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Watt Technovations How 19-year-Old Startup got purchased by ALL SHARKS in Shark Tank India? | Under20s

Watt technovations | watt technologies | covtech ventilation device | shark tank india |

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Company nameWatt Automations
FounderNihal Singh
Funding AskedRs101 for 2% Equity
Business CategoryInnovative Products
InvestorsPeyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, Ghazal Alakh, and Namita Thapar
Funding GivenRs101 for 4% Equity
TV ShowShark Tank India
EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 27

Introduction to the pitch | Watt Technovations

Nihal Singh Adarsh founder of Watt Technovations and he is 19  Years old.

The pitch got started in which Nihal introduced himself by wearing PPE Kit and when he removed it then he explained to sharks how is the condition of the person after only earing this for 1 hour.  Nihal’s mother is a doctor and she treated many covid patients Nihal saw this problem with her mother and how other doctors. nurses and staff have to wear this medical ppe kit.

There are many people who are wearing this PPE Kit and helping others by risking their own lives. To solve this problem Watt communications have developed a device.

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Covtech ventilation device | watt technovations | shark tank india

This is a very compact device and it is a kind of plug-and-play. This can be connected to any PPE kit and ventilates from inside. 

Watt Technovations

Nihal has been innovative from his childhood and he is an innovator. This is why he has opened his own company Watt Technovations under which he visions at innovating many such products. He is having many plans for the COV-TECH VENTILATION SYSTEM to scale it so that he can help many people.

Nikhil is a tech geek and he is having very big plans but will do engineering parallel.

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What is Ask for his funding from Sharks?

You will be surprised after hearing that this startup asked for Rs101 in exchange for 2% Equity and the Company’s valuation is Rs5050.

QnA | Sharks asking Watt Technovations | Shark Tank India

founder of watt technovations | shark tank india | watt technovations

What is the aim of Nihal Singh?

He wants to grow a tech company. Their vision is to identify the problems of common people and then make an affordable and highly scalable solution to that problem.

Reviews of Shark on This product.

Anupam suggests he do this business as Doing this will teach him many things and prospects of Business Domain. 

Namita also agrees to Anupam as she belongs to the Pharma industry. She feels that this industry will not accept this product as an explosion he needs to work little more.

Vineeta also gave her feedback as the solution is complicated, Nihal should make a combined product of PPE and Ventilation device which will be Ventilated PPE Kit. That kit can be worn by doctors and it will be a scalable product. She said that she is ready to give an offer but Nihal should not accept that.

Ghazal – If he wants to get anything the struggle is required, For mentorship and guidance, She is there.

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1:1 | Sharks investing in Watt Technovations | Shark Tank India

Watt technovations | watt technologies | covtech ventilation device | shark tank india |

Anupam Mittal

You’re doing a very great job and talking with maturity at this age. I am ready to give you an offer and my cheque is also ready

Namita Thapar

She is also ready to match the ask and If Nihal wants then he can also combine her offer with Anupam. The reason she wants to get 2% equity is that not this device but an upcoming device can make her a billionaire.

Peyush Bansal

You’re here to get Rs100 I can give you 1100 but taking 2% Equity in your company is not right for me. Peyush suggested to him a better idea in which he will give Nihal his personal mobile number so that whenever he will launch his next product then Peyush will be the first investor.

Nihal raised equity to 4% to get Peyush Bansal andGhazal too on the team.

The deal closed at Rs101 for 4% Equity in which Ghazal Alakh, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, and Anupam Mittal became a part of Watt Technovations.

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