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Tagz Chips | Healthy Chips Startup Featured in Shark Tank India | Founders, Net Worth, Investors, & Funding

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Tagz is the startup that got featured in 1st season of Shark Tank India. This article is going to tell you about tagz chips, buy tagz chips, is tagz chips healthy, tagz chips net worth, tagz chips founder, tagz chips shark tank, tagz chips owner, tagz chips revenue, tagz chips turnover, tagz chips funding.

Company NameTAGZ Foods | Tagz Chips
FoundersAnish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia
CategoryHealthy Chips
Valuation70 Crores (8.5 Million USD)
Funding70 Lakhs
Net Worth4.75 Crores
InvestorsAshneer Grover and 10 More
TAGZFoods Details | TAGZ Chips

Tagz presented their pitch in Shark Tank by holding Oil in Small Shots Glasses and asking sharks why they are giving such disgusted expressions. This was their way of telling us How till date the companies selling fried chips gave us the same amount of oil in packets of chips then we were enjoying them with great joy. 

The team of Snacktivity said they were also disgusted at this when they found that the whole Indian market is flooded with such unhealthy fried and junk snacks, On the same day they decided that from now they will not let any young consumers feel a need to eat such fried potato chips. This is how this famous snacktivity startup “TAGZ” was born. Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia are the Co-founders of this urban Gen Z Snack Brand. 


Popped potato chips are 50% less fat. Popping is a new technology that uses high temperature and pressure. This is the reason why Tagz’s chips are having 50% less fat but there is no cholesterol, no trans-fat, palm oil, gluten, or any artificial colors or flavors in it. Tagz is the first brand to make it completely in India.

Success Story of Tagz

It was not easy for the team to make TAGZ a brand. They said that “When you start only with an idea and passion. Today there are thousands of boxes in our warehouse, but when the first time we sent an order from our factory and reached our warehouse, I still remember there were 470 cartoons. I and my co-founder unloaded those 470 boxes single-handedly. Then we realized that this was not an easy path. You need to do a lot of things yourself in this journey, You will have to struggle and will also make mistakes and test 10 items from which only one will work. But one should not be discouraged.

So I have one wish we should reach as a brand to a spot where people across the world would seek Tagz from India. 


Where can you buy chips from TAGZFoods?

agz chips, buy tagz chips, is tagz chips healthy, tagz chips net worth, tagz chips founder, tagz chips shark tank, tagz chips owner, tagz chips revenue, tagz chips turnover, tagz chips funding.

Tagz Provide Popped chips in six different lip-smacking flavors and also has 4 Different Internation Gourmet Chips  Flavours. They are available on more than 30 Shopping Platforms including Amazon, Big Basket, and their website, etc. If you want to taste them offline, they are available in over  2000 Stores in Pan India. 

Tagz has sparked the fire of Fit Snacking and now to fuel up their mission, They have asked for 70 Lakhs (85000 USD) for a 1% Stake in Equity and this makes the Valuation of TAGZ to be 70 Crores (8.5 Million USD).

The team of Tagz also served their chips along with dips to Sharks.

Targetted Market of TAGZFoods

Tagz is catering to a market of consumers that is not looking for peak healthy stuff. They are making something for one who can eat today as one wants to be free of fried chips but cannot resist so that is the perfect consumer for them. Tagz feels that the market size is relatively big. 

TAGZ Net Worth, Annual Sales, and Valuation

Tagz is having an annual revenue rate of 7 Crores in 2021 December. In last year Total Revenue was 1.25 Crores.

Tagz sells a product for Rs 32.50 and makes it for Rs 17. From the remaining margin, They are running the company, paying salaries, and marketing overheads. They are having Gross Margin of 48%

Channels and Medium of Sales of TAGZ

40% of their total sales are from their website and 66% of Total Sales are online. Ashneer Grover feels that they have worked Online more but Anish (Co-Founder of Tagz) said that they focused offline as He was a distributor for 15 Tears across the Country and in Asia. Lockdown has completely changed the game.

There was a quite tussle between Ashneer and Asif on this Offline Sales Point.

Investors of TagzFoods

They have raised a seed round and pre-series A Round, and closed the last round with 2 Crores of AR, and 4 Crores at a Valuation of 20 Crores. They are having 11 Investors at Present.

