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Ayush Shukla – Finnet Media | How 23-Year-Old Boy Builds 15 Crore Exclusive Influencer Marketing Agency?

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Ayush Shukla is the founder of Finnet Media, Bangalore Based Influencer Media Agency founded in January 2021 and clocked revenue of 15 Crores in its first year. This article is going to tell you about Ayush Shukla, Finnet Media, Ayush Shukla’s Net Worth, Finnet Media Valuation, Finnet Media Success Story, and Ayush Shukla’s Roadmap to building a strong Media Company.

NameAyush Shukla
Age23 Years ( As of October 2022)
EducationBA in Commerce
UniversityDelhi University
Birth PlaceTalchar, Odisha.
CompanyFinnet Media
Valuation15 Crore
Founded in2021
IndustryInfluencer Marketing
Located inBanglore
Ayush Shukla Information

Ayush Shukla is a 23-Year-Old Indian Creator and Entrepreneur. The Journey of every Creator is creative in every aspect and when we look at Ayush’s It is not less than a story of “Booming in 12 Months but working Hard to Achieve The Same from 36 Months”.  The 2 Key Things that played a great role in Ayush’s Success are his Podcast – The Mini Adult Troubles and Ted Talks which He use to Organise, He earned great connections with big-shot creators and entrepreneurs from the same. You can have a look at the Table of Contents to have a better glimpse at the article.

Early Age of Ayush Shukla

Ayush was born in a middle-class family in Talchar, Odisha. Since childhood, he has been a curious child who needs everything at the earliest. Referring to one such incident he told in Josh’s Talk ‘There was a trip going to some college but He was not allowed to go there due to financial reasons at that time He understood the value of Money in Life. Who knew that his career is going to revolve around finance in the future?

Schooling and College

Ayush has done his schooling at DAV School in Commerce Stream. You might be thinking that Ayush is from some IIT, IIM, or BITS but He graduated in 2020 from the College of Vocational Studies (Delhi University) by pursuing B.A. in Economics. He has marked an example of becoming a successful entrepreneur at a young age. This tells you how you can achieve things if you are not from any Top/ Tier-1 Institute.

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The Mini Adult Troubles | Podcast by Ayush Shukla

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YouTubeAyush Shukla – The Mini Adult Troubles
LinkedInAyush Shukla
Ayush Shukla Social Media Handles| The Mini Adult Troubles

When Ayush was in college he was not having a strong presence on his social media platforms, with 500-1000 Followers on Instagram and 2000 Subscribers on his YouTube Channel. He believes that Producing his podcast “The Mini Adult Troubles” has played a key role in his success as This Podcast enabled him to meet with Founders and Creators having a great mindset.

The Mini Adult Troubles is having 50+ Podcasts in the 1st season and the next season is expected to be released on Ayush Shukla’s YouTube channel in early 2023. 


Digital Marketing

Ayush has also done Digital Marketing in which he use to run Digital Media Ads for Facebook and Instagram from which he clocked revenue of 25,000INR-30,000INR monthly.


When we talk about the corporate journey of Ayush, He started his career journey in 2021 when He started his first Job in a Dubai Based Edtech company Sarasa and left the same job in 2021 March since He got tested for COVID.

Finnet Media

Ayush started Finnet Media in January 2021 signing Anushka Rathod as the first creator when she was having 1500 Followers on Instagram. Finnet Media is an Influencer Marketing agency which is having over 30 Exclusive Creators signed with them, They work on bridging the gap between Brands and Content Creators. Finance is one of the topics that got boomed in early 2021 when creators like Finance with Sharan ( Sharan Hegde) and Anushka Rathoud started posting content on Finance and presenting them in an entertaining way.

Finnet Media x Finance With Sharan

Ayush was in touch with Sharan Hegde when he had 6000 Followers on his Instagram Account. Sharan was the second creator to be signed by Finnet. At present Finnet Media is having 40+ Finance Creators.

We all use to believe that Instagram is for Entertainment but Creators like Finance With Sharan made a breakthrough, as he cracked code to guide audiences along with entertainment. The code is in the initial 30 Seconds of the Video Sharan plays a skit, and in the next 30 Seconds He Guides people but as we know that guidance can not be taken in only 30 seconds so He adds a sticker “Read More in Caption” which acts as a masterstroke as Audience reads the caption for about 2-4 Minutes and in the same time reel is played 2-4 times which gives a positive signal to Instagram Algorithm.

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Finnet Media x Finance

You might be wondering why Ayush Shukla’s finnet is only targeting Finance since there is not much growth in this niche audience. But Here you may go wrong after reading the next paragraph about FinFluencers

When Tiktok got banned in 2020, Instagram launched Reels and there were only a few creators who were making informative content and Anushka Rathoud was one of them. 

Now We all know 2020 and 2021 have been great years for Indian Fintech Startups as they received massive funding from VCs. Now Fintech Brands had to spend the same amount somewhere, and where they can spend to boost their Business is “MARKETING”. This is how Instagram Influencers started getting brands and Finnet is doing the same work to bridge the gap between fintech brands and Finance Content Creators.

Shooting Video Ad for Tyke

Finnet Media shot and launched an advertisement for Tyke. Tyke is a fintech company that allows retail investors to invest in startups. There is an interesting story behind the shoot of this ad. 

Tyke wanted to build the Advertisement and run it in 20 days because their concept related to Shark Tank India, The show which got aired on National Television on 20 December 2021. So They reached Finnet, and Finnet provided them with 6 Scripts in 3 Days at the same pace they shot an advertisement and launched it on Sony Liv.

Finnet has worked with Groww and 300+ Fintech Brands.

Building a Core Team

Ayush feels that hiring is one of the toughest parts because of two main reasons.

  1. The Cream Layer of Industry Professionals is being taken away by Tech Startups.
  2. Persons who are having good skills are working on their own.

Challenges faced by Ayush

Influencer Marketing is one of the toughest as well as creating jobs in the industry, It might look glamorous from the outside but when you step inside the domain you get to know the reality of this industry. There are many challenges faced by Ayush and a few of them we have mentioned here

  • Creators will not always reply, Thinking the mail to be Spam.
  • To Begin your career in Influencer Marketing, You will also have to be an influencer because its a creative field.
  • Being an Influencer Marketing Agency your initial goal should be to bridge the gap between Brands and Creators.
  • You will have to understand both the Economic side of Creators and the Creative side of brands to establish yourself in the Industry.
  • This Industry is Cut-Throat with a peak competitive nature.
  • Other Agencies are not collaborative.

Goals of Ayush Shukla

Ayush wants to work on the establishment of Finnet Media more on the PR end, and we can observe the working of the same from an event organized by him in Taj Banglore as the 1st Anniversary of Finnet Media a few months back. He also wants to build a core team for Finnet Media. So if you are also interested to be a part of his core team then you can do a Cold Email to him.

FAQs about Ayush Shukla

Who is Ayush Shukla?

Ayush Shukla is the founder of Finnet Media and a Content Creator having 100K+ Followers on his Instagram Account.

What is the Business Model of Finnet Media?

Finnet Media founded by Ayush Shukla works on bridging the gap between Brands and Content Creators which enables to make advertisement campaigns to get a better reach and also unlocks more monetary opportunities for Creators as well as agencies.

What is the Valuation of Finnet Media?

Finnet Media is an Influencer Marketing Agency having a valuation of over 15 Crores.

What is age of Ayush Shukla?

Ayush Shukla is a 23-Year-Old content Creator and an Entrepreneur.

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