20%.

Product Style and Packaging

Sharks objected to the packaging of the product as the jars did not even have a properly packaged wrap and the design of the packaging was also not easy to read.

Categories: Fresh Cakes and Bakery and Packaged Grocery Products. They have 45 SKUs

Scaling Plans

Priyasha Saluja is focusing on Distribution networks, increasing the Shelf life of products. They are registered on Bklinkit in Delhi. They have also signed deals with Airports and are available in T1, T3 in Delhi and Bangalore Airports.

Ask of Cinnamon Kitchen | Shark Tank India – Season 3 Episode 2

Priyasha Saluja made an ask of Rs 60 Lakhs in exchange for 2% Equity at a whooping valuation of 30 Crores.

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Revenue of The Cinnamon Kitchen

The Cinnamon Kitchen was started in September 2019 so the revenue is mentioned as such

FY19-20: Rs 1.4 Lakh
FY20-21: Rs 12.5 Lakh
FY21-22: Rs 25 Lakh
FY22-23: Rs 82 Lakh
FY23-24: Rs 6 Crores (Till Sep 1.3 Crores)

The Profit percentage is 30% Per Month.

Sales Split

Fresh Cakes and Bakery contributes 25% of Sale
Packaged items contribute 75% of the Sale

The Deal | Sharks Investing in Cinnamon Kitchen

Aman Gupta – Founder of Boat

Aman made his decision after listening to the sales split, profit, and revenue part in which He appreciated the cakes and presentation.

Aman said that he is not interested in taking a lot of equity from her but after listening that she has a great credit score so he is interested in offering her DEBT.

Rs 10 Lakhs for 2% Equity, and 50 Lakhs Debt for 2 Years at 12% Interest, Valuation is 5 Crores.

Deepinder Goyal

Deepinder supported the Startup by suggesting playing a 10-year game in this niche as it will be having growth in the coming years.

Deepinder stepped out from the pitch due to a Conflict of Interest being a founder of Zomato and Blinkit.

Vineeta Singh

Vineeta felt that whenever the Indians look for Healthy Snacks then some brands come that are not so ehalthy and consumers also gets trapped as He/She is not watching the Ingredients.

Vineeta appreciated the spirit of Priyasha, She wanted to help her so she made an offer of “Rs 60 Lakhs for 10% Equity at a Valuation of Rs 6 Crores”. She placed a bet on Priyasha as she said otherwise such businesses are not investable.

Namita Thapar

She said that she had made her decision and appreciated the hard work done by Priyasha Saluja. On the investment Part She regarded this Market as a smaller size and considering the growth rate as well as some more player

She even asked “How She would exit the Startup?” and Priyasha replied with a quote “Mera CREDIT SCORE bohat achaa hai!, Then trust on me”

Namita had a fun conversation with Priyasha but at the end, she said that She was out of this pitch.

Anupam Mittal

When Anupam sees that she is having a long convo with Deepinder when he makes an outstep, so he says “Ham abhi baithe hai” Which clearly shows that he has a great offer for her and asks how many sharks she needs 1 or 2.

Anupam personally was very much interested in these allergy-free, and health-conscious products as the market is going to explode in the coming years, by positioning and great packaging of the startup it can be a great business. He asked Vineeta Singh if she was comfortable to join her and made an offer.

Rs 60 Lakhs for 10% Equity at a valuation of 6 Crores.

Priyasha Saluja’s counteroffer

Priyasha respected both offers one from Anupam-Vineeta and the second from Aman Gupta but keeping her pov in front she needed equity, not debt so she asked Aman for Rs 1.2 Crores at 10% Valuation after Deepinder’s Recommendation.

Vineeta exited the Deal and asked Aman to continue the deal.

Deal Got Closed | Cinnamon Kitchen Shark Tank Deal

Priyasha agreed to Aman Gupta’s offer, and the deal finally got closed at the Valuation of 12 Crores in exchange of 5% Equity for Rs 60 Lakhs.

Who is the owner of Cinnamon Kitchen?

Priyasha Saluja is the founder and owner of Cinnamon Kitchen.

Who are the Investors in The Cinnamon Kitchen?

Aman Gupta (Cmo- boat) is the investor in cinnamon kitchen and having 5% Equity in the company.

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