Future Plans OF TagzFoods

The company is planning to make chips, dips, chocolates, and cookies in the future. All these mainstream indulgent categories will be disrupted by unique products. It will be a stable umbrella of brands. They will be holding products and categories to run on the same supply chain.

Sharks Investing in TagzFoods | Shark Tank India

Aman Gupta | Founder of Boat

Aman feels that this is one of the toughest markets and to the same point Anish said that they have to build their gross margins and defend them.

Anupam Mittal | Founder of

Anupam liked the pitch as well as the founders of the startup. He loved eating chips but also said that there is a lot more to do in this startup and asked how will they scale it online?, and also not able to digest the valuation of this startup so for this reason He was out of Pitch.

Vineeta Singh | Founder of Sugar Cosmetics

Vineeta said that she loved the product along with the packaging, She thinks that if they sell it to 2 Lakh Stores rather than 2000 Stores then this can be a 100 Crore business but if a company tries to become B2C Then it will be a loss-making business and it will be the fundamentally inefficient business. 

By wishing them all the best and complimenting them as really smart entrepreneurs, She made herself out of the pitch.

Namita Thapar | Executive Director of EMCURE

Namita said that two sharks will join the offer, by the second shark she meant AMAN GUPTA and said that He is a brand builder and she has also built big brands in Pharmaceutical. 

Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta offered them 70 Lakhs for 4% Equity along with guidance, expertise, networks, and distribution bandwidth.

Ashneer Grover | Co-Founder of BharatPe

Ashneer made a counter Solo offer of 70 Lakhs for 3.5% Equity.

He even said that Aman and Namita are not going to help them in any way of Brand Building, They are just selling it.

Ashneer made the story clearer by saying that his company’s CEO made the chips Brand “TOO YUMM” – Suhail Sameer and He will bring him along with him.

Aman Gupta vs Ashner Grover

Aman Gupta (Founder of Boat)

Gupta in reply to ashneer said that “We will also bring many CEOs in his style (Hum Bhi layeenga bohat saare CEOs Ko). Frankly speaking, You also know that you have worked hard on your brand and I agree with that, let me tell you why. In offline business when your brand will become business online then offline distributors will come to you and ask for your product. We have done the same thing with Boat. 

We will do heavy branding and work on each profitability and you will get two sharks in it.


“There is no value of two sharks. If you want to build the business, Come to us only when you need help and we will not build your business because we have to build our business too.

Counteroffer by Tagz in Shark Tank India

agz chips, buy tagz chips, is tagz chips healthy, tagz chips net worth, tagz chips founder, tagz chips shark tank, tagz chips owner, tagz chips revenue, tagz chips turnover, tagz chips funding.
  • Anish and Sagar presented their counteroffer by saying that 70 Lakhs for 2.5% Equity. 
  • Aman made the offer lowered by 1% and now the offer is 70 Lakhs for 3.0% Equity.
  • Ashneer made the game spicier by giving a counteroffer of 70 Lakhs for 2.75 Equity%

Anish said that we will take the decision by our brain and asked Ashneer to make a deal at 2.5%. He said that Ashneer will not have a major difference of .25% but it will help him to go back and build a solid case and make his current investors happy.

The deal got closed at Ashneer’s offer of Rs 70 Lakhs for 2.75% and Team Tagz took funding from Ashneer Grover in Shark Tank India.

FAQs | Frequently Asked  Questions about TAGZ | Shark tank India

Who are the Co-founders of Tagz?

Anish and Sagar are the founders of this snackivity Healthy Chips Startup – TAGZ. They have cofounded it and they are based out of Banglore.

Is Tagz Chips Healthy?

Yes, Chips and other snacking items offered by Tagz are healthy as they are not fried in any terms and they have popped chips.

What is the net worth of Tagz Chips?

Tagz Chips is having a net worth of 1.25 Crores.

How much funding did Tagz get?

Tagz secured funding of 70 Lakhs in exchange for 2.75% Equity from Ashneer Grover and is also having 11 Investors in total.

What is the turnover of Tagz?

Tagz is having an annual turnover of 4 Crores in AR 2020-21.

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