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Experiential Etc – How an Advertising Company pitched in Shark Tank India? | Under20s

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Experiential Etc is a creative advertising marketing agency that got featured in Shark Tank India. They are famous for their creative and unique campaigns. This article focuses on shark tank india on which channel in india, shark tank india imdb and shark tank trp.

experiential etc | shark tank india | advertising agency in shark tank india

Experiential ETC | Shark Tank India

Company NameExperiential ETC
FoundersKaran Bhardwaj and Prashant Pandey
Business CategoryCreative AD Agency
ValuationRs50 Crores
Net WorthRs1 Crore
Funding AskedRs 2 Crore in exchange of 4% Equity
TV ShowShark Tank India
EpisodeEpisode 32

Karan Bhardwaj and Prashant Pandey are the founders of Experiential Etc. 20 years of friendship, intense hard work, never dying passion and a strong motive started CripMedia in 2017 which is now named Experiential Etc. This is Technology Led advertising agency that has worked with more than 150 brands in only 4 years. They have left a mind-blowing impression on the hearts and minds of brands with their campaigns. 

They have Innovative displays like Live Glass and Crazy technology like Holobyk. In Indian Markets, they have created augmented reality experiences, executing events exhibitions and developing crazy games. This startup has done a lot that can not be described in a few paragraphs.

What is their ask for investment from Sharks? | Shark Tank India

Their ask is Rs2 Crores for 4% Equity and the company’s valuation is Rs50 Crores

QnA | Sharks investing in Experiential Etc | Shark Tank India

experiential etc | shark tank india | advertising agency in shark tank india

How did they come up with this idea?

They both belong to middle-class families and faced many failures but their families always remained supportive. In 2017, they wanted to do something unique in technology so their first product was Holovision through which they have done 70-80 Campaigns. 

Their basic intention was to do creative campaigns for their client so that people look at them as a creative and tech enthusiast agency, not a normal vendor/ supplier.

Who are the founders of Experiential Etc?

Karan has been looking at finance and sales. All the business strategic decisions of the Company are taken by Karan.

Prashant comes from a real estate background and he is the execution specialist so he is the backbone of the company.

What is their competition?

If we look content-wise and the experience of working with a large number of companies so Experiential Etc is at the top.

Companies with which Experiential Etc have worked.

When they started advertising so they first went to the companies who were having the maximum budget HUL, ITC, Britania, and after that agencies approached them GroupM, Dentsu, and Webchutney. Following this, they got a chance to work with companies like Tata Motors, Xiaomi, and Mondleys.

What is revenue, Networth, and Profitability of Experiential Etc?

They have been profitable from the very first day. 

In the first year, they made 18 Lakhs, the second year 86 Lakhs, third year 90%

In 2021-2022 they have clocked to 1 Crore.

Revenue split of their business.

They are making 50% of revenue from Xiaomi. In this  year they have worked with ott brands like Prime Video and Netflix

What is the cost and selling price of services given by experiential?

The cost of the filter which they have made for Boat (Aman Gupta’s company) is Rs1500n and they will sell the same product for Rs6-7 Lakhs.

1:1 | Sharks investing in Experiential Etc | Shark Tank India 

experiential etc | shark tank india | advertising agency in shark tank india

Ashneer Grover – Founder of BharatPe

Ashneer said that as per his analysis there are two things one is practice and the other is Business. A doctor goes every day and performs his job which includes OPD/ Surgery and gets paid for it in the same instance CA, Lawyer works for their service. He thinks that Karan is doing practice not a business and we can not put money into Practice. This is the reason why he is going out.

Aman Gupta 

This is not an investable business and I am out,

Anupam Mittal

From the presentation and confidence of founders He is impressed but when we look at the angle of scalability so there comes an issue 

Namita Thapar

She is feeling that this business has done 150  Brands but they are getting 50% of their revenue from only one brand so for this reason, she is out.

Peyush Bansal

As only founders are doing all the business and there is no USP in their business. There is only 9% Abeta in business. He is only thinking to add value. People should be able to get their business only.

Offer- Rs2 Crores for 33.33% Equity.

Counter Offer- Rs 2 Crores for 10% Equity.

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