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Sourav joshi | peyush joshi | sahil joshi | net worth, youtube, business and biography

Introduction to Sourav Joshi | Biography

Sourav joshi biography | sourav joshi vlogs

Sourav Joshi got famous in 2020. When he had taken the challenge of uploading 365 videos in 365 days. And, successfully he had achieved the milestone. Sourav Joshi was born on 8th September 1999 in Deharadun, Uttarakhand. Sourav Joshi is the first Indian Vlogger to achieved 10 Million Subscribers. Sorav Joshi had two brothers named Piyush Joshi & Sahil Joshi. Sourav Joshi has collaborated with many Youtube big creators such as Tech Burner, Gamer Fleet, Lakshay Chaudhary, Flying Beast, Manoj Dey, and many more. Sourav Joshi has collaborated with many creators and also made music videos at the age of 22. We had covered the full details of From being a sketch Artist to India’s No.1 Vlogger

Biography of Sourav Joshi:

Real NameSourav Joshi
Date of Birth8th September 1999
CollegePunjab Group of Colleges
DegreeBachelor of Fine Arts
ProfessionYoutuber, Vlogger, Businessman, Actor, etc.
Father NameHarinder Joshi
Mother NameHema Joshi
Girlfriend NameNot Known

Sourav Joshi Childhood:

Sourav Joshi was born in Deharadun, Uttarakhand. He did his primary and secondary schooling at Government High School in Uttarakhand. From childhood, he was more interested in making Sketches of Celebrities. Furthermore, he had completed his graduation in Bachelor of Fine Arts Course.

In his School time, he is very much interested in painting. Sourav has also participated in Drawing competitions in his school time. During his school days, he had won many certificates and prizes for his best Painting. Previously, he had also conducted many workshops for students who want to be expertise in painting skills.

Youtube Journey of Sourav Joshi:

Sourav joshi | peyush joshi | sahil joshi | net worth, youtube, business and biography

From being a sketch Artist to India’s No.1 Vlogger. Anyone has predicted that he will become India’s topmost Youtube creator. Firstly, Sourav has started his Sourav Joshi Arts channel on 5th September 2015.

From childhood, Sourav is more interested in Painting & Fine Arts. Initially, he started uploading videos of celebrities such as MS Dhoni, Virat Kholi, Alia Bhatt, Chadwick Boseman, Tiger Shroff, Guru Randhawa, and many more. Sourav also shares many tutorials for his viewer’s videos. As of now, he has 2 channels which are Sourav Joshi Arts & Sourav Joshi Vlogs.

In Sourav Joshi Arts Channel he had more than 2.9 Million Subscribers and in Sourav Joshi Vlogs he had more than 12 Million Subscribers. In his arts channel, he has only shared painting tutorials. Moreover, the Sourav Joshi Vlogs channel was created on 19th February 2019.

Within 3 years, he had achieved more success than many other top creators of Youtube. Till now in his Vlogs channel, he had uploaded 855 videos with more than 3 Billion Views. In his vlog channel, he daily uploads one video and within 24 hours his videos get around more than 5 Million views.

In 2019 IIT Roorkee invited Sourav Joshi to conduct a workshop on Sketches for IIT Roorkee students. Now, people are watching him because of his struggle journey. That he started with sketches and painting and now he is living a luxurious life. Sourav Joshi is the first creator who had crossed the 10 Million Subscribers mark in Vlogging category.

Sourav Joshi Instagram:

Sourav Joshi has 2 Instagram Accounts. One for Sourav Joshi Arts and another for Sourav Joshi Vlogs. Moreover, in Sourav Joshi Arts he had 350K followers in his Instagram account and had uploaded 836 posts. Furthermore, Sourav Joshi had another Instagram account by the name of Sourav Joshi Vlogs. In this account, he had more than 2.5 Million Followers. Till now in this account, he had uploaded 448 posts.

Sourav Joshi 10 Million Subscribers Special Video

Sourav joshi | peyush joshi | sahil joshi | net worth, youtube, business and biography

The journey of viewers to becoming the top creators of India. Sourav Joshi had achieved many successes and 10 Million Subscribers in 2 years. And, he had also uploaded 10 Million special videos for his Audience. Furthermore, many top creators of Youtube Congratulated him for his success. The Youtubers are Peepoye, Carry Minati, Beyonick, Mythpat, Ashish Chanchlani, Gamer Fleet, Techno Gamerz, Amit Bhadana, Flying Beast, Thugesh, Bhuvan Bam, Triggered Insaan, Tech Burner, and many more.

Sourav Joshi & Piyush Joshi Duo:

peyush joshi and sourav joshi | peyush joshi gaming | sourav joshi vlogs

Sourav and Piyush are the best Vloggers of India. Piyush is a famous person for Sourav Joshi’s vlogs. With the help of Piyush Joshi comedy and his channel had to get the amazing benefits. Piyush Joshi on 3rd January 2022 started his gaming channel. Piyush Joshi is one of India’s Youngest Indian Gaming creators.

