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Heyy Readers are you looking for Alpino Health Foods which make Natural Peanut Butter and recently got featured in Shark Tank India. This article aims at Alpino Peanut butter, Alpino Health foods Turnover, Alpino Health foods owner, Alpino Health foods whey protein, Alpino Health foods shark tank

CompanyAlpino Health Foods
Business CategoryHealthy Snacks and Natural Peanut butter
ValuationRs 75 Crores
OwnersPriyank Vora, Umesh Gajera, Chetan Kanani, and Mahatva sheta.
Funding AskedRs 1.5 Crore for 2% Equity
Funding GivenAll shark offer
TV ShowShark Tank India
EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 25

Introduction to Health Food Industry of India

This pitch of shark tank India is presented by Priyank Vora, Umesh Gajera, Chetan Kanani, and Mahatva sheta. These are the founding members of Alpino Health Foods.

Everyone has tasted peanuts In India it is the favorite snack of Indians. We get proteins and fats from peanuts. When the founders were studying in college then all their classmates used to eat peanuts during the lecture. From there they derived the idea of Peanut butter which changed their lives completely.

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What is Alpino Health foods? | Shark Tank India

Alpino is known for making healthy food products in the range of people and In the previous three years, they have generated revenue of more than 35 Crore. This is only happened because of one Peanut.

Alpino is the synonym of Good health. Their aim while starting this brand was to change the Indian health food segment. Back in 2016, they started with only 6 persons and today they are having a team of 60+ professionals.

They came to know that Peanut which was manufactured in India, over 95% was being exported. This is where they found an opportunity and launched India’s first peanut brand Alpino. They have also launched other products like MUESLI, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, GREEN TEA, AND INDIA’S FIRST PEANUT BUTTER POWDER. At present alpino foods is present in more than 15 Online E-Commerce platforms.

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What is their ask for funding from Sharks?

They are here to raise Rs1.5 Crore for 2% Equity. The valuation of this health food startup is Rs75 Crores.

1:1 Sharks asking Alpino Health foods | Shark Tank India


What is the background?

There is a total of 6 Co-founders of Alpino Healthfoods.  They started their business in college and after completing their college they were looking to start a business and decided to go with peanut butter. 

They decided to start with natural peanut butter with no added preservatives. Their target audience is going to the gym or eating peanut butter to stay fit. The general household was not much aware of peanut butter so they decided to launch natural peanut butter in the market.

What is the Networth and sales of Alpino Health foods?

Last year they have clocked the revenue of Rs 15 Crore (FY20-21) and this year they will make exit at Rs22 Crore (FY21-22). Their GC is 38% and there is no net profit. At present they are at loss.

What is pricing of goods?

They sell 1Kg peanut butter box for Rs449-500 and it costs them Rs150.

Their core marketplaces are Amazon and Flipkart. They are having over 15000 Reviews on a Single product on amazon and have rating of 4.3-4.5

Who are competition of Alpino Health foods?

Pintola and My fitness are the leading competitors of Alpino. In Amazon and Flipkart Alpino peanut butter is ranking in Top3 Results

What is their goal in next 5 Years?

Their future goal is to make the company worth Rs500 Crores and to make this a D TO C Brand. With the investment of Rs1 Lakh, they have made sales of Rs12 Lakhs.

1:1 Sharks investing in Alpino Health foods | Shark Tank India

Peanut Butter Startup | Alpino health foods | shark tank india

Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh

They both will not change the vision of the Company

Offer- Rs1.5 Crore for 10% Equity.

Ghazal Alakh

Ghazal has already invested in Myfitness and it is the competition of Alpino Healthfoods so she is out.

Peyush Bansal

Peyush’s ambition is to make the brand big and his expertise in making the businesses big.

Anupam Mittal

Your product is in a very competitive niche. He will offer with Peyush Bansal.

Anupam and Peyush’s offer

They have offered 9% Equity for 1.5 Crores

After listening to this offer Vineeta and Namita reduced their equity to 8.5%

All sharks offer

Vineeta and Namita offered Peyush and Anupam to make an all Shark offer in which each shark will get 2% Equity.

Offer- Rs1.5 Crores for 8% equity.

Alpino countered them with Rs 1,5 Crores for 3% Equity.

Where the deal met?

Alpino foods have offered Sharks 5% Equity in exchange for Rs1.5 Crores.

Anupam Mittal advised them three things which they will need if they want to make their business big, They are mentioned here.

  1. Money 
  2. Strategy
  3. Hardwork, Connections and Network

All sharks will bring connections with them and If their Competitive company will raise 50 Crores in future so Sharks will also help them to raise 250-300 Crores easily. 2-3 Crores will be banker’s commission

If you want to make a big business they will have to compromise

Alpino HealthFood was not able to accept the offer and therefore the deal was unable to get closed but We as a Team of Under20s wish Alpino all the best and one day they will be the number one Peanut butter selling brand of India.

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