Piyush Joshi had more than 392K followers in his Instagram account. Moreover, in his vlogging video, he is the funniest creator and is seen playing with his pet Oreo. As of now, Piyush Joshi is 12 years old. Piyush Joshi had more than 2.8 million subscribers on his gaming channel. Till now Piyush had only uploaded 11 videos in his channel. And, all of his gaming videos get views of more than 10 lakh views.

Sourav Joshi bought the PC for his younger brother Piyush Joshi. The price of the PC is 5 LAKH. Furthermore, Sourav Joshi has gifted Cycle, Ipad to Piyush Joshi.

Growth Hack of Sourav Joshi:

Sourav joshi youtube growth | sourav joshi growth hacks

Sourav Joshi had massively grown in 1-2 years of his Vlogging Channel. In his video, Sourav had told that most of the audience are Children. Moreover, if you know children liked any content then they repeatedly watched the content of the creator. Hence, most of the best channels get more views because of the child audience. Furthermore, Sourav Joshi daily uploads his video on 8 Am morning. Well, you think time doesn’t play an important role in growth. But if people are addicted to his vlogs they set the time to watch the videos first of his Content creators. And, hence the daily views of Sourav Joshi is more than 10 million views.

Moreover, if you are a regular viewer of his channel. You must have seen in every video Piyush is there with his clicky thumbnail. Hence, the Audience attracts by Thumbnail and Clicky Title. Most of the viewers also watched his video because they relate to his daily vlogs. And, it builds a strong relationship between Sourav Joshi and his audience.

The dedication of Sourav is amazing. Till now in India, no one has uploaded 365 vlogs in 365 days. And, this is also the reason for becoming India’s topmost famous creator in 2 years. Hence, in the content, he creates for his channel many people connect with the lives of common people, and people easily connect with that and this is also another reason for his Growth.

Sourav Joshi Net worth:

net worth of sourav joshi | sourav joshi vlogs

As per the sources, Sourav Joshi has a total net worth of INR 35 Crore. Initially, when he started he is only making videos related to sketches. And, within 2 years, he is India’s No.1 Vlogger. With the help of his vlogging channel, he earned a large amount of money. Within just 2 years, he had purchased Thar, Fortuner, KTM Bike, House, and many expensive items for his Home. His sources of income are Brand Promotion, Music Videos, Collab with Netflix, etc. According to many sources from his Vlogging channel he had earned around 10-15 lakh per month.

Net worth in  2022INR 35 Crore
Net worth in  2021INR 27 Crore
Net worth in  2020INR 18 Crore
Net worth in  2019INR 15 lakh
Net worth in 2018INR 5 lakh
Sourav joshi | peyush joshi | sahil joshi | net worth, youtube, business and biography

Youtube Channel 

Sourav Joshi has 2 channels one is for arts and another is for Vlogging. Hence he had a large no of audiences on his Youtube Channel. From, Sourav Joshi Arts he earns around 2-3 lakh per month. Furthermore, Sourav Joshi Vlogs earn around 10-15 lakh per month.

Brand Promotion

As you know Sourav Joshi had more than 12 million subscribers. Moreover, his channel growth is amazing. Every day he had around 10 Million views on his channel. And, Brand always pays a high amount to the creators who had more views count. Sourav Joshi can easily charge around 10-12 lakh per promotion video.

Music Videos

Sourav Joshi had appeared for 4 Music Videos. He got a chance to debut in the Music industry. Being from a sketch artist to perform a lead role in Music videos. He had achieved many successes in a few years. His music videos are Mauja, VOID, Jhoota Lagda, and Tera Ho. His first video was released on 24th August 2021. And, all of his videos are in the trending section in 24 hours. Hence, Sourav Joshi is charging around 15-20 lakh per song.

Collaboration with Netflix

Sourav Joshi had also collaborated with Netflix Channel. The video title was Sourav Joshi Vlogs Ki Ankahi Kahaniya. Till now the video has had more than 5 million views.

Sourav Joshi most Interesting Facts:

  • Sourav is a professional Sketch Artist.
  • In most of the videos, you must have seen he is a travel lover and also visits different natural places.
  • Sourav is a dog lover and owns a dog whose name is Oreo.
  • He organizes several workshops for students to teach regarding sketches and painting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why is Sourav Joshi is so Famous on Youtube?

Ans. Initially, he started with painting and sketching videos and uploading them to his Youtube Channel. After that, he started making vlogs videos and in 1 year the growth of Sourav Joshi was massive. He had surpassed the subscribers of top Vlogging channels like Flying Beast and Mumbiker Nikhil. And become the India 1st Vlogger who had more than 10 million subscribers.

  1. What is the monthly income of Sourav Joshi Vlogs?

Ans. As per the sources he earns around more than 10-15 Lakh from his Youtube channel.

  1. Who is Piyush Joshi?

Ans. Piyush Joshi is well known Vlogger, Youtuber, Gamer, & younger brother of Sourav Joshi.

  1. What is the dog name of Sourav Joshi?

Ans. Sourav Joshi’s dog’s name is Oreo.

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